NCAA Football Report (Week 6)

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The week in the NCAA would not provide much in the way of excitement as many of the games would once again be boring. The top teams continued to easily win their games and the shuffling of the top 5 in the AP Top 25 would once again stay the same. The season continues to move on and the top teams continue to move along through easy opponents. It has not been the best season for the NCAA with upsets coming few and far between this year. That may all be changing soon though as the big games are starting to creep into the schedule. The next few weeks could see many changes for the NCAA as they move closer and closer to rivalry week. With the games getting more important top teams will be forced to play each other and top teams will fall to other top teams. For now though the NCAA sits week after week watching boring game after boring game and looking outside the top 25 for the biggest stories. Whether it is the first match in the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy between Air Force and Navy or the only real upset of the week in Notre Dame beating Arizona State the NCAA did not have a lot to talk about this past week. There was a story that came out this week that would pique the interest of many as the new playoff system took another step towards completion. The selection committee for the new playoff system is still being formed but this week a list of names surfaced. The names on the list were supposedly the beginning of the selection list that will decide the fate of four schools next year. It will be a move away from the computer program that currently selects the BCS rankings. The list of names includes former New Orleans Saints QB Archie Manning, USC Athletic Director Pat Haden, and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The rest of the list will include a number of former and current Athletic Directors as well as former commissioners of NCAA conferences. The list is an interesting one with many people loving it while others hate it. It will continue to be this way for as long as the committee is in place as the new playoff system will not be the end of the debate. The new system will end the complaints of the top two teams taking being the only teams to play for the championship. Beyond that the complaints will only increase as the new selection committee will feature people who have loyalty to teams that are in the top of the rankings, including Condoleezza Rice who currently teaches at Stanford. The names on the least will never satisfy everyone with many claiming that their needs to be more people who played the sport, according to some it should be made up of only former players, or people who have been involved in the sport for years. There will be people on the list who have never been involved in College Football but are still high-ranking in the NCAA and have been fans for years. That is not the most convincing argument for someone to be on the committee but it may end up being enough for some that will make the committee. The list being leaked may be changed and some names may be removed while others will be added but the fact remains that it will not end the debates over the bowl system. The new playoff system will go into effect next year and the fights over the system will not end although it may be taking another step towards a better system. The releasing of the first names on a list is the first step towards the new system as all eyes are on the biggest change in College football since the creation of the BCS system.


Heisman Watch:

1. Tajh Boyd, QB (Clemson)
He is still not receiving a lot of respect in the Heisman voting as he continues to put up good numbers but keeps being passed up for others. Boyd would take a big step in his Heisman campaign with one of his best performances of the year. Boyd would takeover the game against Syracuse and would make sure that the Heisman committee took notice. With 455 yards and 5 TDs in the game Boyd would send a clear message to the voting committee. Boyd will look to continue playing like this and hopefully lead Clemson to a National Championship as they will hope that Oregon or Alabama take a loss boosting them to the top two of the rankings. Next week Boyd takes on Boston College in another game that he will need to take over if he hopes to stay at the top of the Heisman race.
Stats (5 Games):
66.0% (57 rsh)
1,449 yds (154 rsh yds)
14 TD (4 rsh TD)

2. Marcus Mariota, QB (Oregon)
Voted #1 by most for the Heisman race Mariota is continuing the offensive power of the school known as Track U. Even without the Duck’s top player in D’Anthony Thomas Mariota continued his dominant season. Against Colorado the Ducks would put up over 50 points for the 5th time in five games this year. The majority of these points would come at the hands of Mariota who scored 7 TDs in the game. With 388 total yards in the game Mariota would continue his strong case for the Heisman. He is continually battling Boyd for the top spot in the Heisman race and could very well win it if he continues to put up these points. Mariota will get another chance to move closer to the Heisman Trophy against Washington in one of the toughest tests for the Ducks this year.
Stats (5 Games):
56.7% (28 rsh)
1,358 yds (338 rsh yds)
14 TD (7 rsh TD)

