Sochi 2014 Olympic Update (Day 0)

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There was plenty to talk about before the Olympics as Russia would take a focus in the worst possible way. Hotel rooms were not ready, the games were wildly over budget, while the terrorist threats and human rights violations would dominate the headlines. It was not a great start for the Olympic Games and will continue to be major stories throughout the games. Nobody can forget about some of these issues and they should never be forgotten as there are some very serious issues. Although there will always be the backdrop of Russia and the threats against the games, although hopefully nothing too serious happens, the focus would begin to turn to the games themselves. On Day -1 the competitions would start before the official start of the games with a number of qualification rounds. There would be traditional sports like the Moguls that would start while two new arrivals would take most of the focus. The Snowboard Slopestyle would begin with qualifying rounds while the Team competition in Figure Skating would begin. It was the silent start to the Olympics with a number of competitions beginning before much of the world started to pay attention. Still it was a start and the sports world would begin to focus on Sochi. Day 0 would see this shift continue as the Opening Ceremonies would take focus and the sports would pause for the world to lay their eyes on Russia. It was the time for Russians to show what they were made of and to put much of the worry about the games not being ready to rest. The organizing committee would get to show everyone what they had planned and what they wanted to show the world. Like every Olympic Games the entire sports world would pause to see what the Russians had planned and it would not disappoint. The opening Ceremonies would introduce the world to a country that many did not know a lot about. It would look to teach the parts of Russia that few people would know about as the country is much more than Vodka. They would highlight the art and culture of Russia, which in the end is exactly what the Opening Ceremonies are supposed to do. They are a chance for the home country to show what they are really about and Russia would do just that. Through the entire ceremony there were plenty of references to the long and storied history of Russia, with a big chunk left out to keep things upbeat, and the art and culture was highlighted greatly. It would all come to an end when Vladislav Tretriak and Irina Rodnina, two international sport legends, would light an amazing cauldron. It was a great night to celebrate the country and the games and would make everyone forget, for at least a little bit, of the controversy before the games. Now with Day 1 approaching it is time for the focus to turn to the athletes and the games themselves. As the Olympics begin there will be plenty to watch for aside from the external issues that have gone one. First and foremost there will be dreams achieved this year, as with every Olympics, as many athletes will get their chance to take focus on the international stage for the first time. These athletes have been preparing for this moment for their entire lives and now they get the shot to prove it was all worth it. There will be returning athletes looking for another shot at Olympic glory to either go out on top or earn their first medals after trying multiple times. Of course there are also the surprises that are sure to come as the unexpected will happen, hopefully for the better. It will be an interesting Olympics this year with plenty to watch for as the Sochi Olympics are here and ready to go with the athletes ready to perform for their country.


Canadian Story:

The Flag Bearer
Haillie Wickenheiser has been the face of Canadian Women’s hockey for years and this year she would also become the face of Team Canada as she would carry the flag into the Fisht Olympic Stadium representing the country on the international stage

Starting with a Bang
Day -1 would see the early start of a number of events and the Canadians would have a great showing with the Figure Skating Team finishing the day in second and multiple Canadians qualifying for the next round in the Women’s Moguls and Snowboard Slopestyle

Replacement Needed
Heading into the Olympics many would wonder if Steven Stamkos would be able to return from a broken leg to participate in Sochi but the doctors would not clear him and in his place would be Martin St. Louis who will earn a much deserved spot on the team

Trash Talking Canucks
It wouldn’t take long for Canada to take notice this year as two Canadians would have their voices heard on Day -1 of the games when Max Parrot and Sebastien Toutant would call out Sean White for dropping out of the Slopestyle competition


Day 1 Medal Events:

Men’s 10km Sprint

Cross-Country Skiing
Women’s Skiathlon

Freestyle Skiing
Women’s Moguls

Men’s Slopestyle

Speed Skating
Men’s 5,000m



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