2013 Loney Bowl Preview


One of the Big Four in the league has fallen and in their place is another powerhouse that is used to winning games. The Saint Mary’s Huskies have regularly challenged the Acadia Axemen for the AUS title year after year. They are a part of one of the biggest battles in the CIS with the Huskies and the Axemen continually up for the Jewett Trophy. You have to go back to 1997 to find another team that won the Jewett Trophy not named the Huskies or the Axemen. It has been a fight time and time again and this year before the season it seemed to be set for another face-off in the finals. The Huskies looked good once again and although the Axemen did not look as good as they had the last two years they still seemed to be the only real challenge for the Jewett Trophy. The Huskies and the Axemen would struggle out of the gate and going after the crossover week seemed to be out of sorts. A strong end of the season would propel the Huskies into first place while struggles at the end of the season would see the Axemen fall to third place and almost out of the playoffs. The team they would play would be the last team not named the huskies or the Axemen to win a Jewett Trophy. In 1997 before the conference turned to a two team conference the Mount Allison Mounties sat on top of the conference. The Mounties were a team that was constantly in the running during that time but the bigger programs would take over and leave Mount Allison in the dust. Then the Mounties would begin a rebuild period as the last few seasons have shown the writing on the wall for the program. They have been getting better every year and have been able to challenge the bigger programs lately. Now the Mounties have the chance to end the run of the two top teams in the AUS and they are hoping to bookend this dominance. The Mounties would have a steady season unlike most in the AUS as they would continue to win games throughout the year. It was the big wins over Saint Mary’s and Acadia that would eventually give them the 2nd place spot and a home playoff game. In that home playoff game the Mounties would prove that they belonged and that their program was back and ready to challenge the top teams. Beating Acadia 19-10 the Mounties would earn their spot in the Loney Bowl with a shot at the Jewett Trophy. When first looking at the matchup of the Huskies and the Mounties, it is easy to lean on the Huskies as the clear favorites. After all they have had the most success more recently and it is always easy to go with the old standards. These teams have the experience and will not be rattled in an important game. That is the Saint Mary’s Huskies in this matchup but the experience is not everything when it comes to single game elimination and the Mounties are hoping to shock everyone and win their first Jewett Trophy since 1997.

To change the pattern the Mounties will need to be on top of their game like they were throughout the season. The first game the Mounties would easily get by the Huskies as they would beat the Huskies 29-15 setting the stage for their upcoming season. The next matchup between the two would be a much closer game but the Mounties came out on top again 27-24. The biggest reason for the Mounties being able to beat the Huskies is the simple fact that the Huskies one weakness is the Mounties strength. The Huskies are a team that limits points and allows an average of under 100 yards rushing per game. Their biggest issue on defence though, is that they have allowed just over 170 yards passing per game. This is where the Mounties have taken advantage of as they have on average more than 175 passing yards per game. They have the exact type of game that the Huskies struggle to defend against. Then again the Mounties are not a very good team at stopping other teams from scoring. Although they are not among the best in the CIS the Mounties offence is the highest scoring in the AUS but they have to be with an offence that struggles to stop teams from scoring. They are the worst defence in the AUS in terms of points allowed per game which might not be the worst thing against the Huskies. For having such a good defence the Huskies are lacking on offence. They rank among the worst offences in the CIS and have only been able to average 16 points per game. They simply can’t keep up with a better offence and so their defence becomes the most important aspect of their team. Both teams are polar opposites as the Mounties come in with a good offence and porous defence while the Huskies are a great defence with a low scoring offence. When they face off in the Loney Bowl it will all come down to each team’s lesser halves and which can perform better. If the Huskies can put up points on offence they have a good shot of winning and if the Mounties are able to shut down the Huskies they will win. When all is said and done it will be the Mounties’ defence that will come out on top while the offence of the Huskies will be the reason that they do not continue the two program dominance.


Mount Allison Mounties 21 – 14 Saint Mary’s Huskies


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