Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Division Finals)

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The CFL season is coming to a close with the 101st Grey Cup right around the corner and only two teams continuing to play. The Grey Cup matchup has been determined and as with any Grey Cup the storylines seem endless. There is the face that the Tiger-Cats have not been to a Grey Cup since 1999 or that Darian Durant is 0-2 in the Grey Cup. There is the fact that the Saskatchewan could possibly be the third team in three years to win a Grey Cup at home. These and plenty more will be talked about all week leading up to the Grey Cup in Regina. There is one storyline that made itself known in the Division Finals though as the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Hamilton Tiger-Cats both played away games in the division finals but were well represented. Every team in the CFL and in pro sports would love to say that they have the best fans in the game and all regularly do say exactly that. Of course not everyone is right when they speak about this as there are only a few teams that truly hold the title of the best fans in pro sports. For the CFL there are plenty of loyal fan bases as the fans in the CFL are fans despite the much larger league and the bigger hyped lead to the South. Yet still in the CFL there are two teams that seem to stand out thanks to their fan bases. These two teams will meet in the 101st Grey Cup in a matchup that will be sure to see plenty of both colours in the stands. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have some serious fans that have followed the team through the ups and the downs of plenty of seasons. In some cities fans would quickly fall off with no Grey Cup Appearances in 13 years but not in Hamilton. The Ti-Cats fans continued their Oskie Yell through the years and would continue to support the Ti-Cats. The support from the Hamilton faithful would be expressed in the Eastern Division Final as they would invade the Rogers Centre and take away the home field advantage for the Toronto Argonauts. The Eastern Final would resemble a college game as half of the stadium would be filled with Argonauts fans while the other half was full of Ti-Cats fans. It would be louder when the Toronto Argonauts were on the field than when the Ti-Cats were on. It was the perfect expression of the commitment that the Hamilton fanbase has become known for and many of these great fans will find their way to Regina where they will be joined by the fans many consider to be the best. The Saskatchewan Roughriders have a legendary following in the CFL as one of the few publicly owned teams in North America. This has given the community an ownership of their team and as the only professional team in the province the Riders are the show in Saskatchewan. Riders fans are not made they are born as there is no choice in Saskatchewan but to become a fan of the Roughriders. With this the Riders are by far the best travelling fans in the CFL as they continually outnumber fans of the home teams they face. There would plenty of Riders fans in Calgary for the Western Division Final and they would see their team move on the Grey Cup. The true expression of the Riders and their fan base will be in the Grey Cup when they play in Mosaic Stadium in front of what is likely to be a sea of green. Riders fans will take advantage of their home Grey Cup game as many of them would be sure to buy the tickets for the chance that they could see their team and now they get that chance. There will be plenty of great storylines in the 101st Grey Cup but the fans in the stands is one of the best as two fanbases that have stuck with their teams for years now get the shot to see their team raise the Grey Cup in 2013.


Fourth Down:
(Everything else about Division Finals Week)

Changes in the ‘Peg
The Winnipeg Blue Bombers would once again move on as they would fire Tim Burke leaving another opening for a coach to try to bring the Bombers out of the hole that they have been in since the end of Paul LaPolice’s tenure

#2’s go against rankings
The Toronto Argonauts and the Calgary Stampeders were the two favorites to make the Grey Cup this year with both finishing first but neither will make the final game as both #2 teams in the divisions will now represent their divisions

Reassurance in Hamilton
The slow development of Tim Horton’s Field has many people worried that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats may be forced to play in Guelph for another year but the Mayor and the Pan Am President have reassured everyone that construction will be complete by the time the season begins


Division Finals: 

Eastern Division Finals:
Hamilton Tiger-Cats 36 – 24 Toronto Argonauts
– The Toronto Argonauts were looking great in the first half of the game and seemed sure to move on the Grey Cup then the second half started and the Argos fell apart while the Ti-Cats got stronger and would win the game earning a spot in the 101st Grey Cup

Western Division Finals:
Saskatchewan Roughriders 35 – 13 Calgary Stampeders
– The Calgary Stampeders were expected to win this game and move to the Grey Cup but they would throw it all away with 5 turnovers that would change the game and give Kory Sheets the opportunity to run the Riders into the Grey Cup


101st Grey Cup:
Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (Sunday November 24th; 6:00 pm ET)
– The Roughriders will play the 101st Grey Cup in front of a sea of green as they hope to be the third team in a row to win a Grey Cup at home while the Tiger-Cats are hoping to spoil the party and get their first Grey cup win since 1999

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