Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 17)

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The CFL week would start with plenty of anticipation as the fans can feel the playoffs in the air with the Grey Cup only a few weeks away. As the air gets colder and the snow begins to fall in place the teams in the CFL begin to prepare for the climb to the Grey Cup. For the Alouettes and their fans though this anticipation would turn into a bit of fear for the future. The Als would win their game during the week and clinch a playoff spot but with the way the week began it was almost a hollow victory. The Alouettes would come out at the beginning of the week and state that Anthony Calvillo would not be returning to the team this year. Calvillo was originally expected to return for the week 18 games and would reportedly be ready for the playoffs. So when the Als would say that he was done for the rest of the year it was a bit of a shock to a lot of people. As the Als were likely headed to the playoffs and the prospect of making a playoff run without one of the greatest QBs in the history of the NFL was a tough sell. When the shock over Calvillo not coming back for the rest of the season would wear off the reality of Calvillo ever returning to the field would settle in. Anthony Calvillo has played in the CFL for 20 seasons and has every major record that a QB can hold. He has nothing left to prove and with injuries piling up over the last few years his career seems to be winding down. His latest concussion that has kept him out for the majority of this season and will keep him out for the rest of the year may have been the last straw. The questions had come up more and more in the last few years as Calvillo would consistently answer questions about whether this year would be his last. Every time Calvillo would say no or would say that he would have to reevaluate at the end of the season. After a cancer scare in 2010 would make Calvillo change everything he did in the offseason and it would give him new life. A new training regime and a new diet would put Calvillo into the best shape of his life heading into 2011 and would leave many to wonder how long it would extend his career. Then the injuries began as concussions would begin to keep Calvillo out of games. Then came his latest injury when in week 8 he would be hit hard and would suffer a concussion. He was place on the 9-game injury list and would be eligible to return in week 18. The concussion would have its effects though and clearly Calvillo was not ready to return to the team as the training staff would protect their best player by letting him recover through the offseason. Calvillo has resisted retirement for years but this last concussion may have pushed him to a decision as the effects may be great enough where Calvillo takes a serious look at his life and his family and what type of future he wants as a former football player. With knowledge of concussions increasing over the last few years Calvillo knows that the risk of getting CTE if he comes back will only increase and could cause serious problems later in life that he will prefer to avoid. So the decision will have to be made as Calvillo could have played his last snap in the CFL and may have ended the greatest QB career in CFL history. If Calvillo does lead the biggest question will be whether or not the Als are ready to move on from a legend with a number of high potential QBs. Tanner Marsh, Josh Neiswander, and Troy Smith will all be looked at as the heir apparent to Calvillo and one will have the unenviable task of following the all-time leading passer in professional football. As of right now it looks more and more that a the midseason signing of Heisman Trophy winner and Ohio State standout Troy Smith was a bit of preplanning. Smith has a very strong arm and the athletic ability to run the ball if a play breaks down. In week 17 he would help the Als put up 36 points against the streaking Ti-Cats and would display his rocket of an arm. Smith fits in the CFL and could be a great replacement for the legend but there is a lot to be figured out. Calvillo may come back for another year and Troy Smith may take a playoff run into the NFL but nothing will be known until the season is over. With that the Alouettes are in the dark looking into a playoff run that will end in a lot of questions no matter where they finish at the end of November.


Fourth Down:
(Everything else about Week 17)

Everyone’s in
The Montreal Alouettes would be the last team to clinch a playoff berth when they beat the Hamilton Tiger-Cats as the playoff race is officially over while the preparation for the road to the grey Cup begins

The Ground Debate
As Jon Cornish hopes to rush to a CFL record one running back is hot on his heels as Kory Sheets is not far off of Cornish’s pace leading to the inevitable debate over who is the best running back in the league

The Tryout Begins
With the Blue Bombers’ season over the tryout for the next starting QB has begun with Max Hall taking the snaps and hoping to show the Bombers that he deserves the starting hob in Winnipeg


CFL Standings:

Eastern Division:
1. x-Toronto Argonauts (20)
2. x-Hamilton Tiger-Cats (16)
3. x-Montreal Alouettes (14)
4. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6)

Western Division:
1. x-Calgary Stampeders (26)
2. x-Saskatchewan Roughriders (22)
3. x-B.C. Lions (18)
4. Edmonton Eskimos (6) 

x-Clinched Playoff spot



Calgary Stampeders 27 – 13 Edmonton Eskimos
– The Stampeders would get one step closer to securing the top spot in the West as they would beat the Eskimos who were hoping to play spoilers but could not challenge one of the Grey Cup favorites in the last battle of Alberta for 2013

Toronto Argonauts 26 – 20 Winnipeg Blue Bombers
– The Argonauts had seen two opportunities to lock up first place in the East fall short but they would take advantage of a chance to clinch a home playoff spot despite a shaky second half beating the Bombers and ensuring they play at home in the playoffs

Saskatchewan Roughriders 35 – 14 B.C. Lions
– The Riders and Lions are fighting for home field advantage while also trying to take out the Calgary Stampeders for the top spot in the West and the Riders would take the two points and a lead ahead of the Lions

Montreal Alouettes 36 – 5 Hamilton Tiger-Cats
– The Ti-Cats were on a roll heading into Week 17 as they had just caught up to provincial rivals the Toronto Argonauts with two straight wins but they would look lost against the Alouettes who would put up 36 points thanks to the arm of Troy Smith


Next Week:
Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Toronto Argonauts (Thursday October 24th; 7:30 pm ET)
– The Bombers would not be completely run out of town in week 17 when the Argonauts eliminated them from the playoffs and now they are looking for revenge by beating the Argos and preventing them from clinching first place

Edmonton Eskimos vs. B.C. Lions (Friday October 25th; 10:00 pm ET)
– The Eskies are out of the playoffs and looking to the offseason but they can play spoilers and they will get another chance to do just that against the Lions who are looking to win and take a step towards a home playoff game

Montreal Alouettes vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Saturday October 26th; 1:00 pm ET)
– The Alouettes looked very good in week 17 when Troy Smith would lead an offensive outbreak for the team while the Ti-Cats had to sit and watch and now the Tabies are looking for revenge and a home playoff spot with a win against the Als

Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Calgary Stampeders (Saturday October 26th; 7:00 pm ET)
– The Riders are trying to catch the Stampeders and try to take over the top spot they had at the start of the season and win here will go a long way to doing that as a Stamps win will clinch the top spot in the West

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