HOF Profile: Bill Parcells

NFL: USA TODAY Sports-Archive

The Hall of Fame is much like the NFL itself as the players take the focus throughout the election process. That does not leave a lot of room for the builder and coaching classes as these people rarely get a lot of recognition. In a week when the players on the field will take the majority of the focus but there will be one man who stood on the sidelines that will be standing alongside the players in the class. Bill Parcells will represent the non-players this year as he enters the Hall of Fame in the class of 2013. Coaches like Parcells are judged mainly on wins as they do not have a lot of stats associated with them. Wins and the ability to win when it matters most are two very important aspects to being a Hall of Fame coach. Although these are very important a Hall of Fame coach can also be determined by the coaching tree that a coach is responsible for. A coaching tree is almost like a family tree as it is the way that coaches can trace their lineage from the start of their careers. The coaching tree is the legacy of a particular coach as it shows more than what a record would show. The coaching tree shows that the coach at the head of the tree was good enough to influence future generations of head coaches. Bill Parcells has a great coaching tree that reads some of the best coaches of this generation. With coaches like Bill Belichick, Tony Sparano, Sean Payton, and Tom Coughlin in his coaching tree Parcells has been the start to some great careers. Now he will take his record and his coaching tree into the Hall of Fame as the only non-player of the 2013 class.

Parcells was an old school coach who was not one to take anything from his players as he was the boss on the sidelines. Parcells would use this no-nonsense attitude to become one of the best hired guns in the NFL. He would regularly be named the head coach of struggling teams and would waste no time in turning them around. It would start with the New York Giants in 1983 when he would get his first head coaching job. With only one winning season in the last ten years Parcells had his work cut out for him. In his second season he would bring the Giants to the playoffs and the legend of Bill Parcells would begin. He would turn another three teams into winners as he would become the man to call for struggling teams. Parcells would have only 5 losing seasons out of his 19 years as a coach. That is something amazing when you consider that he took over teams that had not made the playoffs in years before him. It was a great career for Parcells as he would simply win no matter where he went. With two Super Bowls and 2 coach of the Year awards Parcells is clearly one of the best coaches in the history of the NFL. Now he enters the Hall of Fame among the likes of Vince Lombardi and Don Shula as the top coaches to ever patrol the sidelines.


Bill Parcells, Builder (1979-2006)
New York Giants (11 years)
172-130-1 Regular Season Record
11-8 Postseason record
– 2 Time Super Bowl Champion (XXI, XXV)
– 2 Time NFC Champion (1986, 1990)
– 1996 AFC Champion
– AP Coach of the Year (1986, 1994)
– Head Coach at New England Patriots, New York Jets, and Dallas Cowboys

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