2014 World Junior Update (Day 2)

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Day 2 in the World Juniors would see only two games but those two games would go a long way for two teams in particular. It was one game that would seem to determine the future of both teams as the Germany-Slovakia game has already gone a long way in determining the future of both teams in this tournament. For the Germans the game would be their second of the tournament and would become immediately important. They would open their tournament with a big loss to the Canadians and their second game was the only thing that would keep their playoff hopes alive. Going into the tournament the Slovakians would be one of the teams that the Germans would need to beat to move on to the playoffs. There was no chance that the Germans were going to finish at the top of the group but if they could beat the Slovakians and the Czechs to remain in the top 4 of the pool. They would get their first chance to take a shot at making the top four as they would take on one of the few teams that many believed they might be able to beat. The Slovakians would enter the game as their first in the tournament and were the team that many would see as a darkhorse this year. They would likely be able to get a surprise or two this year as they have always been a tricky team to get rid of in this tournament. The Slovakians would have to beat the Germans if they were hoping to remain the darkhorse of the tournament. There was no way that the Slovaks could become that team that surprises everyone if the Germans would beat them and they would take their first shot at starting off right in the tournament when they took on the Germans in their opening game. The Slovakians would take a big win against the Germans in their first game and the repercussions were big for both teams. With the loss the Germans would go 0-2 so far in the tournament and for them it means that the relegation round looms large for the team. The Germans will now need some help if they hope to avoid relegation as they will need to beat the Czech Republic while they will need to hope that everyone beats the Czechs. Only then will the Germans avoid relegation, as long as they continue to lose, as they are heading fast for the relegation series. The Germans are hoping to avoid this and are hoping that their upcoming games against the Czech Republic and the USA will be wins and will help them to the playoffs. For the Slovakians the win was an announcement to the rest of the pool and all of the teams in the tournament. It was not just that they won but that they won in such a big way. The Slovakians would look much like one of the elite teams against the Germans putting up 9 points against a team that has seen that type of domination many times. The Slovaks would do exactly what they needed to show the rest of the teams that they are here to play and that they can play to the level of the other teams. They have shown that they can put up the numbers that the best teams can and that means they are ready to play. There will still have a lot of games to play against much better teams but their darkhorse status is alive and well for the time being. The second day of the tournament was not the most active but it has already given two teams a glimpse of the future and for both teams there will be opposite reaction to this future. The tournament continues on and with the top teams beginning to face each other the tournament can officially start and teams can determine where they stand among the best of the year.


Slovakia 9 – 2 Germany
– It was a big win for Slovakia and a win that reminded a lot of people that they are not a team to look past as they would take the big win while the Germans took another step towards the relegation series

Finland 5 – 1 Norway
– The Finns would open their tournament against the Norwegians who would take their second loss of the tournament and are looking to become another team that concentrates on relegation before the round robin is over



Pool A:
1. Slovakia (3)
2. Canada (3)
3. USA (3)
4. Czech Republic (0)
5. Germany (0)

Pool B:
1. Russia (3)
2. Finland (3)
3. Sweden (3)
4. Switzerland (0)
5. Norway (0)


Day 3:
USA vs. Slovakia (Saturday December 28th; 7:30 am ET)
– The Slovaks will face their first true test of the tournament after a big win against the Germans while the Americans are trying to continue their successful tournament against a dangerous team that could sneak up on them

Sweden vs. Finland (Saturday December 28th; 9:00 am ET)
– The rivalry gets underway as the Finns and Swedes do not like each other and will go at it on the ice to try to determine the first place of Pool B as the Swedes try to continue winning in their home tournament

Canada vs. Czech Republic (Saturday December 28th; 11:30 am ET)
– The Canadians started off slow against the Germans and they cannot afford to do that against a better team in the Czechs as the Canadians are hoping that the jitters are done while the Czechs look for their first win of the year

Russia vs. Switzerland (Saturday December 28th; 1:00 pm ET)
– The Russians had a big win against the Norwegians in their first game and they are hoping for a repeat of that performance when they take on the Swiss team that will be trying to stay alive and earn their first win to bring the biggest upset so far this year

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