Wednesday Morning QB (NFL Week 6)

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The NFL is the most successful league in North America as it continues to grow into a multi-billion dollar industry. The growth has not stopped and although challenges like the concussion issue have arisen they still seem to continue to grow. As they grow leagues around North America try to find out exactly what makes the NFL so powerful and such a great business. Through all of the research and all of the attempts to duplicate the model of the NFL one thing seems to be the aspect that nobody can copy. The NFL does a better job than anyone of building their individual players. For a league nicknames the “No Fun League” the NFL has a knack for letting personalities shine through on and off the field. Players are marketed more in the NFL than anywhere else and it seems to be impossible when you think that they have a helmet on covering their faces every game. Yet still the players are known no matter where they go and what they are doing. NFL players have even entered the world of celebrity in some cases with paparazzi taking an interest in their lives off of the field. No other league has been able to do this to the level of the NFL whether they have a lack of personality or the league just doesn’t want to expose their players to the general public. This is what has made the NFL so popular as fans get to see their favorite players for more than just what they do on the field. They are exposed to the life that these players live and the type of people they are, at least on the surface of it all. As fans gain this connection they cheer for the players both on the field and in real life and with that many have an opinion on their lives outside of football. No matter who the player is people will see what happens and whether for good or for bad will form opinions on the people. One player would reach this point in his life in the NFL this past week when he would do what many players had done before him and receive the same criticism as those before. Adrian Peterson’s week will likely be one of the worst of his life as he would see his son for the first time ever in a hospital bed. In a strange series of events Adrian Peterson would discover 2 months ago that he had fathered a child with a woman in Minneapolis and had yet to see the 2-year old during the season. That was until the child was put into a hospital by his mother’s boyfriend. Peterson’s child would pass away later in the week and would leave the running back with a major life decision. Would he return to the Minnesota Vikings and play his week 6 game or would he miss the week’s game to grieve for his son. Granted he did not truly know his son yet but the loss of someone who is supposed to be related to you is tragic nonetheless. Peterson would decide to play the game with a heavy heart and like many before him would take a lot of criticism with the decision. Many players before Peterson had decided that they were better served playing a game than sitting at home grieving for a loved one. They have continually taken heat for this decision but the fact is that these players have known one thing for their entire lives. They are football players through and through with everything they do leading to getting better on the field. When a tragedy like Peterson’s occurs any normal person looks to try to cope with the loss by looking to get back to normal or putting it behind them for at least a brief time. For Peterson the three hours on the field were a time to forget what had happened and just live in the moment. It may not be the best way to cope but for Peterson and for the others before him it is their way of coping. The NFL builds these players up to the point where fans seem to know them better than some of their friends but when it comes to situations like this there is no right or wrong opinion. Adrian Peterson did what he believed he needed to do and like many before him would make the decision himself and it is for nobody to judge him on how he copes with the tragedy that he is trying to overcome.


Fifth Quarter:
(Four Quick Thoughts on Week 6)

Classless Act in Houston
The Houston Texans have struggled all year and two people have been blamed as Gary Kubiak and Matt Schaub have almost bee run out-of-town but Schaub’s play is no reason for the fans in Houston to boo him while being carted off of the field

Wayne’s 1,000th
Reggie Wayne will go down as one of the best receivers of all time and a crucial player for the development of Andrew Luck and would prove his worth when he caught his 1,000th pass this week

Schiano the Leak?
The Josh Freeman story continues to develop as the NFLPA has come out on record in claiming that head coach Greg Schiano was the leak when reports of Freeman’s participation in the NFL drug program came out giving the Buccaneers more reason to cut the young QB

The Gronkowski Rift
New England fans and players are awaiting the return of Gronk as Rob Gronkowski has been cleared to play but he remains out of the lineup in a decision that could be creating a rift in the locker room and in the stands as the fan favorite is quickly losing fans


NFL Standings 

American Football Conference
AFC East:
1. New England Patriots (.833)
2. Miami Dolphins (.600)
3. New York Jets (.500)
4. Buffalo Bills (.333)
AFC North:
1. Cincinnati Bengals (.667)
2. Baltimore Ravens (.500)
3. Cleveland Browns (.500)
4. Pittsburgh Steelers (.200)
AFC South:
1. Indianapolis Colts (.667)
2. Tennessee Titans (.500)
3. Houston Texans (.333)
4. Jacksonville Jaguars (.000)
AFC West:
1. Kansas City Chiefs (1.00)
2. Denver Broncos (1.00)
3. San Diego Chargers (.500)
4. Oakland Raiders (.333)

National Football Conference:
NFC East:
1. Dallas Cowboys (.500)
2. Philadelphia Eagles (.500)
3. Washington Redskins (.200)
4. New York Giants (.000)
NFC North:
1. Detroit Lions (.667)
2. Chicago Bears (.667)
3. Green Bay Packers (.600)
4. Minnesota Vikings (.200)
NFC South:
1. New Orleans Saints (.833)
2. Carolina Panthers (.400)
3. Atlanta Falcons (.200)
4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (.000)
NFC West:
1. Seattle Seahawks (.833)
2. San Francisco 49ers (.667)
3. St. Louis Rams (.500)
4. Arizona Cardinals (.500)


Key Scores:
Cincinnati Bengals 27 – 24 Buffalo Bills (OT)
– Without EJ Manuel to help them to a win the Bills looked like they would struggle against the Bengals but Thad Lewis would prove everyone wrong helping the Bills to a last-minute comeback that would come up just short in overtime

Denver Broncos 35 – 19 Jacksonville Jaguars
– This game would be see the biggest differential in the history of the NFL as the Broncos would be favoured by a huge number before the game but it would not turn out that way as the Broncos offence was not the force many expected them to be although they would still pick up the win

New England Patriots 30 – 27 New Orleans Saints
– The legend of Tom Brady grows once again as the New Orleans Saints would be ahead heading into the last half of the fourth quarter until Tom Brady would throw a game winning TD in the last seconds to win the game

Dallas Cowboys 31 – 16 Washington Redskins
– The rivalry continued with both the Redskins and the Cowboys trying to recover with the Redskins struggling all season and the Cowboys blowing their last game but the Cowboys and Tony Romo would recover to take the win


Next Week:
New England Patriots vs. New York Jets (Sunday October 20th; 1:00 pm ET)
– The Pats have struggled but behind the arm of Tom Brady they continue to win while the New York Jets are trying desperately to keep pace with an inconsistent years but this rivalry will wake both teams up as they both look for a big divisional win

Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles (Sunday October 20th; 1:00 pm ET)
– The Cowboys and Eagles are a part of the worst division so far this year and although both are sitting at .500 records this game will go a long way to determining which team could win the division

Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (Sunday October 20th; 4:25 pm ET)
– The rivalry between the Ravens and Steelers has been one of the best in the past few years as they have been two of the best teams in the league but this year they have both struggled this year and are no longer fighting for the top of the AFC North

Denver Broncos vs. Indianapolis Colts (Sunday October 20th; 8:30 pm ET)
– It will be the talk of the week as Peyton manning returns to Indianapolis for the first time since being cut and signing with the Broncos as Manning will go head to head with his replacement in Andrew Luck

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