Wednesday Morning QB (Divisional Weekend)

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The 2013 NFL Playoffs started with some good games but nothing that made people think this was going to be a playoffs to remember. Then the divisional playoffs would start this year with and begin the best weekend of football in the season. The divisional playoffs would change the course of this years road to the Super Bowl as all four games would have massive storylines develop throughout the time on the field. The first game of the weekend would be the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens in a matchup that many had the Broncos winning. Before the game the story would be Peyton Manning in his comeback year against Ray Lewis in his last playoff run ever. Manning and the Broncos were the favorites in the game as Manning had led them to the top spot while the Ravens were thought to be a team that could not go too far with their talent. The game would open as many suspected with the Broncos coming out to an early lead thanks to a Punt return TD by Trindon Holliday. Then the Ravens would answer with a Joe Flacco TD and immediately go ahead with an interception return for a TD. The game had officially started as both sides went back and forth trading blows with neither gaining much of an advantage. The Broncos would go up 35-28 in the fourth quarter and their defence would go to work looking like they would shut down the Ravens for the win. Then with 33 seconds left Flacco would lead the Ravens to the endzone throwing a 70 yard TD pass to Jacoby Jones to tie the game. It would go into overtime where the Ravens would take the win with a field goal in the second overtime. It was a great start to what would become a great weekend with records broken and massive comebacks as well as a very well-orchestrated gameplan. In the next game of the weekend the Green Bay Packers would travel to San Francisco to play the 49ers who were led by Colin Kaepernick. The game was not a lock for either team but the biggest question for the game was whether the second year QB could lead his team in the playoffs with only half a year of games under his belt. He answered all of the critics though as he would be responsible for 444 yards of the 576 yards by the Niners. He was a one man wrecking crew earning 181 rushing yards, an NFL record, with two passing and 2 rushing TDs. Kaepernick was the superstar of the week as he took his first step toward becoming a great QB in the NFL. With one day done the Sunday had a lot to live up to and originally it did not seem to be able to do that. The Atlanta Falcons would open the day with a 20 point first half while shutting out the Seattle Seahawks. It seemed like a walk in the park but the Seahawks were not finished as Russell Wilson and Zach Miller would lead one of the best comebacks in playoff history. The Seahawks would put up 28 points in the second half of the game to go ahead of the Falcons but could not hold it. The Falcons would earn two great passed from Matt Ryan that put them into field goal range for Matt Bryant. Bryant would kick the field goal to secure the win for the Falcons who barely escaped an amazing comeback by the Seahawks. Then the weekend would end with a masterful performance by the New England Patriots and Tom Brady that has now become common place. The Patriots would end the weekend with some high scoring but would calm things down with a typical performance by the Pats. The divisional playoffs went a long way to set the tone for the rest of the year with only one more week until the last two teams are standing. If the next three games are anything like this last weekend the rest of the playoffs will be can’t miss television which is what everyone enjoys when it comes to the biggest games of the year.



American Football Conference:
Baltimore Ravens 38 – 35 Denver Broncos (2OT)
– Peyton Manning and the Broncos were not supposed to lose this game but there is something about this Ravens team that is playing for their leader Ray Lewis as they continue to march on in his last playoff run ever

New England Patriots 41 – 28 Houston Texans
– It was the best offence against one of the best defences but the offence would win out as Tom Brady did what he always does and would guide the Patriots to the win against a Houston Texans team that once again disappointed in the playoffs


National Football Conference:
San Francisco 49ers 45 – 31 Green Bay Packers
– This was possibly the toughest game to predict but what nobody saw coming was the performance of Colin Kaepernick in his first playoff game as a starting QB as he would rush for 2 TDs and pass for 2 TDs leading the Niners into the conference championship

Atlanta Falcons 30 – 28 Seattle Seahawks
– The Falcons got out to an early lead earning 20 points in the first half of the game but the Seahawks would not give up as Russell Wilson would lead the Seahawks to 28 points in the second only to be stopped by a last second field goal


Next Week

AFC Championship:
Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots (January 20th; 6:30 pm EST)
– The Ravens seem to be playing at another level now that they know that Ray Lewis will not be returning to the team but they will have a tough task against Tom Brady and the Patriots who are continuing to be one of the best playoff teams in the NFL


NFC Championship:
San Francisco 49ers vs. Atlanta Falcons (January 20th; 3:00 pm EST)
– Colin Kaepernick convinced a lot of people last week that he is the real deal but can he do it again in one of the toughest places to play, The Georgia Dome, against the top team in the NFC in the Atlanta Falcons

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