Wednesday Morning QB (Conference Finals)

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The Quarterback is a very important part of an NFL team as they lead the offence and can be the reason for winning and losing. As teams move into the playoffs the position becomes more important as they are looked to for leadership of the entire team. Without a good QB that can guide the team to the ultimate goal, a Super Bowl Championship. This year the Conference Championships would feature four Quarterbacks that were at very different points in their careers. One on side there would be two QBs who have established themselves as two of the best while on the other side would be two QBs looking to make their impression. Even in these two groupings there would be a divide as the two established QBs would feature one of the best all time QBs and one who could be if he could get his playoff success. In the two QBs looking for respect there would be one QB starting only his 9th game while the other starting another playoffs overshadowed by his defence. These four QBs would face off all looking for very different things yet all looking for a win to send them and their team to the Super Bowl. First the San Francisco 49ers would face off against the Atlanta Falcons for their chance at a Super Bowl appearance. For San Francisco they would look to second year QB Colin Kaepernick in his 9th game of his career to lead them after breaking records in his first playoff game a week before. On the other side the Falcons were looking to their leader Matt Ryan who has become one of the best QBs in the league yet would win his first playoff game only a week before. Both teams were looking to erase bad memories as the Falcons had regularly failed to meet expectations in the playoffs and the Niners had struggled for years to get back to their old winning ways. In the end it was the Niners who would come out on top leading to two different paths for the quarterbacks at the helm. Matt Ryan would go home with another playoff loss on his record and will remain a QB that cannot finish in the big game despite his great performance in the playoffs. Kaepernick on the other hand would build on his legend that had begun a week before. After being put in only halfway through the year Kaepernick is now the starting QB for a Super Bowl team and will be looking to establish himself as a QB to watch in the coming years. In the AFC two more QBs on the opposite spectrums would face off for their chance to take on the young QB from San Francisco. The Patriots were looking to one of the best QBs in the NFL in Tom Brady who has won three Super Bowls with the Patriots and is always in the running for the MVP. His counterpart would be Joe Flacco a QB looking to finally get some respect after years of being overshadowed by his running game and defence. The battle would be a close one but Flacco and the ravens would come out on top. With the loss Tom Brady would still be one of the best in the league but questions have already started about his ability to finish at this point in his career with a few early exits by Patriots standards. On the winning side is Flacco who has finally begun to get some credit as it wasn’t his defence or running game that won this game instead it was Flacco. He might not be considered elite quite yet but he begins to creep into the debate as one of the best QBs of the era with a great performance. Now the Super Bowl will see two QBs looking to prove themselves one as a young player looking to show he deserves a starting spot and the other a QB looking to show that the Ravens are more than defence and running. It was another great weekend in the NFL and now there are only two weeks left until the NFL will crown their next champion.



American Football Conference:
Baltimore Ravens 28 – 13 New England Patriots
– The Patriots fans and the Patriots players were expecting to send Ray Lewis off with a loss in his last game but the Ravens had other plans as Joe Flacco would lead the Ravens to another win and a return to the Super Bowl

National Football Conference:
San Francisco 49ers 28 – 24 Atlanta Falcons
– The Falcons looked to be in control early scoring 14 points in the first quarter but the Niners would not give up as they slowly crawled back into the game and eventually taking the lead to send the Falcons home


Super Bowl XLVII:
San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens (Sunday February 3rd; 6:30 pm EST)
– The Niners are looking for a return to glory back to the days where they would win multiple Super Bowls while the Ravens are looking to send their emotional leader, Ray Lewis, into the sunset with his second Super Bowl ring

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