2013 CIS Preview: National Outlook

vanier_cupCollege Football in the states is constantly in the news with lawsuits and the constant debate over the bowl system. In Canada it is quite different as the system is what many wish the NCAA was. The playoff system in the CIS is a great one but it does not prevent one team from dominating most years. The Laval Rouge et Or have now won 7 Vanier Cups all since 1999 and have become the most dominant team in the CIS. That does not mean they can’t be beat though as they have only won the Vanier Cup back to back one time. In 2003 and 2004 Laval would assert their dominance but since then they have taken every other Vanier Cup with different teams filling in the gap. In 2012 the Rouge et Or were the kings of the CIS as they got revenge for their only Vanier Cup loss against the McMaster Marauders. This year Laval will look to get back and win another back to back championship as they try to win another one at home. With the game in Quebec City this year the Rouge et Or have some extra motivation to get to the Vanier Cup and win it this year. They will not be playing alone though as three other very good teams will try to unseat the champions and grab their own piece of history. The season will start out with four conferences and four teams, three of which will be looking for the three-peat in 2013. The OUA may very well see a new ruler for the year as McMaster has lost their top players and may give way to the Guelph Gryphons. In the AUS the Acadia Axemen look to continue their dominance for three championships in a row. In the CanWest conference and new power may emerge leaving Calgary on the outside for the first time in years. If Regina, Guelph, Laval, and Acadia all make it there could be a lot of intrigue this year as the Rouge et Or may not walk to the finals. The CIS will once more march to the Vanier Cup in Quebec City this year as one team looks to repeat while three others look to get their own piece of the CIS title.


Mitchell Bowl


The Mitchell Bowl will once again see the OUA play the CanWest except this time will be in the West. Last year the McMaster Marauders stamped their ticket to the Vanier cup beating the Calgary Dinos to go for the second year in a row. This year the Mitchell Bowl will be the one bowl that sees some new blood looking for the Vanier Cup. Out will be Calgary and McMaster who both lost a lot of star players this year. In their place will be two teams who are looking for their chance to play for the Vanier Cup in what could be the last chance for some very good recruiting classes. The Guelph Gryphons have been getting better every year but have fallen short to McMaster and Kyle Quinlan. Now they are looking at a host of veteran players and trying to get to Quebec City. The Regina Rams are in the same spot as they also have a host of veterans looking to make an impact in their last season. Both will face off with a sense of desperation as they are both so close to a championship and need to face each other to get there. The Gryphons are a powerhouse waiting to happen from the OUA as they have a number of very good players that will be able to overcome the Marauders and the Queen’s Golden Gaels. The Regina Rams are not so much of a powerhouse but they are a very good team that can beat Calgary to win the CanWest Conference. Because of this the Guelph Gryphons will take the Mitchell Bowl as they move on to the Vanier Cup for the first time since 1984 when they won their first and only Vanier Cup.


Guelph Gryphons
– The Gryphons are a powerhouse and will show it this year with a strong offence and defence that are full of veterans and that will be the difference as the Rams are a good team but not good enough to overcome the Gryphons

Uteck Bowl


The Uteck Bowl will also be a repeat as the RSEQ takes on the AUS but it will also be a true repeat of 2012 when Laval takes on Acadia. The Mitchell Bowl will see two new teams face off for a chance at the Vanier Cup but in the Uteck Bowl it will be two teams with their own legend in their conferences. It will be the two teams who are fully representing the theme of the season as two dominant programs return to the national playoffs. The Laval Rouge et Or are a team that has never been out of the national playoffs in the last 10 years. With 10 Dunsmore Cups in the last 10 years the Rouge et Or are the most dominant team in the CIS right now. Acadia knows all too well how good Laval can be as they would lose to Laval twice last year. The Axemen are carving out their own piece of history in the AUS as they will go for the three-peat in the conference and will move on to the national playoffs for the third year in a row. They have not been able to get much further past that though as the team from the small conference cannot seem to hang with the bigger programs. Last year they would lose to the Rouge et Or 42-7 and were completely outclassed. This year it may be the same thing as it is clear that Acadia has trouble with some bigger programs and when they take on the biggest it will not be easy. The Laval Rouge et Or will continue to be a thorn in their side as they get to go home for another try at the Vanier Cup.



Laval Rouge et Or
– The Rouge et Or are a hard team to bet against as they continue to win whether they bring in new players or have a team of veterans and no matter who faces them it is hard to say that they will lose the league for the first time in 10 years

49th Vanier Cup:
Laval Rouge et Or 24 – 21 Guelph Gryphons
– The Rouge et Or are too dominant a team for many to handle but the Gryphons are no push over as they will put up a great fight that will end in a loss as Laval will take the home field advantage to a back to back championship

One Response to “2013 CIS Preview: National Outlook”
  1. cflsteve says:

    laval is absolutely deadly at home. Will have a stiffer challenge form the Q then the AUS but most likley like last year if they are to lose on the road in the Q the replay against the team that beat would most likley end in a loss for the oppnent at Laval and the bigger poing differencial. SMU I think is back and ready to take the AUS againbut not ready to beat Laval no matter where it is p[played

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