2013 CFHOF Profile: Dan Ferrone


The CFL loves to reward those players who will give everything that they can for their team and for the league. The players that can stand out among above the rest who stand out as a player that can lead their team to championships are those that become favorites of the fans and the league. These players have something that not many do as they stand out in their team as true leaders. The leadership quality is among the most difficult to quantify in sports as it really doesn’t mean all that much. Leaders can only lead those who will follow them and that can be the most difficult part of any leader’s role on the team. They must be the players who can inspire a group of men that are all out on the field doing the same thing as them. They must move beyond the politics of a locker room and get everyone behind them for a common cause. They can do this by speaking up and saying the things that need to be said or by leaving everything out on the field. They are sometimes quite and they are sometimes the loudest ones on the team but all figure out a way to get a group of people behind them. It is a tough thing to do and only a handful of players can truly be considered some of the best leaders in the game. When these players do emerge the league takes notice and the fans do as well with the players being seen as those people they can lean on. The Canadian Football Hall of Fame will elect one of these men this year when leader and fan favorite Dan Ferrone earns his spot in the Hall of Fame.

Ferrone is yet another lineman that will make it into the hall of fame this year as he will join Miles Gorrell. Two lineman from very different cities will enter the hall together and will represent the hogs as two of the best to ever play. A native of Oakville, Ontario Ferrone would attend Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. In his time there Ferrone would play in the NAIA under American rules with the one Canadian University that plays in the USA. From SFU Ferrone would be drafted by the Toronto Argonauts as he would move back close to home to play for his hometown team. Ferrone would quickly become one of the players that the team could look to for to lead. In 1982, his second year in the league, Ferrone would be named the captain of the Toronto Argonauts. In 1983 and 1991 Ferrone would help to lead the Argonauts to a Grey Cup win and would begin his period of dominance in the trenches. From 1983-1988 Ferrone would be named a CFL Eastern All-Star showing that he was one of the best lineman in the game. 1984 and 1985 would be better years for him as he would be named to the CFL All-Star team and be named the top offensive lineman in the league for both years. Ferrone would become a hometown hero as he would grow up only 30 minutes away from Exhibition Stadium where the Argos played. His career would be spent leading the Argos, despite one season in Calgary, as he would spent 11 years in Toronto. He would give everything he had on the field and would have an entire team behind him. With his leadership the Argos would be able to achieve plenty of success with two Grey Cups and the beginning of the Argos most successful years in Toronto. More than just his leadership Ferrone would win over a city that had always been a tough place to make football work. He was a player that fans would fall in love with and would become one of the few lineman who would be known by name in the city they played in. Ferrone was a true leader as a member of the Argos through his words and his play and he will be remembered as this leader and as one of the best linemen to ever play in the league.


Dan Ferrone, OL (1981-1992)
– 5-Time CFL All-Star (1984, 1985, 1987, 1990, 1991)
– 8-Time CFL East All-Star (1983-1988, 1990, 1991)
– 1989 CFL West All-Star
– 2-Time Leo Dandurand Trophy as Most Outstanding Lineman (1984, 1985)
– Retired with record for most consecutive games (209)
– 2-Time Grey Cup Champion (1983, 1991)

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