MLB Week in Review (August 24-30)

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September is almost here and that means the last month of the MLB season as teams race to the postseason. The last month of the season has been a thrilling one in the past as there are only few games left for someone to make a run at the postseason. In 2011 September would get one of its best races in recent memory. Going into the last month of the season the Boston Red Sox would look to be in complete control of the AL wild card. They would be 9 games ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays for the final spot in the American League. Then they would go 7-20 in September in one of the biggest collapses in MLB history. It would all come down to the last day of the season and game 162 where the Rays would win and take the last spot from the Red Sox. It was one of the best postseason races ever and as another September approaches we can only hope that another race like this comes. This year, as with any, there is a mix of divisions as some seem to be headed to a photo finish while others were solved months ago. In the AL East the battle continues as the Red Sox hold the lead but are not out of the woods. If the Red Sox can continue to play well they will be fine and will win the division but if they continue to have periods of struggle there will be plenty of teams looking to take the lead. The Rays are right behind the Red Sox while the New York Yankees have seen a small resurgence and could come back with a great September. In the AL Central the war is over and has been for a while with Detroit standing on top and not really slowing down any time soon while the Cleveland Indians sit closest at 6.5 games back. The AL West is a different story as the division has been a season long battle that looks to be the best in the American League this year. The Texas Rangers control the division right now but they have battled the Oakland Athletics all season and continue to do so in September. The A’s are sitting 2 games back of the Rangers and at any moment could take the division lead. They will fight back and forth with the winner taking the division and the loser likely taking a wild card spot. The other spot could come down to a number of teams but the losers of the West and East seem most likely to take the final two spots. The National League has a few different battles with one division looking to take the entire season to be solved. In the NL East the Atlanta Braves got out to an early lead and have held it with Washington 13 games back of the division lead. The East is a done deal with Atlanta back on top after a preseason that saw had many believing the Nationals would take the division and the World Series. In the NL Central the race between the St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates who have been extremely close all season. The Cardinals and Pirates are currently tied for the top spot in the division while the Reds are 3.5 games back. These three teams will fight right to the end as the fight between the Pirates and the Cardinals could come down to the last week of the season or even the last game. In the West the Dodgers have a comfortable lead in the division ahead of the Arizona Diamondbacks. The wild card will be a battle between the NL Central runners-up as the Reds and Pirates hold the spots and will likely look to win the right to host the wild card game. The battle is on with one more month in the season and only one more month to earn a postseason spot. The postseason race is about to kick into full gear as every game becomes important for every team that has a chance as all look to get the win and the postseason spot.


Extra Innings:
(Thoughts on the past week in the MLB)

Miggy Down for the Count
Miguel Cabrera was having another great season solidifying his spot as one of the greatest hitters of all time but as the Tigers move towards the postseason they may not see their star who aggravated an old hip injury this week

The Worst Case
The New York Mets are not on their way to the postseason but losing Matt Harvey for the rest of the season is not something they wanted to deal with as he would partially tear is UCL putting his future in jeopardy

Lesson for the Star
Yasiel Puig continues to make headlines for the wrong reasons as he would end up being benched this week after multiple plays where he would seem to be out to lunch or just taking the wrong approach to the game as the benching would serve as a lesson for the rookie


MLB Standings

American League

Division Leaders:
1. Boston Red Sox (.588)
2. Detroit Tigers (.585)
3. Texas Rangers (.582)
Wild Card:
4. Oakland Athletics (.567)
5. Tampa Bay Rays (.564)
In the Hunt (GB):
6. Baltimore Orioles (4.0)
7. Cleveland Indians (4.5)
8. New York Yankees (4.5)
9. Kansas City Royals (6.5)
10. Los Angeles Angels (14.0)
11. Seattle Mariners (14.5)
12. Toronto Blue Jays (15.0)
13. Minnesota Twins (17.0)
14. Chicago White Sox (19.0)
Out of the Running:
15. Houston Astros (31.5)


National League

Division Leaders:
1. Atlanta Braves (.612)
2. Pittsburgh Pirates (.582)
2. St. Louis Cardinals (.582)
3. Los Angeles Dodgers (.590)
Wild Card:
4. Pittsburgh Pirates (.582)
4. St. Louis Cardinals (.582)
5. Cincinnati Reds (.556)
In the Hunt (GB):
6. Arizona Diamondbacks (6.0)
7. Washington Nationals (6.5)
8. Colorado Rockies (11.5)
9. Philadelphia Phillies (13.0)
10. New York Mets (13.0)
11. San Diego Padres (14.5)
12. San Francisco Giants (14.5)
13. Milwaukee Brewers (15.5)
14. Chicago Cubs (18.5)
15. Miami Marlins (25.0)


Arizona Diamondbacks 12 – 7 Philadelphia Phillies (18th)
– The D-Backs have had a great season and although they may not make the postseason they have laid groundwork for the future but it has not been easy as the D-Backs would set a franchise record for extra inning wins with the win against the Phillies their 14th this year

St. Louis Cardinals 8 – 6 Cincinnati Reds
– The Cardinals would continue their fight for the division beating the Reds and taking another important game as the Reds took the loss and continue their attempt to earn a postseason spot whether it be the wild card or the division

Oakland Athletics 14 – 4 Detroit Tigers
– Still battling for the NL West title the A’s would get this win against the Tigers to show their strength and to show they do belong among the top teams in the league as they prepare for the postseason in the wild card spot

Baltimore Orioles 3 – 2 Boston Red Sox
– The Red Sox are trying to prevent a collapse like that of the 2011 season but they seem to be slowing down as the O’s would take the win as they try to inch closer to a postseason berth and a division lead


Next Week:
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (Saturday August 31st; 7:05 pm ET)
– The Cards and the Pirates are trying to win the division and this is one of the most important series of the season as both have the chance to take the lead and pad the lead as long as they can continue to win

Texas Rangers vs. Oakland Athletics (Monday September 2nd; 4:05 pm ET)
– The Rangers and Athletics are battling for the division lead like a few other teams and when they face off next week it could be one of the more important series for both of them as they try to get the win and the lead in the division with a key series

Baltimore Orioles vs. Cleveland Indians (Tuesday September 3rd; 7:05 pm ET)
– The Orioles are outside of a postseason berth but just barely and the Indians are in the same situation as both teams look to earn the win and try to climb closer to the wild card spot that both teams will fight for in the last month

Detroit Tigers vs. Boston Red Sox (Wednesday September 4th; 7:10 pm ET)
– The Red Sox are seemingly on the edge of another collapse this year and facing a team like the Tigers who even without Miguel Cabrera are tough and will try to get the win and pad their division lead while the Red sox look to stop any comeback from the AL East

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