MLB Week in Review (October 19-25)

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The 2013 World Series Began this week with the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox playing to a 1-1 tie in the series already. Every year the World Series pits two teams against each other and the stories of both of these teams make for great headlines. Generally there are only a few great storylines for the World Series with two teams playing with something pushing them on. This year these stories would be seen easily with the St. Louis Cardinals looking to be second team to win the World Series in three years. For the Red Sox the clear motivation was the fact that everyone had written them off after a terrible season and this was a chance to show that the Red Sox are back. These were the main stories of the World Series for both teams but they were only the start to the stories that this World Series would have. One of the big stories for Boston is a lot more than just the comeback from the depths of the standings but a comeback as a city. In April Boston was rocked by the Boston Marathon Bombings in an attack that changed the city forever. In the wake of the attacks sports became an outlet for those affected and the Boston Red Sox would be one of the teams to provide that outlet. The Red Sox became a symbol for the city as the “B Strong” logo would spread throughout Boston and throughout baseball. They became a welcomed distraction to the tragedy that would befall the city and the entire city would get behind them. The Red Sox go into the series carrying an entire city with them and winning the championship would cap off a tough year on a positive note. Along with this story the Red Sox are hoping for a repeat of when both teams faced off last time. In yet another story for the World Series this will be a rematch of a 2004 series that changed everything in baseball. In 2004 the Red Sox would take on the Cardinals with a chance to end the second longest championship streak in MLB history. The Red Sox had won a World series in 1918 and that would be the last time they would win it thanks to the curse of the Bambino. After winning that World Series in 1918 the Red Sox would sell Babe Ruth to the rival New York Yankees. With the Yankees Ruth would build his legend as the greatest baseball player of all time as he helped the Yankees to be the most successful franchises in the MLB. After the sale of Ruth to the Yankees the Red Sox would go a decades without winning another championship. They would get their shot in 2004 when they took on the Cardinals and with the Cards representing another great franchise their was not a lot of hope for the Red Sox. Then the unthinkable would happen as the Red Sox would sweep the Cardinals in four games and would break an 86 years championship drought. They would remove their names alongside the Chicago Cubs for the long struggling teams in the MLB. More than all of this though the championship would being about a period of dominance for the BoSox as they would begin challenging the Yankees for the division crown every year. They would add another championship in 2007 and would become one of the best teams in baseball. Almost 10 years after the series sweep the Cardinals will finally get their shot at revenge as they take on the Red Sox looking to avenge and embarrassing sweep. They are already going about it the right way as they lost the first game but would make up for it by winning the second. The series is all tied up at one a piece right now and as many had predicted it looks to be a tight battle. The Red Sox are looking to carry their city while trying to make sure that everyone knows they are better than the Cards especially at World Series time. The Cards are trying to get revenge for their 2004 loss and looking to assert themselves as one of the best franchises in MLB history. With so much to fight for both teams are willing to go all out to win this year and that will make it a good series. So fans can buckle in and expect something great out of this year’s World Series even if they are not cheering for anyone in particular.


Extra Innings:
(Thoughts on the past week in the MLB)

Another Legend Leaves the Game
Jim Leyland announced his retirement this week as the longtime Detroit manager will remain with the franchise in some capacity but will no longer be on the bench leaving a big hole and a legendary career behind

New Deal for The Freak
The San Francisco Giants would make news this week signing Tim Lincecum to a two-year $35 million contract extension which would leave many people wondering if it was worth it as Lincecum has not been the same pitcher he used to be

One Last Award for Mo
Mariano Rivera would walk out on the field in the World Series for one last time as he would be given the Commissioner’s Historic Achievement Award for his accomplishments as one of the best closers ever


MLB Postseason

2013 World Series:
St. Louis Cardinals 1 – 1 Boston Red Sox
Game 1: BOS 8 – 1 STL
Game 2: STL 4 – 2 BOS
Game 3: BOS @ STL (Saturday October 26th; 7:30 pm ET)
Game 4: BOS @ STL (Sunday October 27th; 8:00 pm ET)
Game 5: BOS @ STL (Monday October 28th; 7:30 pm ET)
Game 6: STL @ BOS (Wednesday October 30th; 7:30 pm ET)
Game 7: STL @ BOS (Thursday October 31st; 7:30 pm ET)


NL Championship Series:
Los Angeles Dodgers 2 – 4 St. Louis Cardinals
Game 1: STL 3 – 2 LAD (13th)
Game 2: STL 1 – 0 LAD
Game 3: LAD 3 – 0 STL
Game 4: STL 4 – 2 LAD
Game 5: LAD 6 – 4 STL
Game 6: STL 9 – 0 LAD

AL Championship Series:
Detroit Tigers 2 – 4 Boston Red Sox
Game 1: DET 1 – 0 BOS
Game 2: BOS 6 – 5 DET
Game 3: BOS 1 – 0 DET
Game 4: DET 7 – 3 BOS
Game 5: BOS 4 – 3 DET
Game 6: BOS 5 – 2 DET

Game Played if Needed

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