MLB Week in Review (October 12-18)

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The MLB Postseason is creeping closer to the end as the World Series Championships are right around the corner. One team already punched their ticket as the experienced St. Louis Cardinals are back and ready for another title. The Cards are back in the World Series for the second time in 4 years as they look to continue to the dominance of two teams in the MLB. Only two teams have won the World Series in the last three years as the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals. Now the Cards are back and trying to make it two champions in four years as they await their opponent from the American League. As the postseason moves on certain aspects of playing October baseball continue to creep in to the most important games of the season. The postseason is full of great stories and great performances but there is one aspect that continues to shine through. The clutch player can be one of the most important aspects to any team in the postseason and plenty of players have made their names by becoming that player. The clutch player is a rare breed in baseball as it takes a lot more than just skill to become that type of players. It takes skill at the right moment in the right game to become that player. It is a good player coming up to bat while their team is down with only one chance to win or tie the game. These players are not necessarily the best players but they are the players who can come up big. If they can do enough times in big games they can create a legend that puts them among the top players ever. Just ask Reggie Jackson how his legend was made and how he became one of the best Yankees to put on the Pinstripes. The man known as “Mr. October” would create his legend when he would hit key HRs in the 1977 World Series including a three HR game 6 of the series. Jackson was always a good player but his performance in the postseason would solidify his legend as one of the most clutch players in MLB history. In 2011 David Freese would burst onto the scene as a clutch player when he would earn 4 RBIs in the opening series, 3 HRs in the NLCS and would single-handedly force a Game 7 in the World Series. Freese would come up to bat in the bottom of the ninth in Game 6 of the World Series with the Texas Rangers ahead and ready to take home the championship with a win. Freese would hit a game-tying triple to send the game into extra innings. Then in the 11th inning he would hit a Walk-off HR to force the Game 7 which the Cardinals would win. The Freese would win the NLCS MVP and the World Series MVP for his efforts and would be seen as a potential clutch player for the future. These players created a legend in the postseason with big performances in big times of the postseason. They would help their teams to big wins and to World Series victories that made them heroes to their cities. This year there are a number of players looking to do the same although the two that are having the best go already have the hero part nailed down. Carlos Beltran and David Ortiz have been two of the best batters in the postseason this year and have come up big for their teams when they needed it. Both are very similar as well as both batters are longtime veterans of the MLB, Both have played in the MLB for over 14 years in the MLB. Beltran is one of the pillars of the Cardinals playing Right Field and acting as one of the key players in the locker room. Meanwhile David Ortiz is likely the last great Designated Hitter in baseball and would solidify his role as a veteran and a clutch player in the ALCS. With the Red Sox down 5-1 Ortiz would step into the batter’s box with loaded bases and in the bottom of the eighth. With one swing Ortiz would tie the game hitting a Grand Slam that changed the game and may be seen as the turning point to the series. Beltran will have his opportunity to be the clutch player in the World Series this year while Ortiz is hoping he will get his shot to do the same. As the World Series creeps closer the best players get their shot to continue their legend while other players look to establish their own legend. Either way the teams left in the postseason are all hoping that someone will step up at the right time and provide that key moment that wins a World Series for the franchise.


Extra Innings:
(Thoughts on the past week in the MLB)

The end for Ryan
Nolan Ryan has been a mainstay in baseball for years both on the mound and in the stands as the CEO of the Texas Rangers but this year was his last in that position as Ryan retired from baseball as a true legend took a step away from the sport he helped to create

The next Cuban Star
Another offseason means another big international signing and it was the Chicago White Sox who would win the lottery by spending $68 million over six-years and signing the man known as “The Cuban Barry Bonds” Jose Abreu who is considered one of the best hitters in the world

Rookie Continued to Surprise
Yasiel Puig had a breakout year for the Los Angeles Dodgers this year and although his postseason started slow he quickly showed that he can be a player to rely on as the future is bright for the young Cuban even if the Dodgers will not play of the World Series


MLB Postseason

NL Championship Series:
Los Angeles Dodgers 2 – 4 St. Louis Cardinals
Game 1: STL 3 – 2 LAD (13th)
Game 2: STL 1 – 0 LAD
Game 3: LAD 3 – 0 STL
Game 4: STL 4 – 2 LAD
Game 5: LAD 6 – 4 STL
Game 6: STL 9 – 0 LAD

AL Championship Series:
Detroit Tigers 2 – 3 Boston Red Sox
Game 1: DET 1 – 0 BOS
Game 2: BOS 6 – 5 DET
Game 3: BOS 1 – 0 DET
Game 4: DET 7 – 3 BOS
Game 5: BOS 4 – 3 DET
Game 6: DET @ BOS (Saturday October 19th; 4:30 pm ET)
Game 7: DET @ BOS (Sunday October 20th; 8:00 pm ET)

Game Played if Needed

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