A Series of Unusual Events (2013 World series Review)

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The 2013 World Series will forever be remembered but more for how strange the entire series was than how good it was. There is no doubt that the series was one of the best in recent memory and it was expected when the two teams made it to the World Series. When the two legendary teams made won their Leagues many would see that this series could be a great one. Both teams were well-rounded and had their strengths leaving many to wonder who exactly would take the series. The St. Louis Cardinals would go into the World Series with the better pitching staff of the two teams. With Adam Wainwright leading the way and Michael Wacha emerging as a true challenge to beat the Cards were looking good on the mound. Although they had a great offence in the regular season the Cardinals were not doing so well in the batter’s box throughout the postseason and that was going to be their challenge against the Red Sox. Boston came into the World Series with one of the best offences in the postseason led by “Big Papi” David Ortiz. The pitching staff was no slouch either as they held plenty of great starters and bullpen relief. The matchup was one that people were just waiting for as both teams were ready to take this series right to the end to be crowned the champions. As predictions came in the only thing that everyone could agree with is the fact that this series would likely go 6 or 7 games. It would be a nice change from last year when the San Francisco Giants swept the Detroit Tigers. A lot was expected of this series as both teams looked ready to make it a classic series but it was not the play that would catch the attention of everyone. The play was great as both teams showed that they were fully prepared to win this series but it was the unique plays that took the headlines. It was the plays that had never happened before in the World series that would take the headlines this series as games would end in the most bizarre ways ever. In game three it would be an interference call that would end the game. With the game tied in the bottom of the 9th inning and 1 out the St. Louis Cardinals would take their last chance to try to get the winning run before extra innings. Jon Jay would enter the batter’s box with runners on second and third and would try to take advantage. He would hit a ground ball to Dustin Pedroia who alertly would take the grounder and throw to home to cut off the winning run. Jarrod Saltalamacchia would get the second out and attempt to throw out Allen Craig at third and earn the final out of the inning. The throw would go wide sending Will Middlebrooks falling to the ground to try to reach the ball. The ball would sail past and Allen Craig would look to home plate but would stumble over Middlebrooks who was still on the ground. It seemed as though the play was over until the umpires would call interference on Middlebrooks and would give Craig home plate and the St. Louis Cardinals the winning run in the fight. The strange plays would not stop their though as the Red Sox would get one of their own the very next game. In the 9th inning of Game 4 the St. Louis Cardinals were looking to get back in the lead after letting the Red Sox get ahead 4-2. They would bring Allen Craig up to bat to try to claw their way back and he would reward them with a single. With Craig injured the Cards would replace him with Kolten Wong at first base. As Koji Uehara worked through the rest of the 9th he would continue to check Wong at first despite the fact that he was likely not to steal. The pickoff plays would work though as Uehara would turn and throw a strike to first and end the game on a pick-off. It was the first ever game in the World Series ended by a pick-off and would only add to the legend of this series. After the strange plays one team would emerge as the champions and they along with their fans would remember fondly on the strange series while the losers would look to it as a bad memory.

After all of the strange plays and the legend that was built through the 2013 World Series it was the Boston Red Sox who would come out on top. Despite the interference call and thanks in part to the pick-off play the Red Sox would take the win for their 8th World Series in franchise history. More than these strange plays though was the utter dominance of the Red Sox offence in the series that would give the title to the Red Sox. David Ortiz was on fire the entire postseason and that would not change in the World Series. He was the true leader on the field and off of the field as the scariest hitter in the Red Sox lineup. If the Red Sox ever needed a hit at an important time it always seemed to fall on the shoulders of Ortiz and he would always deliver. Overall Ortiz would have one of the best postseason performances ever by a batter only adding to the legend of Big Papi The offence was not limited to Ortiz though as it seemed that a new hero would emerge in every game. Whether it was Mike Napoli in Game 1, Jonny Gomes in Game 4, David Ross in Game 6, or Shane Victorino in Game 6 the Red Sox always had someone step up for them. It just seemed like the Red Sox would never be worried with anyone up at the plate and the team in need of runs. Then there was the pitching which was rarely the biggest story for the Red Sox but it was a major reason to why the Red Sox won the series. Particularly Jon Lester would have a series to remember with two big wins in Game 1 and Game 5 allowing only 2 runs through both games. Lester’s performances would help the Red Sox offence as they would get a break from putting up big numbers and would know that they did not have to score a lot to win the game. Despite that they would still put up big numbers making sure that in the games they won showed their offensive dominance. The win was much more than just a championship for the city though as it would cap off a tough year for Boston. In April the Boston Bombings would rock the city and now in October they would get to see the team that brought them through that tragedy raise the championship at home for the first time in 95 years. It was a legendary series with plenty to remember and for the Red Sox it was the strange series that will always go down as one of the best for the franchise who now sits on top of the baseball world.


World Series MVP:


David Ortiz, DH (Boston Red Sox)
.733 AVG
2 HR
2.017 OPS
1.267 OBP



Boston Red Sox 4 – 2 St. Louis Cardinals
– After starting the season with a lot of questions and plenty of people saying the Red sox would sit near the bottom of the division once again the Red Sox would prove everyone wrong by taking home the franchise’s 8th World Series Title

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