CIS Football Report (CIS Semi-Finals Week)

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The CIS season is at an end with only one more game left before the best team in the country is determined at the 49th Vanier Cup. Before any team could punch their ticket to Quebec City for the championship they would have to go through the Uteck and Mitchell Bowls. That would bring about the Bowl week in CIS football and a week that perfectly expresses the system that the CIS uses to ensure the two best teams in the country make it to the championship. Instead of using a ranking system the CIS uses their playoff system to determine the best teams and put them in a head to head battle. That would turn out to be a good thing as the final rankings would see Western and Laval as the #1 and #2 teams in the league based on the final rankings of the season but neither would get to walk into the championship without proving their rankings. The Laval Rouge et Or would look to do this after winning their 11th straight Dunsmore Cup earning a trip to Sackville, New Brunswick and the Uteck Bowl. They would take on the Mount Allison Mounties who would beat the Saint Mary’s Huskies for the Jewett Trophy and earn the right to host the National Semi-Final. The game was not expected to be much of a contest as the Rouge et Or have been the most dominant teams in the CIS for the last 11 years while the Mounties had not won an AUS title since 1997. It would be a matchup between a team that had more experience than any other team in the CIS against a team that has the least experience in the National Playoffs this year. The thought on the game was that the Laval Rouge et Or would walk over the Mounties who had already achieved more than anyone had expected. The Rouge et Or would make good on the predictions before the game as the Mounties would have no shot from start to finish. Laval would control the game for the entire time. The Rouge et Or would move ahead 21-0 after the first quarter and would end the game with a 48-21 win that would move them to the Vanier Cup at their home stadium in Quebec City. The Uteck Bowl was not a game that many really considered to be interesting though as Laval was so dominant that most people never gave the Mounties a shot. The Mitchell Bowl was very different though as it would see two very good teams face off with both teams having an equal chance of winning. The Western Mustangs were the favorites against the Calgary Dinos but they were not expected to run over the team on their way to the Vanier Cup. They were still the favorites though as they had the most potent offences in the CIS this year and one of the greatest offences in CIS history. Behind Will Finch the Mustangs would put up more than 50 points a game this year and for many that was enough to make them favorites over a very good Calgary Dinos team. The Mustangs were expected to put up too many points for the Dinos to keep up and many expected them to be on the path to potentially beating the Rouge et Or in the Vanier Cup. Nobody would expect what would happen though as the Calgary Dinos’ defence would show that they were the ones everyone should have been talking about leading up to the game. The Dinos would shut down the Mustangs offence only allowing 3 points in the entire game. No team had ever been able to shut down the Mustangs offence like the Dinos would do but an injury to Hec Crighton nominee Will Finch would go a small way to helping out the Dinos defence. Calgary would take their strong defensive performance and put on their own offensive showing and would rout the Mustangs in a dominant performance that nobody saw coming. Now the Dinos will take on a familiar foe as they travel to Quebec City for the Vanier Cup to take on the team that beat them in the 2010 Vanier Cup, the Laval Rouge et Or. It will be an interesting matchup that has many believing in the Rouge et Or but some thinking that there will be a lot more to this game than just the Rouge et Or and their dominance.


National Semi-Finals

Uteck Bowl:
Laval Rouge et Or 48 – 21 Mount Allison Mounties
– The Rouge et Or were expected to run over the Mounties and that is exactly what they did as they would become the first team in CIS history to go to 4 straight Vanier Cups as they continue their dominance in the CIS

Mitchell Bowl:
Calgary Dinos 44 – 3 Western Mustangs
– The Dinos defence was expected to fall apart with the pressure of the Mustang attack led by Will Finch but an injury to Will Finch and a fantastic performance by the Dinos’ defence would give them a trip to the Vanier Cup


49th Vanier Cup:
Calgary Dinos vs. Laval Rouge et Or (Saturday November 23rd; 1:00 pm ET)
– The last time these two faced off the Laval Rouge et Or would take the win 29-2 in the 2010 Vanier Cup and the Rouge et Or are looking to repeat that performance while the Dinos are hoping to get some revenge for that loss

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