Sochi 2014 Olympic Update (Day 6)

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The Olympics are full of great sports that constantly capture the imagination of fans with great athletes from multiple sports are put on the international stage. It is entertaining to watch the sports that are rarely seen to see something new and appreciate the skills that it takes to achieve the feats of these athletes. Although many of the sports are fun to watch and provide plenty of entertainment there are always the favorites in every Olympics. Many times it can change from Olympics to Olympics in terms of the crowds that attend the sports. In every Olympic Games the home crowd gravitates towards certain sports that have a history to the in the country. Depending on where the Olympics are in that particular year bigger crowds will show up for different sports. That would happen in 2010 when massive crowds showed up for the curling in Canada while during the 2012 summer Olympics in London the Velodrome was packed and loud the entire games. Home crowds flock to the sports that they know and in Russia it has been no different. The hockey tournament is sure to get some of the biggest crowds as it is one of the sports of the country. There has been another place that has been full throughout the Olympics so far and it has been one of the biggest impressions of the Olympics. That has been the Iceberg skating palace as the Russian fans have taken the opportunity to see one of their favorite sports at the highest level. Figure Skating has long been one of the favorite Russian sports and has long been a sport that they excel at. The sport would begin in the 1800s in the country and would become huge in the mid-1960s. It is a sport that features elements that the Russians have had engrained in their culture. It marries the grace of ballet and the power of sport together in what has become a serious sport for the Russians. It would be seen this year when much like the hockey team the figure skating team would see a lot of pressure. It was pressure for the expectations of the Russian fans to win gold in every event, a feat that was possible. The Sochi Olympics would open with the Team Figure Skating Competition and from the moment that the competition opened it was clear that figure skating in Russia was at another level. With the weight of the country on top of the Russians the crowd may have been too much for the Russian skaters. Instead the packed house would lift the Russians to another level as they have never seemed to skate better. There have been two events so far for the sport that seems to be the most popular in these Olympics and so far the Russians have taken over. They would win the Gold medal in the team event and would take two medals in the pairs event. There are still a number of events left to go and the Russians would have had the chance to easily win two more gold medals in the last three events. That was until gold medal favorite in the men’s singles, Evgeni Plushenko would drop out of the competition due to a back injury leaving the Russian fans disappointed and the air in the building let out. Overall though, Figure Skating has shown to be the big sport of the Olympics so far and it may only be challenged by the hockey tournament that has just gotten underway. It is another example of why the Olympics are so entertaining and what happens when a big event goes to another country. The uniqueness of the country is shown through the fans of the country and what they come out to see. In Russia it has been clear that the Olympics have been a popular event as crowds are coming out for everything and supporting their Russian athletes. Above all though figure skating has turned out to be the most popular as crowds that have never been seen are turning out. More than just the crowds is the level of enthusiasm that this crowd has shown for a sport that rarely sees the noise at this level. The Russians have laid claim to their sports in these Olympics and they will continue to do so as the games continue on with the halfway point approaching.


Canadian Story:

One to Shake out the Nerves
The Canadian Men’s hockey team would start their Olympic tournament in Day 6 when they would beat Norway 3-1 in a game that seemed at times to be more of a cobweb shaker for the players who are still trying to get used to each other and the Olympic environment

Disappointing day on the Track
Francois Hamelin would crash in the team relay semi-finals ending a chance at repeating as gold medalists while Marie St. Gelais would not advance to the finals of her race as one of the few medals hopes of the day for Canada would not pane out

Another Near Miss
The Canadian Lugers have had the best Olympics they have ever had this year but none of that would translate to medals as all of the lugers have been just off of the podium and the theme would continue when the Canadian Team in the luge relay finished 4th

Some good news on the day
The Canadians would not win another medal on the day but they would get set for runs at medals especially in Figure Skating where Patrick Chan would finish the short program in 2nd place with only the free program left to go


Day 6 Medal Results:

Men’s 20km Individual
1. Martin Fourcade (France)
2. Erik lesser (Germany)
3. Evgeniy Garanichev (Russia)

Women’s 10km Classic
1. Justyna Kowalczyk (Poland)
2. Charlotte Kalla (Sweden)
3. Therese Johaug (Norway)

Freestyle Skiing
Men’s Ski Slopestyle
1. Joss Christensen (USA)
2. Gus Kenworthy (USA)
3. Nicholas Goepper (USA)

Team Relay
1. Germany
2. Russia
3. Latvia

Short Track
Women’s 500m Final
1. Jianrou Li (China)
2. Ariana Fontana (Italy)
3. Seung-Hi Park (Republic of Korea)

Speed Skating
Women’s 1,000m
1. Hong Zhang (China)
2. Ireen Wust (Netherlands)
3. Margot Boer (Netherlands)


Day 6 Medal Events:

Alpine Skiing
Men’s Super-Combined- Slalom (Final Event)

Women’s 15km Individual

Men’s 15km Classic

Figure Skating
Men’s Free Skate (Final Event)

Freestyle Skiing
Women’s Aerials

Women’s Final Run


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