CIS Football Report (Week 3)

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The CIS is in full swing and for the first time in the season all four conferences would play with many seeing games broadcast. The AUS would join the rest of the conferences as they opened their season three weeks after the OUA began their season. It was another display of that uneven nature of these conferences with the AUS having a shorter schedule. The CIS will now have all of their conferences in action as the sprint to the playoffs begins in all provinces. As the season progresses though there will be one problem for fans of the CIS. The CIS leaves television deals up to the conferences as each conference can come up with its own broadcast deal with any number of broadcast partners. This is a great thing for the CIS in some ways and a terrible thing for the league in other ways. One the good side the conference gets to deal with a local broadcast company to try to get their game broadcast around their province or provinces. A local broadcaster will be more likely to show their games as many are looking for content and are more involved in the community. They would prefer to show these games that have a community feel to them and fit on local TV. Companies like Shaw TV and Eastlink TV love to include local universities in their schedule to show some great community football. These deals that see AUS broadcast on Eastlink every week and CanWest on Shaw TV for 7 weeks and possibly an 8th week allow the game to be exposed to the area that they are focusing on. Then there are the national TV deals from the two biggest provinces who have a bit of a different stance to them. The OUA will be shown on Sportsnet 360 this year from coast to coast while the RSEQ will be shown on Radio-Canada coast to coast all year. These are big deals and a great way to show two very good conferences to a national audience. It provides the national exposure that the CIS wants in order to expose the nation to a great level of football. The only issue with these deals is that the limitations do not allow a true coast-to-coast exposure of the game. For the OUA the deal with Sportsnet would not begin until their third week of the season as this week was the first broadcast game of the year. They will continue to show a game on Sportsnet for the rest of the season but they will only show one game a week and have not seen a full commitment into University Football. This might change as the years move on with Sportsnet signing this new deal after they purchased the old broadcast partner of the OUA, The Score. The deal with the national company seems to be more about the playoffs, they have the Vanier Cup and both the Mitchell Bowl and Uteck Bowl this year, than it is about exposing the OUA game. Again all of this might change as they find out how valuable the deal can be and with a major company like Rogers behind them there is no doubt they can do big things on a national stage, or at least where Rogers is carried. For Radio-Canada and the RSEQ the deal is a much more mature one with all levels of the RSEQ, including high school, CEGEP and University, getting exposure on the truly national network. The major issue with this deal is that Radio-Canada, for those who don’t know, is essentially the French version of CBC and only broadcasts in French. For those in Quebec and those that are already fans of the RSEQ this is fine as many speak French and can follow the game. The problem comes when trying to expose a new group of people to the very good conference. In Canada there are two official languages but French is very limited to Quebec, New Brunswick and pockets in the rest of the country. The majority of Canadians speak English and not having another deal to broadcast in English to another group of potential fans may not be the best thing. There is no doubt that the Radio-Canada deal should remain but an additional deal may be a great idea to pursue. The exposure of CIS football around the country is varied but it is getting better. There is still some work to do though as local deals give no national exposure while big national deals have different priorities and do not expose the game to enough people. The CIS is continuing to grow and TV Deals will be a big way for all of these conferences and teams to grow and earn the respect they deserve.


CIS Top 10:
1. Laval Rouge et Or (1)
2. Queen’s Golden Gaels (2)
3. Western Mustangs (4)
4. Montreal Carabins (3)
5. Calgary Dinos (5)
6. Saskatchewan Huskies (8)
7. Guelph Gryphons (7)
8. Manitoba Bisons (9)
9. McMaster Marauders (6)
10. Saint Mary’s Huskies (–)


CIS Standings 

1. Saint Mary’s Huskies (2)
2. StFX X-Men (2)
3. Acadia Axemen (0)
3. Mount Allison Mounties (0) 

1. Calgary Dinos (4)
2. Saskatchewan Huskies (4)
3. Manitoba Bisons (2)
4. UBC Thunderbirds (2)
5. Alberta Golden Bears (0)
6. Regina Rams (0)

1. Queen’s Golden Gaels (6)
2. Western Mustangs (6)
3. Guelph Gryphons (4)
4. Ottawa Gee Gees (4)
5. York Lions (2)
6. McMaster Marauders (2)
7. Toronto Varsity Blues (2)
8. Waterloo Warriors (2)
9. Windsor Lancers (2)
10. Carleton Ravens (0)
11. Laurier Golden Hawks (0)

1. Laval Rouge et Or (4)
2. Montreal Carabins (4)
3. Bishop’s Gaiters (2)
4. McGill Redmen (2)
5. Concordia Stingers (0)
6. Sherbrooke Vert et Or (0)


Key Scores:
Saint Mary’s Huskies 14 – 11 Acadia Axemen
– The biggest rivalry in the AUS would kick off the 2013 season as they Huskies and Axemen renewed their bitter rivalry once again this year and would put on a great game with the Huskies coming out on top and taking the first shot for the season

McGill Redmen 32 – 19 Concordia Stingers
– The Redmen and Stingers would face off in what is essentially one of the only wins that either team might be able to get with the Redmen coming out on top and winning the Shaughnessy Cup in the crosstown rivalry

#4 Western Mustangs 58 – 15 McMaster Marauders #6
– The McMaster Marauders are definitely not the same team they were a year ago as they are without many of their star players and the holes created by these players were all exposed by the Mustangs who kept pace with the Golden Gaels for top spot in the OUA

UBC Thunderbirds 39 – 36 Alberta Golden Bears (OT)
– The Thunderbirds would get their first win of the season in a very close game with the Golden Bears finishing the game with an overtime field goal that would earn them 2 points and would keep the Bears without a win this year


Next Week:
Laval Rouge et Or vs. Acadia Axemen (Saturday September 14th; 2:00 pm ADT)
– The crossover begins for the AUS and the RSEQ as the Laval Rouge et Or travel to Wolfville to take on the Acadia Axemen for the third time in two years with the Axemen looking to get revenge on the last two losses to the powerhouse from Quebec City

Saint Mary’s Huskies vs. Montreal Carabins (Saturday September 14th; 1:00 pm EDT)
– The Huskies will look to continue their winning ways and extend their lead in the AUS when they take on the Montreal Carabins but with Montreal firing on all cylinders the Huskies will have their work cut out for them

Laurier Golden Hawks vs. Waterloo Warriors (Saturday September 14th; 7:00 pm EDT)
– The battle of Waterloo has not been the most exciting in the last few years but this year both teams are at the bottom of the standings as the Hawks look for their first win of the season while the Warriors look to build on their first win from Week 3

Saskatchewan Huskies vs. Calgary Dinos (Saturday September 14th; 5:00 pm MDT)
– The Huskies are on their way back to the top of the CanWest Conference and they will need to beat the Dinos to get that top spot as the battle for first place in the CanWest conference may come down to who wins this game

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