Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 2)

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The first week of the CFL season gave everyone a lesson in offensive football as it went down as the highest scoring week in CFL history. There were a total of 277 points scored in week one as the offences looked unstoppable and the defences looked invisible. It was an extremely exciting week but everyone knew that it would not last. Football is inherently a defensive first game as large scores are not common. This is even true in the offensively gifted CFL where three downs lead to more passing and a bigger field puts defences on the disadvantage. The Still the CFL is a defensive game as the team with the best defence will usually win it all. The last two years have proven this to be true as the BC Lions and the Toronto Argonauts had shut down defences with good offences and won the Grey Cup. Although everyone knew that the offensive battles would not last all season many still wondered how long it would take for the defences to catch up. Week 2 would give the answer as the defences would finally catch up and would dominate the week. In week 2 the defences would limit the offensive production to only 177 points, 100 less than week 1. It started with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Montreal Alouettes who’s defences combined for 12 sacks in total. The Bombers would have seven of those sacks leaving one of the most potent offences with not a lot of room to run. Anthony Calvillo was under fire the entire night as the Bombers defence would add two interceptions and a forced fumble to their 7 sacks on the night. With a 19-11 win the Bombers had set the tone for the week and the other teams followed suit, for the most part. The next game would see the Toronto Argonauts, who put up 39 points in week 1, get shut down by the BC Lions. The Lions were stifling in week 2 as the hardest hitting defence in the league made sure that Ricky Ray could not get into a groove. Not every game was a display of defensive prowess though as the Saskatchewan Roughriders were the only team to put up more than 30 points. The riders would not do it that easily though as they would be limited to 20 points in the first half and get over 30 points. Still this game would have a defensive showing with the Riders limited the Stampeders to 21 points for the entire second half. The last game of the week would also show some great defence with the Tiger-Cats defence finally stepping up after a bad week 1 and the Eskimos defence shutting the Tabies down. It was a week where the defence made up for their terrible first week and showed that offences aren’t going to be allowed to run around all season. With balance back in the league the only question left is what will the rest of the season be. Will the defence be able to keep up or will the offence take over again. One way or the other the CFL is in full swing and there have already been enough great moments to fill a season. The 2013 CFL season is shaping up to be a good one and the battle between offence and defence continues.


Fourth Down:
(Extra Thoughts on Week 2) 

Ray’s New Mark
Ricky Ray would not have his best game against the Lions but he would earn enough yards to put him over the 45,000 yards mark in his career although there is a lot of room between him and Anthony Calvillo

Sheets is Ready to Go
Kory Sheets would be the linchpin in his game this week and now has two 100+ yard rushing games in two weeks showing that he is the leader of the Riders who are looking to make it to a home game in the Grey Cup

Leader has his say
Anthony Calvillo is unquestionably the leader of the Montreal Alouettes but this week he would call out the entire team, including coaches, saying the offensive performance was “disgusting” leading many to wonder what effect Calvillo speaking up will have on the team

Reed Receives Extension
Kavis Reed didn’t win his first game of the season and barely got into the playoffs in 2012 but that didn’t faze the Eskimos who would give him a contract extension as it seems that Reed will be given the freedom to build this team


CFL Standings:

Eastern Division:
1. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (2)
2. Toronto Argonauts (2)
3. Montreal Alouettes (2)
4. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (0)

Western Division:
1. Saskatchewan Roughriders (4)
2. Calgary Stampeders (2)
3. B.C Lions (2)
4. Edmonton Eskimos (2)



Winnipeg Blue Bombers 19 – 11 Montreal Alouettes
– In week 1 the Bombers would come close but would fall short of beating the Alouettes spoiling their home opener this week they would go to Montreal and earn 7 sacks to spoil the Montreal Alouette’s home opener and get some revenge

B.C. Lions 24 – 16 Toronto Argonauts
– The Toronto Argonauts’ defence continued to struggle but this time their offence couldn’t bail them out as the BC Lions defence was too good and would shut down Ricky Ray to earn the win and even their record at 1-1

Saskatchewan Roughriders 36 – 21 Calgary Stampeders
– The game would be one of the closest of the week until the second half as the Stamps and Riders went back and forth until the Riders took over in the third quarter scoring 16 points and allowing 0 throughout the second half

Edmonton Eskimos 30 – 20 Hamilton Tiger-Cats
– The weather did not cooperate as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats played their first game at their home away from home in Guelph with the heavy rain hurting the Hamilton offence more than the Eskimos who picked up their first win of the season


Next Week:
Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Toronto Argonauts (Thursday July 11th; 7:30 pm ET)
– The last time the Riders travelled to Toronto they dominated winning 36-10 and they hope to continue their role this year while the Argos continue to struggle on defence leaving the door open for another potential blowout

Calgary Stampeders vs. Montreal Alouettes (Friday July 12th; 7:30 pm ET)
– The Alouettes are trying to recover from a terrible performance in week 2 and the comments from their leader while the Stamps are also looking to recover from a second half collapse in week 2 but only one will come out on top

Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Saturday July 13th; 6:30 pm ET)
– The Bombers are much better than anyone thought they would be and now they try to get their second win and build on their momentum from beating Montreal as they go to Guelph were the Ti-Cats hold their second home game of the season

B.C. Lions vs. Edmonton Eskimos (Saturday July 13th; 9:30 pm ET)
– The Eskies picked up their first win this year in Guelph and now they are looking to get their second after a good showing but they will have to get through the Lions who have recovered from their week 1 loss and are looking dominant again

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