MLB Week in Review (August 3-9)

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The MLB Week in Review has been full of Biogenesis information in the last few weeks and the last thing I wanted to keep harping on was the scandal. There really is no bigger story than the scandal though and this week it reached what might be its peak. There is no real need to explain what the scandal is all about as it has been harped on multiple times. Essentially an “Anti-Aging” clinic led by Tony Bosch named Biogenesis would supply steroids to multiple athletes. After an MLB investigation Tony Bosch would provide a list of players that were supplied with steroids giving the MLB ammunition to suspend players. The first would be Ryan Braun who would be suspended for the rest of the season. Braun was the only player to be suspended but last week rumours of the major suspensions began to arise. Players began to be mentioned and a deadline was set as Monday August 5th would be the day that players would accept or appeal their suspensions. The day would come this week with players like Nelson Cruz, Jhonny Peralta, and Jesus Montero would all receive 50-game suspensions. This is not the story of the week though as the main story would be the biggest name in the scandal as Alex Rodriguez would be suspended for a total of 211 games for his role with Biogenesis. That would total the rest of the 2013 season along with the entire 2014 season for a player who had always been connected with steroids but never been suspended for using PEDs. It was a strange suspension as the rules clearly state that a first time offender will receive a 50-game suspension, a repeat offender would receive a 100-game suspension, and being caught three times would result in a lifetime ban. There would be no rule stating that a full season ban was the route to take when suspending a, for all intents and purposes, first-time offender. The suspension would come because the MLB was essentially sick of dealing with A-Rod and his lack of cooperation with the Biogenesis investigation. When the suspension was announced Rodriguez would immediately deny the allegations claiming that he had never used steroids. Along with the denial Rodriguez would also mention that he had never been suspended before and so 211 games was overkill and showed that the MLB was just out to get him. It was the latest in what has become an extremely drama filled season. First it was his comments about Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman and the thought that the Yankees were keeping him on the injured reserve long than he needed. That would bring the ire of the organization and the fans who were sick of the very expensive player who had become a glorified bench warmer at the end of last year. Now comes the appeal of his suspension for his involvement in Biogenesis and his continuing denial of ever using steroids. He has fallen so far from grace ever since he signed his 10-year $275 million contract and the steroid accusations will not help things. A-Rod of course is appealing the suspension and will be allowed to play as the appeal process works itself out. The Biogenesis scandal finally seems to be over, although the effects will be seen in the postseason, but the A-Rod case will still stand out until the appeal is over. Rodriguez will likely be suspended although unless there is some proof of him doing something more than using steroids the games may be reduced. Once A-Rod is finished with this appeal process the MLB will look to move on to the postseason talk which is good for everyone as Biogenesis is becoming one of the most overused words in baseball.


Extra Innings:
(Thoughts on the past week in the MLB)

The Other Names
A-Rod was not the only player suspended with the biggest name aside from Rodriguez would be Nelson Cruz who will miss the rest of the season and part of the postseason which the Rangers seem to be headed towards

Another Shutdown
Matt Harvey has had a great season from surprising everyone in baseball to starting the All-Star Game in New York but his season may come to an end sooner than later as a shutdown may be on its way for the young ace

Keeping the Vet
The Philadelphia Phillies would sign Chase Utley to a 2 yr $27 million contract extension which is not the most promising thing as the Phillies seem content with continuing to keep veterans instead of trying to find new young talent


MLB Standings

American League

AL East:
1. Boston Red Sox (.593)
2. Tampa Bay Rays (.579)
3. Baltimore Orioles (.557)
4. New York Yankees (.509)
5. Toronto Blue Jays (.461)
AL Central:
1. Detroit Tigers (.596)
2. Cleveland Indians (.534)
3. Kansas City Royals (.531)
4. Minnesota Twins (.451)
5. Chicago White Sox (.377)
AL West:
1. Oakland Athletics (.570)
2. Texas Rangers (.569)
3. Seattle Mariners (.461)
4. Los Angeles Angels (.456)
5. Houston Astros (.325)


National League

NL East:
1. Atlanta Braves (.612)
2. Washington Nationals (.478)
3. New York Mets (.460)
4. Philadelphia Phillies (.452)
5. Miami Marlins (.377)
NL Central:
1. Pittsburgh Pirates (.609)
2. St. Louis Cardinals (.574)
3. Cincinnati Reds (.557)
4. Chicago Cubs (.443)
5. Milwaukee Brewers (.431)
NL West:
1. Los Angeles Dodgers (.565)
2. Arizona Diamondbacks (.518)
3. Colorado Rockies (.453)
4. San Diego Padres (.452)
5. San Francisco Giants (.443)


Tampa Bay Rays 2 – 1 San Francisco Giants (10th)
– The game was a pure pitchers duel between David Price and Tim Lincecum but the star ended up being the rookie phenom and one of the best young hitters in the game as Wil Myers would hit a walk-off single for the win in the 10th inning

Atlanta Braves 3 – 2 Washington Nationals
– The weakness once again showed for the Nats as they would fall to the Braves and continue to fall back from the division lead in a division that many thought was theirs to lose while the Braves took the win and continued to pull ahead

New York Mets 5 – 0 Colorado Rockies
– Just when you thought that Matt Harvey couldn’t do anything else this year the young ace of the Mets would pitch his first career shutout in a win against the Rockies that would move the Mets up the standings although still out of the postseason

Baltimore Orioles 10 – 3 San Diego Padres
– Chris Davis has not had the best season since participating in the Home Run Derby but that hasn’t stopped him from clawing his way to 41 HRs as he would earn his 41st against the Padres helping the O’s to the win


Next Week:
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Los Angeles Dodgers (Saturday August 10th; 4:05 pm ET)
– The Rays and Dodgers are in the middle of some serious battles for the postseason and both teams will be going out to try to take the win and continue to stay in the postseason where both teams sit right now

Texas Rangers vs. Houston Astros (Monday August 12th; 2:10 pm ET)
– The best part of the Astros move to the AL this year is that the teams in the west get to beat up on them to find their way up and the Rangers will once again take on their state rivals as they hope to put pressure on the Athletics

Pittsburgh Pirates vs. St. Louis Cardinals (Tuesday August 13th; 8:15 pm ET)
– It is the best divisional battle in the league right now as the two of the best teams in the league continue to fight for the NL Central with every game getting more important as the season draws to a close

New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox (Friday August 16th; 7:10 pm ET)
– It is a classic rivalry and even though it won’t be for the top of the AL East there is no doubt that every player wants the win while A-Rod, if still playing, will be sure to hear it from the Boston faithful

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