Wednesday Morning QB (NFL Week 2)

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The NFL is seeing a bunch of surprises already this year as the league has seen a number of teams come out to a great start and others not so much. There are the teams that have won two in a row that nobody expected to win two in a row. There are teams that have started 0-2 that most expected to have at least one win so far. There have been the players who have already impressed and the players who have most people questioning their capabilities. Of course it is only week 2 and as much as everyone gets ahead of everything there is still more than enough time for any of these players or teams to settle in to what many expected of them. Unexpected losing teams will have time to figure out how to win while unexpected winning teams will have their true makeup tested. Players that are struggling will have time to figure things out while those who came out big may fall back to earth in the heart of the season. Although it is way too early to determine anything there are some parts of the first two weeks that has left many very concerned. The New England Patriots have been one of the most consistent teams in the NFL over the past decade as the combination of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick has been a great one for the franchise. Multiple Super Bowls and countless AFC East titles have followed this team to become the dynasty of the 2000s. Then the 2013 season began and questions immediately arose. It all started in the offseason when their star Tight End, Rob Gronkowski, would go under the knife to repair a broken forearm only to get an infection after the surgery. It would keep their top passing weapon on the sidelines for the first two weeks of this year and could be out longer. Then their other star Tight End in Aaron Hernandez would be arrested for double murder throwing the entire franchise into the media frenzy. The Pats would look to put everything past them and move on to football but week 1 would not prove a lot for the Patriots as they would take on the Buffalo Bills and would barely escape with a win. The same would happen in week 2 as the Pats would get another win against the New York Jets but barely. The Pats would get both wins and if you are simply looking at the record it may seem like there is nothing wrong in Foxborough. Looking deeper than just the record though will tell a much scarier story. The two wins have come against two teams that are not considered contenders this year. In fact both were against rookie QBs that are still trying to put everything together and take over a game by themselves. Not to mention that both teams have had plenty of problems in the past and present and are far from stable. Then there is the performance of the base of the teams as Tom Brady and the offence have not been very good. Brady does not have his outlets in his star Tight Ends and his slotback Wes Welker. The man brought in to replace Wes Welker, Danny Amendola, is on the Injured Report once again and the rest of the receivers have not had a lot of time to develop into the reliable receivers that Brady needs. Brady and the Pats have looked almost like a rookie team with balls sailing over the receivers heads and falling into empty spaces. The Pats are far from impressive right now and not all of the blame can fall on the wide receivers where many people seem to be putting it. Tom Brady has to share some of the blame as he is the leader of this team and has to get his team in shape along with the receivers meeting the standards of the team. The Patriots have plenty of time to figure things out and with Rob Gronkowski seemingly close to returning in the next few weeks reinforcements are coming to help. New England is only two weeks into their season but things are going downhill and if they don’t figure it out before they begin facing some serious competition they could continue to fall. The season is just beginning and it is not time to panic for teams like the Pats but it is time to take a look at what is happening and starting to fix it before it is too late.


Fifth Quarter:
(Four Quick Thoughts on Week 2)

Seattle’s Reputation Solidified
The Sunday Nighter was not only a great game between two good rivals but it would also set a record as Qwest Field would make sure their reputation of the loudest stadium in the NFL was official as they would break a Guinness World Record for crowd noise

New City Same Problems
Darrelle Revis would feed into the Drama of the New York Jets constantly holding out and demanding out of the team but it would turn out not to be the teams as Revis would voice his displeasure with Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano this week

More Drama in Tampa
Darrelle Revis is not the only Buccaneer to make headlines this week as Josh Freeman would be the talk of the week in Tampa after it was revealed that he had missed the team photo after he slept in bringing many to question his commitment to the game


NFL Standings 

American Football Conference

AFC East:
1. New England Patriots (1.00)
2. Miami Dolphins (1.00)
3. New York Jets (.500)
4. Buffalo Bills (.500)
AFC North:
1. Cincinnati Bengals (.500)
2. Baltimore Ravens (.500)
3. Cleveland Browns (.000)
4. Pittsburgh Steelers (.000)
AFC South:
1. Houston Texans (1.00)
2. Indianapolis Colts (.500)
3. Tennessee Titans (.500)
4. Jacksonville Jaguars (.000)
AFC West:
1. Kansas City Chiefs (1.00)
2. Denver Broncos (1.00)
3. Oakland Raiders (.500)
4. San Diego Chargers (.500)


National Football Conference:

NFC East:
1. Dallas Cowboys (.500)
2. Philadelphia Eagles (.500)
3. New York Giants (.000)
4. Washington Redskins (.000)
NFC North:
1. Chicago Bears (1.00)
2. Detroit Lions (.500)
3. Green Bay Packers (.500)
4. Minnesota Vikings (.000)
NFC South:
1. New Orleans Saints (1.00)
2. Atlanta Falcons (.500)
3. Carolina Panthers (.000)
4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (.000)
NFC West:
1. Seattle Seahawks (1.00)
2. St. Louis Rams (.500)
3. San Francisco 49ers (.500)
4. Arizona Cardinals (.500)


Key Scores:
New England Patriots 13 – 10 New York Jets
– The Patriots looked terrible once again but once again they would find a way to win after their offence looked lost once again but the jets looked even worse as Geno Smith could not bring another win to New York

Green Bay Packers 38 – 20 Washington Redskins
– The Packers were not at their best in week 1 but they would bounce back in a big way dominating the Redskins while the Robert Griffin III looked human once again as his creativeness and explosiveness has disappeared

Denver Broncos 41 – 23 New York Giants
– The Manning Bowl would get underway for the third and possibly last time and it was the older Manning who would come out on top as the Broncos would continue to come on in the second half and dominate another game

Seattle Seahawks 29 – 3 San Francisco 49ers
– The Seahawks had the energy of the crowd even after a long weather delay that would help them to a dominating win against their division rivals in the 49ers as they would take the first swing in the division battle


Next Week:
Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles (Thursday September 19th; 8:25 pm ET)
– Andy Reid is a new man in Kansas City and he will go back to the place that he spent the majority of his career as he takes the 2-0 Chiefs into Philadelphia to take on his former team the 1-1 Eagles

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New England Patriots (Sunday September 22nd; 1:00 pm ET)
– The Buccaneers are trying to end a streak of losing games in the last five seconds but will have to get by the Patriots who continue to find ways to win despite not having their best stuff as they hope to improve this week against the Bucs

Atlanta Falcons vs. Miami Dolphins (Sunday September 22nd; 4:05 pm ET)
– The Miami Dolphins are surprisingly undefeated but this will be their first test as they welcome the Atlanta Falcons to South Florida as they hope to extend their winning streak against a very tough team

Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets (Sunday September 22nd; 4:25 pm ET)
– The two rookie QBs that are taking the limelight this year will face off as Geno Smith and EJ Manuel face off in a battle of two rookie QBs that are still trying to prove that they can follow the very good class of 2012

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