HOF Profile: Larry Allen

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Curley Culp was an example of someone being overlooked for their size which is a common occurrence in the NFL. Teams regularly overlook very skilled smaller players because they simply don’t have the size many think they need to compete in the league. That can mean a lot of very good players do not get the chance to play which is a bad thing for the league as they miss out on a lot of talent. As much as that is true there is still a lot to say about those players with the size that makes them dominant. As much as smaller players can make an impact in the game the biggest players are those guys that can take on anyone in any game and dominate. This is especially true for offensive linemen who are some of the biggest men on the field in every game. These linemen hit on every play and protect the most important player on the team in the Quarterback. The size and strength of a player can mean all the difference in this part of the field as they have one of the most important jobs on the field. Larry Allen was one of these players as the 6’3” 325 lbs guard was a towering man who helped protect Troy Aikman in Dallas. Allen like many big linemen are more than that though as he was not only big but athletic. These type of players are the type that coaches hope for on the line as they want someone who can dominate but move as well. This is what separates big men from hall of fame big men as athleticism. That is why Larry Allen will be nominated to the Hall of Fame as a representative of those big uglies in the centre of all of the action.

Larry Allen was the picture of what many coaches wanted as a lineman with the size to stand there and dominate but the athleticism to compete with the skilled defensive lineman. There is a lot more to Allen than just his size and athleticism though as he was one of the most versatile lineman in the game. Playing every spot on the line throughout his career Allen would become the third player to be elected to the Pro Bowl at multiple lineman positions. Allen was known for being able to fit wherever a team needed him and easily adjust to be a dominant lineman at each spot. This included the invention of the nickel lineman where Allen would kick out to the tackle position in passing situations. When a team has a player like Allen who can step in at any spot in the line and dominate at every spot they try to use him everywhere. Allen does not have the stats to back him up as many lineman do not have them with lineman stats unofficial in the NFL. Still Allen’s ability shines through in his career as you only have to watch the tape of him playing to see why he deserves the Hall of Fame. Plays like when he would track down Darion Connor after Connor picked off Troy Aikman. Allen would run after Connor and prevent the pick six tackling Connor before the endzone and showcasing what makes Allen so great.


Larry Allen, G (1994-2007)
6’3” 325 lbs
Dallas Cowboys (12 years)
203 Games
– Super Bowl XXX Champion
– 11 Time Pro Bowl Selection (1995-2002, 2004-2006)
– Also played with San Francisco 49ers

One Response to “HOF Profile: Larry Allen”
  1. Great recap of an incredible career. He was a man among boys out there sometimes…and thats crazy at the NFL level.

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