MLB Week in Review (June 1-7)

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The MLB was happy to move on to a new era after the 1990s and early 2000s as they had just gone through one of the toughest parts of their history. The steroid era was unprecedented in the MLB as no league had dealt with the issue on a scale like baseball. It was a time were steroids became the major conversation throughout the sports world and the MLB was the centre of the controversy. With superstars like Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens, and many more falling under accusations of drug use the MLB was caught in a very unfamiliar position. The league was looked upon as a barometer for all other sports leagues and for sports fans in general as to how to deal with the situation. People were clearly cheating in baseball and the MLB needed to do something to stop it. As the controversy began to expand the realization that the problem was much bigger than just a few stars began to set in. In fact it was a major issue in baseball as everyone from Class A players to the biggest stars in the game had been using PEDs. In response the MLB would instill harsher punishments, although less than perfect sanctions, and essentially would look to move on. The MLB had a clear stance on the issue as they were hoping to simply wash their hands of the era and focus on the future. It became much tougher as the steroid era seemed to continue on with more players being caught and trials entering the public eye. The MLB wanted to ignore it all and try not to talk about it instead choosing to focus on the present. That began to shift in the past few years as the MLB has seemed to have taken a much more active stance on the steroid issue. The league went from trying to ignore the issue to almost actively seeking out cheaters and punish them before it started to look bad on the league. When players like Melky Cabrera were caught the league would act swiftly but sometimes players would slip through the cracks. The MLB reaction to this would show just how far they have come as instead of leaving it be they would seemingly find ways to punish players who got away with it. Players like Ryan Braun who tested positive but would not be suspended as a court would rule that the test was not handled properly, not being submitted in the proper time, leaving the results of the test to be thrown out. Since that time the MLB has almost done everything they could to prove that Braun has used PEDs and essentially trying to get the cheaters out of their game. The latest in the steroid saga is the MLB’s investigation into Miami’s Biogenesis anti-aging clinic that reportedly sold PEDs to multiple MLB players. Ryan Braun, Melky Cabrera, Alex Rodriguez, and many more players have been implicated in reports about the clinic. Now the MLB is set to interview the former director of Biogenesis, Tony Bosch, who is reportedly ready to implicate 20 Major Leaguers. The deal has put a lot into the air as the word of an apparently unreliable source in Bosch may result in suspensions to multiple players without having any real proof. It is another step for the MLB that has almost crossed the line from punishing those who had cheated to actively trying to find people to punish. It is a scary thought to think that the MLB is actively looking for a reason to suspend players like Ryan Braun as it can lead to many problems in the future. Still the MLB is proving that the steroid era is not entirely over as issues continue to arise but a new active approach may be exactly what they need to try to stop the prevalence of steroids in the game.


Extra Innings:
(Thoughts on the past week in the MLB)

The first building Block?
Mark Appel would become the first player taken in the 2013 MLB draft as the Stanford pitchers would become the newest Houston Astro as they are hoping he can be a player to build around in the future

Nothing is right in the capital
The Washington Nationals were favorites to win the World Series this year but have struggled to take the top spot in their division and now their two young stars are sidelined with Bryce Harper nursing a knee injury and Stephen Strasburg hitting the DL this week

NCAA captures imaginations
The NCAA is not necessarily considered the place where amazing baseball is played but the North Carolina Tar Heels and Florida Atlantic Owls would fight a back and forth battle where the Tar Heels would come out on top 12-11 in 13 innings that may go down as the best baseball game nobody watched


MLB Standings

American League

AL East:
1. Boston Red Sox (.607)
2. New York Yankees (.574)
3. Baltimore Orioles (.557)
4. Tampa Bay Rays (.550)
5. Toronto Blue Jays (.433)
AL Central:
1. Detroit Tigers (.559)
2. Cleveland Indians (.500)
3. Minnesota Twins (.456)
4. Kansas City Royals (.448)
5. Chicago White Sox (.424)
AL West:
1. Oakland Athletics (.603)
2. Texas Rangers (.600)
3. Seattle Mariners(.435)
4. Los Angeles Angels (.433)
5. Houston Astros (.355)


National League

NL East:
1. Atlanta Braves (.607)
2. Philadelphia Phillies (.500)
3. Washington Nationals (.492)
4. New York Mets (.411)
5. Miami Marlins (.267)
NL Central:
1. St. Louis Cardinals (.656)
2. Cincinnati Reds (.590)
3. Pittsburgh Pirates (.590)
4. Chicago Cubs (.414)
5. Milwaukee Brewers (.383)
NL West:
1. Arizona Diamondbacks (.574)
2. Colorado Rockies  (.532)
3. San Francisco Giants (.517)
4. San Diego Padres (.459)
5. Los Angeles Dodgers (.450)


Colorado Rockies 7 – 6 Los Angeles Dodgers
– The Dodgers are in rough shape this year as they desperately needed to gain some wins against their own division to climb back and they would almost get one but a walk-off single by Dexter Fowler in the 9th inning

Atlanta Braves 6 – 3 Washington Nationals
– The battle for the NL East continues on as the Braves have been able to overcome the preseason favorites to win the World Series including in this game while the Nats season continue to hit road blocks

New York Yankees 4 – 3 Cleveland Indians
– The Yankees are slowly getting back those players they have missed the majority of the season but one of those players would look to make a big impact after his return as Mark Teixeira would hit a three-run HR to help the Yankees to the win

Toronto Blue Jays 4 – 0 San Francisco Giants
– RA Dickey showed why he won the NL Cy Young last year as he would pitch a 2 hit gem that would help the Jays to the win but it might be too little too late for the Jays who continue to struggle with their rebuilt roster


Next Week:
San Francisco Giants vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (Saturday June 8th; 10:10 pm ET)
– The division rivalry has not been the best in the past years but this year the D-Backs have quietly risen near the top of the division while the Giants are not the dominant team they were a year ago as both will face off to help them in the division

New York Yankees vs. Oakland Athletics (Tuesday June 11th; 10:05 pm ET)
– The Yankees are showing some signs of slowing down after a great start while the A’s continue to be one of the stronger teams in the American League staying near the top of the AL West and will try to continue to hold that position by winning this game

Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinnati Reds (Wednesday June 12th; 2:20 pm ET)
– The Cubs are trying to climb into the division battle but are not having the best time although if they can string together some wins against the Reds they may be able to make up some ground while the Reds are looking to stay in the fight with the Cardinals

New York Yankees vs. Los Angeles Angels (Friday June 14th; 10:05 pm ET)
– The Yankees remain at the top of the AL East while the Angels are struggling to keep up with the AL West but both teams hold some of the biggest payrolls in the MLB in a matchup of two teams doing the same thing but sitting on opposite ends of the spectrum

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