The BCS goes out with a Bang (BCS National Championship Review)

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The end of the BCS would go out with a great game that truly showed what the BCS ended up being all about. With a playoff coming in next year selected by a committee the BCS will no longer matter but it would go out with a somewhat familiar matchup. It was familiar because in a total of 9 games since the BCS was created in 1998 the SEC has seen their champion in the final game. Out of those 9 games in the championship game the SEC has won a total of 9 games, with only one loss coming at the hands of another SEC team, making them the most dominant conference in the BCS era that came to a close at the end of the 2014 championship game. The Auburn Tigers would hold the torch in the game as they would have an amazing season that defied odds to earn the SEC championship and the #2 spot in the BCS Rankings. They would be the SEC representatives and the representatives of the most dominant conference in the BCS. They would also be the representatives of a seven game win streak by the SEC. Standing in their way was the one team that seems to be the best equipped to end the streak of the SEC. The conference had not always been the #1 team in the game but that has never stopped them but this time it all seemed a little different. The Florida State Seminoles had a superstar leading their offence in freshman QB and 2013 Heisman Trophy Winner Jameis Winston. He had led the best scoring offence in the league and had looked like a 4-year starter at times. They did not only have their Heisman Trophy winner though as the Seminoles also had the best defence in the NCAA this year. It seemed that the Seminoles were possibly the best chance to beat the SEC and end the streak. Auburn would not hear it though as they had not had the best season but near the end looked like a team destined for greatness. They would win their last two regular season games on massive plays that will forever written in the lore of NCAA Football as the “Prayer at Jordan-Hare” against Georgia and the “Kick Bama Kick” game against Alabama in the Iron Bowl. Behind a powerful running game led by Tre Mason, who had 751 yards in his last 5 games of the season. Under centre the Tigers were not out of their depth either as they had a QB who brought back memories of the last BCS National Championship for Auburn. Georgian native Nick Marshall was the second leading rusher on the team and had a big arm and a big body. He looked very similar to fellow Georgian Cam Newton and even had a similar story after being kicked off of the Georgia team then going to Community College and finally back to Division I University to be a starting QB. For Auburn fans the similarities were too many not to see Marshall as the second coming of Cam Newton and also the second coming of a National Championship. It would all come down to the powerhouse conference representative with a powerful run game and seemingly some extra help on their side against a Heisman trophy winning freshman QB from a well-balanced team that represented an up-and coming conference. Would FSU be able to end the SEC streak? How would Jameis Winston handle the pressure of the biggest game of his life? Could the Auburn offence keep up with the FSU offence? Could the SEC continue their streak in the last BCS National Championship game ever? All of these questions and much more would be answered as the two best teams would meet to determine the national champion in what looked to amount to a great going away party for the much maligned BCS system and the end of an era in College Football.

The game would start with the strength of schedule showing itself once again as the Florida State Seminoles looked overmatched. The once powerful offence that the Auburn Tigers had no chance of stopping was shut down. The Seminoles would look like the nerves got the best of them at the start of the games as Jameis Winston would not be able to lead much in the first half. They would open the scoring though with a field goal in the first quarter but from then on the Tigers would pile on. The Tigers would shut down the top scoring offence in the NCAA while they would score 21 points. It was looking like the beginning of a blowout for the SEC once again but there would be some hope for the Seminoles. Before the half ended Jameis Winston would put the team on his back as he would throw and run down the field to lead the Noles to a TD. As they went into the halftime something was brewing as the Seminoles were looking like they got their swagger back. The second half would start slow for the Seminoles but the Florida State defence would give them time to get their feet back underneath them. The third quarter would see the Seminoles begin to get going but they were still not scoring enough to make up the difference. The defence would hold Auburn to 0 points and would give the Seminoles enough time to build up some confidence. The fourth quarter would be a different story as the Seminoles would take advantage of Auburn mistakes forced by the defence and would start to climb back into the game. The Auburn Tigers would plan on making the Seminoles play a fourth quarter, which they had rarely done all year, but that would turn out to be a mistake. A TD at the start of the quarter would bring the Seminoles within one and the Tigers would only answer with a field goal. The ensuing kickoff would see the Seminoles return the ball 199 yards for a TD and their first lead since the first quarter. The Seminoles were back but the Tigers had more than enough time to come back and they would do just that. Marching down the field the Tigers would score another TD to go ahead once again leaving just over a minute for the Seminoles to try to take the lead back. Behind the arm of Jameis Winston they would do this as he would help them march down the field and score one last TD that would put the Seminoles ahead for good. It would mark a 21 point fourth quarter, a quarter that the Tigers wanted to go to, against 10 points by the Tigers. With the win the Florida State Seminoles would break a 7-year championship streak for the SEC. Jameis Winston would also become the first freshman QB to ever win the Heisman trophy and the BCS National Championship. It was a great way for the BCS National Championship to go out as a thrilling game and a great comeback would end an era in college football and leave many to begin talking about the next season and what is to come next.

Final Score:
Florida State Seminoles 34 – 31 Auburn Tigers



Jameis Winston, QB (Florida State)
57.1% cmp (10 rsh)
237 yds (59 rsh yds)
2 TD (1 rsh TD)

Defensive MVP:


P.J. Williams, CB (Florida State)
0 tkl
0.0 sck
1 PD

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