3. Johnny Manziel, QB (Texas A&M)
Johnny Football would not play this week as the Aggies would take a week off and Manziel would fall in the Heisman race. Still one of the favorites Manziel would get some bad luck this week as he took a bye week while the players ahead of him had great weeks. He will get back to it next week when he leads the Aggies against Ole Miss in a SEC battle. Manziel is a great player and a type of player that only comes around every few years but winning the Heisman twice in a row is a tough thing to do. He will continue to make his case though and might see himself in the top spot if the players ahead of him fall short. With games getting tougher in the next few weeks anything can happen and if Manziel can continue his strong performance.
Stats (5 Games):
71.4% (48 rsh)
1,489 yds (314 rsh yds)
14 TD (3 rsh TD)

4. Teddy Bridgewater, QB (Louisville)
Stats (5 Games):
1,562 yds
16 TD

5. Jameis Winston, QB (Florida State)
Stats (5 Games):
73.2% (36 rsh)
1,441 yds (135 rsh yds)
17 TD (2 rsh TD)


AP Top 25:
1. Alabama Crimson Tide (1)
2. Oregon Ducks (2)
3. Clemson Tigers (3)
4. Ohio State Buckeyes (4)
5. Stanford Cardinal (5)
6. Florida State Seminoles (8)
7. Georgia Bulldogs (6)
8. Louisville Cardinals (7)
9. Texas A&M Aggies (9)
10. LSU Tigers (10)
11. UCLA Bruins (12)
12. Oklahoma Sooners (11)
13. Miami Hurricanes (14)
14. South Carolina Gamecocks (13)
15. Baylor Bears (17)
16. Washington Huskies (15)
17. Florida Gators (18)
18. Michigan Wolverines (19)
19. Northwestern Wildcats (16)
20. Texas Tech Red Raiders (20)
21. Fresno State Bulldogs (23)
22. Oklahoma State Cowboys (21)
23. Northern Illinois Huskies (–)
24. Virginia Tech Hokies (–)
25. Missouri Tigers (–)


Key Scores:
#4 Ohio State Buckeyes 40 – 30 Northwestern Wildcats #16
– Ohio State would go into this game as favorites but many had this game as a trap game and the Wildcats would prove them to be right as they would push the Buckeyes to the edge but would come up just short

#5 Stanford Cardinal 31 – 28 Washington Huskies #15
– The Huskies have been have a great season as they continued to climb up the rankings and looked to finish as high as they have in a long time but they would truly be tested against the Cardinal and would come up just short

#6 Georgia Bulldogs 34 – 31 Tennessee Volunteers
– The Bulldogs were coming off of a big win against LSU that would put them into the Top 10 and into the SEC championship race but the letdown after a big game would affect them as the Volunteers almost pulled off the biggest upset of the weekend

Notre Dame Fighting Irish 37 – 34 Arizona State Sun Devils #22
– The Irish did not look at all like a Top 25 team last week when they lost to the Oklahoma Sooners but they would come back looking for redemption against a ranked opponent and would get it thanks to their opportunistic defence


Next Week:
#12 Oklahoma Sooners vs. Texas Longhorns (Saturday October 12th; 12:00 pm ET)
– The Red River Rivalry gets under way again as the struggling Longhorns look to make a splash in the NCAA by beating their longtime rivals and #15 Sooners who will be trying to continue their climb up the rankings

#17 Florida Gators vs. #10 LSU Tigers (Saturday October 12th; 3:30 pm ET)
– The Gators and Tigers once again will fight it out in the SEC and both are looking to make their way up the standings as both have taken a big loss so far but are trying to get their next win for the chance to get to the SEC championship

#2 Oregon Ducks vs. #16 Washington Huskies (Saturday October 12th; 4:00 pm ET)
– The Ducks have not scored less than 50 points all year and they are hoping to keep the streak going against the Huskies who once again will get truly tested in what started as a great year but may end in them being unranked

California Golden Bears vs. #11 UCLA Bruins (Saturday October 12th; 10:30 pm ET)
– In one of the strangest rivalries in Division-I the same school will face off against each other as University of California and University of California Los Angeles will face off with the Bruins trying to stay ranked

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