Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 16)

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The CFL playoff race continues on with only a few weeks left in the season and many of the playoff spots already taken. There is only one spot left in the CFL while the playoff hopes for the one of the teams continue to dwindle. The Eastern Division is the only division that still has a playoff spot available as the Montreal Alouettes and Winnipeg Blue Bombers fight for the last spot and the Als only one win away from clinching. As the playoff picture becomes clearer the talk begins to shift to which team can win the 101st Grey Cup. For the last few years there has been one big part to how teams make it to the Grey Cup and that has been finishing hot. The B.C. Lions would be the best team down the stretch in 2011 before taking that streak to the Grey Cup and winning. The Toronto Argonauts would do the same in 2012 when they would take their relentless winning ways into the playoffs and find ways to win games including the Grey Cup. Now there are a number of teams looking to do the same thing as they have another three weeks to begin establishing their winning ways. The Calgary Stampeders are on their way to doing exactly that with a three game win streak heading into the final three weeks of the season. If they can continue the streak they may end up being favorites heading into the playoffs. Although the winning streak has been one of the best ways to determine a Grey Cup champion two teams are hoping that they can end that thought. The Toronto Argonauts and Montreal Alouettes are hoping that a different aspect of their teams will lead to a Grey Cup this year. Anthony Calvillo and Ricky Ray have had great and terrible seasons wrapped into one as both have had moments on the field but have rarely seen the field this year. Anthon Calvillo was struggling to start the year as the Alouettes would drop far below what they were expected to do. Then when the offence seemed to be finding their rhythm Calvillo would go down with a concussion and would be placed on the 9-game injured list. He would miss the majority of the season but with the year almost done Calvillo is on track to return before the playoffs. His time on the injury list will be finished by week 18 giving him one week to prepare before the playoffs. The Alouettes are hoping that the return of their all-time passer will help them to pick things up in their quest for another Grey Cup. Meanwhile in Toronto Ricky Ray has spent more of the season off of the field than on it with multiple injuries. His latest was a shoulder injury that would keep him out for six weeks. While Ray was gone the Argos would have a fairly successful time as Zach Collaros would lead them to four straight road wins and a total record of 4-1. As good as Collaros was with the Argos Toronto had been looking to the return of their veteran QB that helped them to a Grey Cup win last year. This week they would get it as Ricky Ray would return to the team for the first time in six weeks. He would do the best that he could do in his first game back throwing for two TDs and over 300 yards but could not get the win. The Argos are hoping that Ray can get back into the groove with three weeks left in the regular season and a playoff run to come. The Argos and Als are in similar situations as both are hoping that their struggles in recent weeks can be wiped out by veteran QBs that can bring the teams together to win a Grey Cup. Whether this strategy will be effective will only be seen in the next few weeks as the Argos hope to build a winning streak heading into the playoffs and the Alouettes hope that they can finally clinch a spot to ensure that Calvillo has a chance to make his mark. With the playoffs just around the corner there will be plenty of teams looking for something to give them a boost into a run at the Grey Cup including hoping that two veteran starting QBs can help them out.


Fourth Down:
(Everything else about Week 16)

Dangerous Moment
The reality of how rough football can be was in full display this week when Almondo Sewell would cover a punt and have another player rollover his neck stopping the game and sending Sewell to the hospital where he was luckily cleared later in the week

New Record Same Record Holder
Jon Cornish continues to put his name among the best running backs to ever play in the CFL as he would break his own record this week for most rushing yards by a Canadian running back and leaving him 520 yards away from the All-Time Single season record held by Mike Pringle

One Team Out
The Edmonton Eskimos hopes for a playoff run were ending this week ending the very slim hopes of the teams and giving them complete assurance that the rest of their season will be to find out what they can do next year


CFL Standings:

Eastern Division:
1. x-Toronto Argonauts (18)
2. x-Hamilton Tiger-Cats (16)
3. Montreal Alouettes (12)
4. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6)

Western Division:
1. x-Calgary Stampeders (24)
2. x-Saskatchewan Roughriders (20)
3. x-B.C. Lions (18)
4. Edmonton Eskimos (6) 

x-Clinched Playoff spot


Calgary Stampeders 40 – 26 B.C. Lions
– The Stamps took another step towards solidifying their first place standing in the West as they would beat the Lions thanks in large part to the efforts of Jon Cornish who ran for 130 yards and broke his own record for most rushing yards in a single season by a Canadian player

Saskatchewan Roughriders 14 – 9 Edmonton Eskimos
– The Roughriders are hoping that their midseason slump is far behind them as they would clinch their playoff spot last week and would take on the Eskies this week to begin a winning streak heading into the playoffs

Winnipeg Blue Bombers 34 – 27 Montreal Alouettes
– The Bombers are barely clinging to their playoff hopes as they continue to win games when they need to while the Alouettes let a chance go by to clinch a playoff spot and will have to wait another week to eliminate the Bombers

Hamilton Tiger-Cats 24 – 18 Toronto Argonauts
– The Ti-Cats would take this win and the season series against the Argos while spoiling the return of Ricky Ray as the Argonauts would not take advantage of a chance to clinch first place for the second week in a row


Next Week:
Calgary Stampeders vs. Edmonton Eskimos (Friday October 18th; 9:00 pm ET)
– The Stamps are hoping that they can clinch the top spot in the West this week when they take on the Edmonton Eskimos who will simply looking to see how Mike Reilly can do with the reigns for the rest of the season essentially as a tryout for 2014

Toronto Argonauts vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Saturday October 19th; 3:30 pm ET)
– The Argos are hoping that a new team will be the answer they need to finally get the top spot in the East as Ricky Ray gets another week to continue his comeback and get reacquainted with the team before the playoffs

B.C. Lions vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (Saturday October 19th; 7:00 pm ET)
– The Roughriders are finally back to their winning ways that they saw at the beginning of the season and are hoping a win over the Lions can help them to get closer to first place and closer to a home playoff game before the Grey Cup in Regina

Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Montreal Alouettes (Sunday October 20th; 1:00 pm ET)
– The Ti-Cats are riding high after beating their longtime rivals two weeks in a row and taking a chunk out of the Argos Eastern Division lead as they look to beat the Alouettes and continue to challenge for first place while the Als look to secure a playoff spot with a win

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