CIS Football Report (Week 8)

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The CIS season is about to wrap up with teams winding down their regular season and preparing for the playoffs. As the last few weeks count down in the season the playoff races are heating up with some key games this week. There would only be two conferences in action this week as the RSEQ and the CanWest got a week off with the OUA and the AUS continued their fight for the playoffs. Both conferences were in action and both are in the best races for the playoffs out of the four other conferences. The CanWest is ruled by Calgary and continues to be this year while RSEQ is once again Laval’s to lose. The OUA and AUS however may come down to the final games of the season as all have much more to them than a battle for the last spot. In the OUA the battle continues on with only a week left and plenty of spot open for the taking. Not even the first place spot is secured as Western took the week off and would see their grip on the top spot in the OUA lost to the Guelph Gryphons. It is a battle that will not be solved on the field this year with both teams not playing each other this year. They have yet to play each other and will not play the final game of the season against each other. This leaves both teams with something in their control and something out. They can both win their final games, Western plays York and Guelph plays Queen’s, but will have to watch the other game to see if they get the top spot. Meanwhile as the Mustangs and Gryphons concentrate on first place in the conference the Queen’s Golden Gaels are looking to take one of the top two spots to earn a bye. They are currently sitting only two points behind the top two teams and a win against Guelph in their last game could put them into one of the two spots. These three teams are making the OUA race for the playoff s even more exciting as they fight for the top while a number of teams are fighting for the other spots. Only three teams have clinched a playoff spot so far in the OUA as the rest are left with uncertain futures. It all comes down to one team holding up the rest of the three teams. The Toronto Varsity Blues are sitting out of the playoffs once again but this time are only two points out of a playoff spot. Meanwhile the McMaster Marauders, Ottawa Gee Gees, and Windsor Lancers all sit with 8 points and if something goes wrong in any of their last games they could see themselves put out of the playoffs in the last week. As the OUA waits for their last week to find the last playoff teams the AUS has another two weeks to find out who can make the playoffs. Nobody has clinched a playoff spot in the conference yet and all teams only have to more games to get their spot. The AUS has been a complete mystery for the entire season as the three teams have all sat at the top of the standings. While they all have had their time at the top they have all lost games and have all looked vulnerable. The Saint Mary’s Huskies seem to be the class of the conference but two losses in their next two games could see them fall from first to worst in the conference. The Acadia Axemen have taken a beating with three losses to the Saint Mary’s Huskies but are looking to turn their season around with two games left. If they can they may find themselves in first or at least holding a home playoff game. The StFX X-Men looked like the class of the division at the start of the season but have since fallen and are looking to keep a hold of their home playoff game by staying in second place. The Mount Allison Mounties have not looked great this year but can win both games remaining and make the playoffs giving them a shot. The AUS is still a complete mystery as the best teams could win and continue normalcy in the conference but anything can happen and turn the conference on its head before the playoffs start. The OUA is also a strong for much more than just a playoff spot as the teams continue to fight with one week left. As the CanWest and RSEQ get back to playing next week the playoff races continue but the AUS and OUA seem to be the ones to watch as the CIS regular season winds down.


CIS Top 10:
1. Western Mustangs (1)
2. Laval Rouge et Or (2)
3. Calgary Dinos (3)
4. Guelph Gryphons (4)
5. Queen’s Golden Gaels (5)
6. Montreal Carabins (7)
7. Saskatchewan Huskies (6)
8. Bishop’s Gaiters (8)
9. McMaster Marauders (9)
10. Windsor Lancers (–)
-To Be Updated-


CIS Standings

1. Saint Mary’s Huskies (8)
2. StFX X-Men (6)
3. Acadia Axemen (4)
4. Mount Allison Mounties (4) 

1. x-Calgary Dinos (12)
2. Saskatchewan Huskies (8)
3. Manitoba Bisons (6)
4. UBC Thunderbirds (6)
5. Regina Rams (4)
6. Alberta Golden Bears (0)

1. x-Guelph Gryphons (14)
2. x-Western Mustangs (14)
3. x-Queen’s Golden Gaels (12)
4. McMaster Marauders (8)
5. Ottawa Gee Gees (8)
6. Windsor Lancers (8)
7. Toronto Varsity Blues (6)
8. York Lions (4)
9. Waterloo Warriors (2)
10. Laurier Golden Hawks (2)
11. Carleton Ravens (0)

1. x-Laval Rouge et Or (12)
2. Bishop’s Gaiters (8)
3. Montreal Carabins (8)
4. McGill Redmen (6)
5. Sherbrooke Vert et Or (4)
6. Concordia Stingers (0)

x-Clinched Playoff Spot
y-Clinched First Round Bye


Key Scores:
Toronto Varsity Blues 56 – 35 York Lions
– The Red and Blue Bowl has finally taken on a better meaning in the last few years as both programs are much better than they used to be and this time the Varsity Blues would take the win and keep their playoff hopes alive

Saint Mary’s Huskies 11 – 9 Acadia Axemen
– The rivalry between the Axemen and the Huskies continues but this year it was very one-sided as the Huskies would take this win sweeping the season series and taking another step towards first place in the AUS

#4 Guelph Gryphons 48 – 12 Carleton Ravens
– The Gryphons would take full advantage of the Western Mustangs’ bye week as they would beat the Ravens easily and would take over first place in the OUA giving them one more game to clinch the top spot

#5 Queen’s Golden Gaels 78 – 21 Waterloo Warriors
– The Gaels are fully in the race for a first round bye as they would get a huge win against the Warriors helping their point differential and keeping them in line for a chance to finish in the top two spots of the conference


Next Week:
Manitoba Bisons vs. Saskatchewan Huskies (Friday October 18th; 7:00 pm MDT)
– The Bisons and the Huskies are fighting to the very end to try to get a chance to play at home in the first round of the playoffs and this game could be the difference as they hope to host the first round

StFX X-Men vs. Acadia Axemen (Saturday October 19th; 2:00 pm ADT)
– The Acadia Axemen are reeling from two straight losses to their rivals the Saint Mary’s Huskies and they are trying to get back to their winning ways when they take on the X-Men in a game that will put them into second or keep them in third

Guelph Gryphons vs. Queen’s Golden Gaels (Saturday October 19th; 1:00 pm ET)
– The Gryphons took over the top spot in the conference in week 8 and they are looking to keep hold of it but will have to take on the Gaels who are trying to finish among the top two to earn a first round bye and need this win

Montreal Carabins vs. McGill Redmen (Saturday October 19th; 1:00 pm ET)
– The McGill Redmen have looked much better than usual this year as they are a legitimate threat to make the playoffs but they will take on one of their biggest tests this season taking on the Montreal Carabins to try to stay in the playoffs

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