NCAA Football Report (Bowl Week 1)

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The Bowl season has officially begun with the New Mexico Bowl and the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl kicking off the bowl season. Bowls are a funny thing in the NCAA and are the cause of the most debated subject in the NCAA. Bowl games are unique to the NCAA Division I-A or Division I-FBS as other divisions of the NCAA have a championship determined by playoffs. This is the big debate in the NCAA as many people would like to see the current system of determining a champion changed. Currently the championship game is determined through the BCS and the calculation spit out by the BCS computers. This equation takes into account strength of schedule, strength of win, along with the polls voted on by football writers and coaches. These rankings also take into account a particular group of conferences known as the AQ (Automatic Qualifying) conferences. These conferences receive higher scores whether they are playing well or not and that is the controversy that surrounds the selection process. These AQ teams are usually the big schools and usually rule over the smaller programs. This leaves some programs out of the big bowls no matter what they do and how much they win. The system makes it hard for smaller programs to become bigger and that leaves many wondering if this system is the best to determine the top teams in the country. Instead many hope that the Division I-FBS will adopt a comprehensive playoff system and do away with the BCS altogether. The NCAA did begin to reform before the season though as they would establish a playoff format for the 2014 season. In 2014 the top four teams in the BCS rankings will face off in the BCS bowls to determine the National Championship game. It is one step in the direction that many would like to go but there is something to be said about the wonder of Bowl Season. Yes sometimes the BCS can be unfair and the better teams miss out on big games but bowl season is much more than those big bowls. The Bowl season gives the opportunity for smaller programs to participate in bowls when they would never have the opportunity otherwise. There are some inherent problems in the way these bowls are run as teams make little money from them yet the presidents and the organizers rake in the cash every year. That needs to be looked into but that does not mean they need to be abolished all together. If bowls did not exist many programs would never see a postseason game. It is a chance for many of these programs to enter the national stage and earn an accomplishment that otherwise would never happen. In the end a bowl win is a great tool to help these schools recruit good players as they can promise a chance to play in a big game almost every year. These are all great reasons to keep bowls in place but all are simply school based and not fan based. For many there are too many bowls during the season, there are a total of 35, and many involve schools that nobody cares about. The amount of bowls is the best part about them as the holiday seasons begin and football begins to dominate the airwaves providing plenty of football addicts their fix for a month. As for the team argument it false that nobody cares about some teams and even if they don’t have the best teams it is still great to watch these teams. Yes they are not the big programs for the most part but watching unknown teams is fun. Teams are generally matched up well providing plenty of excitement in the games. Some games can be offensive shootouts and others may have that one unknown star player that you will likely see in the NFL some day, see the International Bowl in 2008 when Ray Rice put on a show for Rutgers. Bowl season is the best part of the NCAA season, aside from maybe rivalry week, as these unknown teams and stars take full focus from the New Mexico Bowl to the Bowl. So fans can sit back and relax as the BCS debate is over for another year and the bowls are underway in the 2012 NCAA Bowl Season.



Gildan New Mexico Bowl:
Arizona Wildcats 49 – 48 Nevada Wolfpack
– Nevada seemed to have complete control of the game into the last minutes of the game until the Arizona Wildcats stunned everyone with a great TD drive, and an onside kick recovery to set up the last-minute TD to win the game


Famous Idaho Potato Bowl:
#22 Utah State Aggies 41 – 15 Toledo Rockets
– The Aggies were on the brink of BCS busting this year but it wasn’t to be as they would have to settle for winning the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl which is exactly what they did rolling over the Toledo Rockets for the Bowl win


Upcoming Bowls:

SDCCU Poinsettia Bowl:
BYU Cougars vs. San Diego State Aztecs (Thursday December 20th; 8:00 pm EST)
– The Aztecs will play at home in this game and they will meet a former rival in the BYU Cougars as both teams used to play in the Mountain West Conference until BYU became an independent last year as they return to face each other to hash out some old bad blood


Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl St. Petersburg:
Ball State Cardinals vs. UCF Knights (Friday December 21st; 7:30 pm EST)
– The Knights are looking to recover from a heart breaking loss while the Cardinals are looking for their 7th straight win in a game that should see two good offences go at it even if the Cardinals have to go with a third string freshman QB after injuries ravaged their depth chart


R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl:
East Carolina Pirates vs. LA-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns (Saturday December 22nd; 12:00 pm EST)
– The Ragin Cajuns are looking for a second Bowl win in a row after 2011 saw them win one of the best games of the season but in their way will be the Pirates who can match the offensive output in this shootout in the making


MAACO Bowl Las Vegas:
Washington Huskies vs. #19 Boise State Broncos (Saturday December 22nd; 3:30 pm EST)
– Boise State has quickly become one of the most recognizable teams in the NCAA after years flirting with the BCS and now they are back in the smaller bowls as they take on the Huskies who will look to break the very good Bronco defence at the Las Vegas Bowl

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