2013 CIS Bowl Preview


The CIS season is almost over and four teams continue to play as the National Playoffs begin with the National Bowls. The Uteck and the Mitchell Bowl are set and ready to produce the potential Vanier Cup Champions. When the Vanier Cup was established in 1965 the top two teams in the country were invited to the championship. It was much like the NCAA where the two perceived best teams in the country would get the chance to play in the National Championship. Before the Vanier Cup would be the two bowls that were established to find out who was the best team in the country. In 1956 the Atlantic Bowl was started to determine the best team on the Atlantic Coast .The AUS championship would soon give way to a national role when the Vanier Cup became the end of the national playoffs. The Atlantic Bowl would begin to serve as one of two semi-finals where two conference champions would face off for a chance to play in the Vanier Cup. The Atlantic Bowl would continue to be played in Halifax and would always feature the Atlantic champion as they took on one of the three other conference champions. For the remaining two conference champions there was the Churchill Bowl that was essentially an answer to the Atlantic Bowl. They would feature teams that were invited to play until it became a bigger part of the National Playoffs. Both bowls would see their end in the early 2000s when the National Playoffs would introduce two new bowls that would act as a more even way to determine the potential Vanier Cup champions. The Uteck Bowl would replace the Churchill Bowl in 2003 while the Mitchell Bowl would replace the Atlantic Bowl in 2002. The goal of these new bowls would be to make sure that the national semi-finals would be fairer than the semi-finals of the past. The new bowls would feature all four of the conference champions in a rotating schedule. The AUS would not host a bowl game every year and would be required to travel every other year with the new system. The Uteck Bowl and Mitchell Bowl are part of a system that some to the south wish they had and it makes everything more even. The four conference champions take each other on to determine who the best team in the country is and that will happen a week from now. Before that the four remaining teams look to take another step towards the Vanier Cup and being crowned the best team in the country.


2013 Uteck Bowl


This year the Uteck Bowl will feature the most consistent team in the CIS and one of the biggest surprises of the CIS. The Laval Rouge et Or will take on the Mount Allison Mounties in this year’s Uteck Bowl as the Rouge et Or take their 11 straight RSEQ titles into Sackville New Brunswick to take on the Mounties who are just coming off of their first AUS title since 1997. It will be a tough road for the Mounties as they will be taking on the best team in the AUS for the last decade. The Rouge et Or have won 6 of the last 10 Vanier Cups and are looking to add a seventh. They are the best defence in the CIS as they have allowed fewer points than any other team in the CIS. They are not the best defence in allowing yardage though as their attitude is about bending but not breaking. They are a team that needs their defence with an offence that cannot compare to most of the top offences in the country. They put up just enough points to get by while their defence does most of the grunt work. The Mounties are the exact opposite team as they hold a potent offence and a porous defence. The Mounties’ offence is not one of the best in the country but they are led by running back and AUS Hec Crighton Nominee Jordan Botel who led the Mounties to their Loney Bowl win against the Saint Mary’s Huskies. The defence is a different story as they are the 13th ranked defence in the CIS and are one of the worst in the conference. The matchup will be a tough one for the Mounties as they are not the best team in the country and will find it tough to beat a powerhouse like Laval. They have already come through the AUS as the underdog and will continue to play that role throughout the national playoffs. They will look to try to be on the winning side of the biggest upset of the year if they can beat the Rouge et Or. Meanwhile the Rouge et Or are looking to continue to roll on and into the Vanier Cup that will take place on their campus. Laval is one of the strongest teams in the CIS and their defence will be able to stifle the Mounties and their offence that will not be able to get rolling against the Rouge et Or. The Rouge et Or will take the win and they will move to a home game for the Vanier Cup to try to repeat once against as CIS champions.

Laval Rouge et Or 38 – 24 Mount Allison Mounties


2013 Mitchell Bowl


The Mitchell Bowl will be the game to watch between the two bowls in the semi-finals as both teams involved are ready to put on a show. The Calgary Dinos and Western Mustangs will face off in the Mitchell Bowl and unlike the Uteck Bowl will represent two very even teams. Both teams go about their games with the same focus but do it in two very different ways. They are both offence first teams with decent defences but not great defences that will make this game a potential shootout. The Western Mustangs are the best offence in the country as they have put up points at an unbelievable rate. They have broken records throughout the year as they have put on an offensive performance that not many have seen. They have done this through the air behind the arm of OUA Hec Crighton Nominee Will Finch who would be one of the best QBs in the league. The Mustangs’ defence is not the best but it is not a terrible one. They are among the top ten in the CIS for points allowed and they are ready to show that their teams is not all about the offence. The Calgary Dinos would follow the Mustangs in their offensive abilities as they are one of the best offences in the CIS. Ranked as the #3 scoring offence in the CIS the Dinos are one of the few teams that may be able to keep up with the Mustangs. They have gone about things in a much different way though as they have done things on the ground more than through the air. The Dinos were led by CanWest Hec Crighton Nominee Mercer Timmis who is the best running back in the CIS. The Dinos are also a top ten defence in the CIS and they are looking to do what no team has done this year and shut down the Mustangs. The Dinos will be looking to control the ball on the ground and put up points while leaving the Mustangs with little time to counter. Meanwhile the Mustangs are hoping that their air attack can overwhelm the Dinos and put up enough points to overcome the Dinos’ offence. It will be an interesting game between two great teams looking for a ticket to Quebec City. In the end it has to be the team that has been able to put up more points and prevent more points from being scored. In this match-up that is the Western Mustangs who will get a trip to Quebec City and give everyone the opportunity to see the teams many considered to be the two best teams in the CIS face off in the Vanier Cup.

Western Mustangs 42 – 38 Calgary Dinos


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