Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 1)

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When disaster strikes people look to something to help them find a sense of normalcy that has been taken away. This is what happened in Calgary in the past two weeks as the city and surrounding areas would find themselves under water. Heavy rainfall would bring river levels to dangerous heights leaving many of the surrounding areas needing to be evacuated. On June 19th the rivers would overflow and began flooding multiple towns including High River and towns in Southern Alberta. Then the Elbow River and Bow River would overflow into Calgary where the downtown would see massive amounts of water engulf the streets and the buildings. The Calgary Stampede grounds would be almost entirely covered in water while the Saddledome had water up to the 10th row with the dressing rooms under water. Through it all people would lose their homes, and some their lives, in one of the biggest natural disasters in Canadian history. Like any other time where there is tragedy people simply want to see something normal to give them a break for a small amount of time. Sport comes in at this point as teams can mean the world to cities in times of need. The Calgary Stampeders would be this team for the city and the province as they were going through one of the toughest times in their history. McMahon Stadium would become a rallying point for those who wanted to help in the recovery of the city. Thousands of volunteers from all over Canada would gather outside of the football stadium to try to help the city and the province get back on their feet. Many of the Stampeders themselves would offer to help in the recovery. The Stampeders would help in their own way though as the CFL season was set to start only a week after the floods devastated the area. It would be a symbol of the rebuild that would be getting under way as they would provide a bit of a normal feel to an area that was anything but ordinary. It was another example of sports taking an essential role in the community as Calgary looks to The Stamps to provide an escape that they need. They would take this role into the first week of the season as they opened the new season at home against the BC Lions. The Stampeders would give all Calgarians a reason to cheer this weekend as they would get that distraction that many had been hoping for. The Stampeders would win the game against the Lions and would do it in a big way. Now the season has started and Calgary has something much bigger to play for as they will have an entire city behind them. With such a big win against the Lions the Stampeders are looking like a team to beat this year. They will take the story of their city into the rest of the season as they hope to return to the Grey Cup and win it this year. With the emotional win Calgary would take their first step towards winning the West along with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. In the East the Toronto Argonauts and Montreal Alouettes would win their games to sit at the top of the division. There is plenty more to come though and if the first week is any indication of how the season will go all CFL fans are in for a great year. One team to follow will always be the Calgary Stampeders though as the clean up from the flood will be something to watch as the Stamps carry a city on their backs.


Fourth Down:
(Extra Thoughts on Week 1) 

Buck’s new attitude
Buck Pierce has been labeled as a band-aid because he cannot seem to get through a full season without getting injured and a lot of that had to do with his style of play but that looks to change as he took the smarter route in opening week staying away from risks of the past

Williams really missed?
Chris Williams continues to hold out in an attempt to try to play in the NFL and not return to the Ti-Cats but it seems like they may not need him anymore with Lindsey Lamar returning a kickoff for a TD in the first game of the season

Cornish’s Quest Restarts
Jon Cornish broke the rushing record for a Canadian and he looks to do the same as he tries to reach the 2,000 yard rushing mark and his 172 yards in week 1 will go a long way to doing that as he seems to pick up where he left off last year

Bad First Impression
Mike Reilly was in the midst of a QB battle in the preseason with Matt Nichols but the battle would be won when Nichols would go out with an injury in the first preseason game leaving Reilly to take the job but it wasn’t a great first start for Reilly who threw 1 TD and 3 INTs in week 1


CFL Standings:

Eastern Division:
1. Montreal Alouettes (2)
2. Toronto Argonauts (2)
3. Hamilton Ti-Cats (0)
4. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (0)

Western Division:
1. Saskatchewan Roughriders (2)
2. Calgary Stampeders (2)
3. B.C Lions (0)
4. Edmonton Eskimos (0)


Montreal Alouettes 38 – 33 Winnipeg Blue Bombers
– The result is what everyone expected as Montreal was expected to win but the Bombers would put up a fight that not many were expecting as they would push the Alouettes to the very end but couldn’t prevent Dan Hawkins from earning his first win in the CFL

Toronto Argonauts 39 – 33 Hamilton Tiger-Cats
– The Battle of Ontario seems to always bring out the best and worst of the Ti-Cats and Argos and that was the case once again as the offences looked amazing while the defences looked terrible in a game that came down to the very last play

Calgary Stampeders 44 – 32 B.C. Lions
– The Stampeders had an emotional game for opening week and would take on the team that always seems to get ahead of them in the standings but this time it was the Stampeders who would dominate the game and beat the Lions

Saskatchewan Roughriders 39 – 15 Edmonton Eskimos
– Mike Reilly’s first game as a starter did not go so great as the retooled Saskatchewan Roughriders showed that the new additions to their team will pay off this year as they dominated the Eskies


Next Week:
Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Montreal Alouettes (Thursday July 4th; 7:00 pm ET)
– The Bombers will have another chance to beat the Alouettes as they travel to Montreal looking for their first win of the year against the Als who will be looking for two in a row to start Dan Hawkins’ head coaching career off with a winning streak

Toronto Argonauts vs. B.C. Lions (Thursday July 4th; 10:00 pm ET)
– The Argos defence looked terrible in week 1 but they will need to be better as their offence will not be as explosive against a good Lions defence as the Leos look to recoup from their week 1 loss

Calgary Stampeders vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (Friday July 5th; 9:00 pm ET)
– The Stamps will continue to play for their city when they take on a retooled Roughriders team that will be looking to continue to make an impression in the league in a matchup that will test their new players

Edmonton Eskimos vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Sunday July 7th; 5:00 pm ET)
– Mike Reilly will get a second chance to impress as they travel to Guelph where the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will play their first home game at Alumni Stadium at Guelph University while Ivor Wynne is being rebuilt

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