Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 9)

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There is a difference between a contact sport and a collision sport as a lot of sports are contact sports but only a handful are collision sports. Football falls into the collision category with every play in a game resulting in multiple collisions in the field. It is a sport that will do its damage on players and with an average career of 2.5 years in football it can have its impact. So far this season the collisions have had their impact on the CFL as it seems more than ever CFL players are going down. It has not just been the usual injuries either as the superstars on almost every team have fallen to injury. There have been a lot of injuries so far this year and all have changed teams in an instant. The Calgary Stampeders have taken the brunt of this new injury bug sweeping the CFL as they have lost a number of important players. First it was Drew Tate who would go down again this year leaving Kevin Glenn as the starting QB. Then Kevin Glenn would go down with an injury bringing in Bo Levi Mitchell as the QB. It would not be limited to the QBs though as Canadian Player of the Year in 2012 Jon Cornish would miss games with an injury. Then in week 8 the Stampeders would lose Nik Lewis for the season with an ankle injury that would once again take away a key player for Calgary. Along with this Drew Tate and Kevin Glenn would be hurt again leaving the Stamps with a long list of injured. The Stamps are not the only team that has suffered a number of injuries though as a team in the East has had plenty of bad luck. The Montreal Alouettes lost Jamel Richardson for the season with a knee injury and in week 9 would see Anthony Calvillo fall with a concussion and may miss more time. The Toronto Argonauts are not out of the woods either as Ricky Ray has already seen the sideline this year and went down again with a shoulder injury in week 9. The Argos have also lost their kicker Swayze Waters for the majority of the season and lost star running back Chad Kackert earlier this year. In Edmonton the injuries began before the season when Matt Nichols went down with an injury and ended the QB battle between himself and Mike Reilly. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have also seen injuries pile up with Chris Matthews and Cory Watson hitting the IR earlier this year. The Bombers have also seen Buck Pierce go down with injury that would lose his starting job because of it. The CFL has seen a lot of injuries this year and they are having their effect in the game more than ever. Without Ricky Ray the Argonauts looked terrible in Week 9 while the Bombers have been lost without all of their star players. Teams with these injuries are looking to try to recover from the injuries and move towards the playoffs. It is a constant in any league as injuries will always happen but when they happen with such big names in a small league the effect is seen much more. The CFL teams with these injuries are hoping that those with smaller injuries will return in time to bring them back into the lineup. The other injuries have seen players go out for the season as teams look to try to replace him for the rest of the season. The injury bug has been a big part to the season already and as the season moves on there will only be more breakdowns which will likely have a bigger effect in the upcoming playoff race.


Fourth Down:
(Everything else about Week 9) 

Kicking Streak Ends
Rene Paredes will hold the record for the most consecutive field goals but instead of padding his lead in the record books he would end the streak at 39 missing his first field goal this year against Toronto

Bruce Making his mark
Arland Bruce III has been on five different CFL teams and has had a hard time staying out of the headlines but he still remains a great receiving as he would enter the top 10 of most yards in the CFL for a receiver this week

The Real Backup Plan
Anthony Calvillo would miss week 9 and in his place would be Josh Neiswander and after a shaky start the Als would go with a new QB in Tanner Marsh who would lead the Als to a comeback win showing Montreal that they may just have the man they need to take over


CFL Standings:

Eastern Division:
1. Toronto Argonauts (10)
2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (8)
3. Montreal Alouettes (6)
4. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (2)

Western Division:
1. Saskatchewan Roughriders (14)
2. Calgary Stampeders (12)
3. B.C Lions (10)
4. Edmonton Eskimos (2)


Montreal Alouettes 39 – 38 B.C. Lions
– The Alouettes would struggle to start but when Tanner March came in to the game they would come back and beat the Lions coming back at the last-minute and kicking a game winning field goal for the win

Calgary Stampeders 35 – 14 Toronto Argonauts
– The Stampeders would return to Toronto where they lost the 100th Grey Cup and would get revenge beating the Argos after Ricky Ray went down with aa shoulder injury and Zach Collaros could not keep the offence going

Hamilton Tiger-Cats 37 – 14 Winnipeg Blue Bombers
– The Bombers continued to struggle this year while the Ti-Cats continued to climb back after a bad start to the season as they would beat the Bombers for the second time in two weeks and move closer to the first place spot in the East

Saskatchewan Roughriders 30 – 27 Edmonton Eskimos
– The Riders are continuing to be the team to beat this year but the Eskimos gave them a run for their money in the best game of the week as both teams went back and forth all game with the Riders coming out on top


Next Week:
Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. B.C. Lions (Friday August 30th; 10:00 pm ET)
– The Ti-Cats are looking to continue their climb back but they will not have the Blue Bombers to beat on this time as they take on a much better B.C. Lions team who are trying to get another win

Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (Sunday September 1st; 4:00 pm ET)
– The Bombers need a lot of help and they will not get any when they take on the best team in the CFL this year in the Riders who are looking to get the win and pad their lead in the West Division

Edmonton Eskimos vs. Calgary Stampeders (Monday September 2nd; 5:00 pm ET)
– The Battle of Alberta will be the third game of the Labour Day Classic weekend but will be only the second big traditional Labour Day rivalry as the Stamps look to get closer to the Riders while the Eskies are looking to finally finish a game with the win

Montreal Alouettes vs. Toronto Argonauts (Tuesday September 3rd; 7:30 pm ET)
– It is not the Battle of Ontario but it is still a rivalry to end the Labour Day week as the Montreal Alouettes go to Toronto looking to continue their improvement against the Argos who are trying to keep a hold of the East Division

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  1. cflsteve says:

    It is a shame that the Argos will not be playing the Cats on Labor day at RC as it would have drawn a nice crowd. The tuesday game after LD should be a great made for TV event for CFL and other sports fans looking for something to watch on the tube after a long weekend and first day back to work

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