Historic Season Comes to a Close (CFL Season in Review)

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The 2012 CFL season was a very important one for the league, the fans, and the players as it marked the 100th time that the Grey Cup would be handed out. It was important because it was a chance for the CFL to show the great history that they have in the league. It would all culminate in the 100th Grey Cup that would be held in Toronto where the 1st Grey Cup was handed out. It wasn’t only a look back to the past of the CFL though as the 2012 season saw plenty of history being made. It was a season unlike any other where a number of players would have career years on their way to the record books. In almost every aspect of the game the record book would see a new name attached. In special teams the new name would be Chris Williams who would continue the year of the returner by himself. Two years ago the kick returners and punt returners took over the league but in 2012 they were not the force they used to be. That was with the exception of Chris Williams who would continue to be the most dangerous returner in the league. He would be the punt returner for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and would reward them for the decision. Williams would score a CFL record 6 return touchdowns to add to his 11 touchdowns as a receiver. On defence the record breaker would be the second year linebacker JC Sherritt. Sherritt had shown to be a great defensive threat in his first year in the CFL and now in his second he was even better. He would set the record for most tackles in a season amassing 130 tackles in 2012. That wasn’t the end of the record-breaking though as on offence two records would be broken by the two men that would be nominated for the MOP. The Jon Cornish would be one of those nominees as he would finally get his shot to be the feature back for the Stampeders. With this shot Cornish would take full advantage in becoming the best Canadian in the league. Thanks to the concentration on the run game by Calgary Cornish would be free to run for a Canadian record becoming the only Canadian player to rush for 1,457 yards in a season. His opponent in the MOP voting would be the Flyin’ Hawaiian, Chad Owens. As one of the best players in the CFL already the addition of Ricky Ray to the Argonauts offence would boost Owens above his other years. He would break an Argonaut and CFL favorites, Michael “Pinball” Clemons, record earning 3,744 all-purpose yards through returning kicks and as a wide receiver. It was one of the biggest broken records as it would not only be a CFL record but a pro football record and it would earn him the MOP. The season was full of record-breaking performances as the season meant to look back ended up exposing some of the best new talent in the league. It was everything that the CFL could hope for in a season and for the fans that meant everything. There were no dominant teams this year despite Montreal and BC looking like the strongest. They still would lose more games than people thought and eventually neither would be in the Grey Cup. Instead it would be the resurgence of a team that started everything in the Toronto Argonauts. The season would start by looking back and progress by looking forward but in the end it would be the team with the most history that would win the historical 100th Grey Cup. The 2012 season in the CFL was a great one and a testament to how good the league is becoming. Teams are more even now which leads to much more entertaining games that leads to much more fans. If the Grey Cup festival is any source of information the league is only getting stronger and bigger than ever before. The only thing now is to wait and see what the 2013 season has in store as teams look to Regina for the 101st Grey Cup.


CFL Awards

CFL Most Outstanding Player:
Chad Owens, KR/SB (Toronto Argonauts)
94 rec
71 KR
77 PR
3,744 all-purpose yds [Pro Football Record]
6 TD


CFL Most Outstanding Canadian:
Jon Cornish, RB (Calgary Stampeders)
258 rsh
1,457 yds [Canadian Record]
5.6 avg
11 TD
5 F


Most Outstanding Defensive Player:
JC Sherritt, LB (Edmonton Eskimos)
130 tkl [CFL Record]
3 sck
1 Frec


Most Outstanding Lineman:
Jovan Olafioye, OT (B.C. Lions)
– Part of a line that allowed 30 sacks all season, Best in the CFL
– BC led the league in Yards per Game
– Also led the league in rushing yards


Most Outstanding Rookie:
Chris Matthews, WR (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
81 rec
1,192 yds
14.7 avg
7 TD


Most Outstanding Special Teams Player:
Chris Williams, PR (Hamilton Tiger-Cats)
78 PR
1,117 yds
14.3 avg
6 TD [CFL Record]


Tom Pate Memorial Award [Sportsmanship]:
Brian Bratton, WR (Montreal Alouettes)
28 rec
469 yds
16.8 avg
4 TD
– Attended multiple charitable events
– Established the Brian Bratton Football Academy in South Carolina


Commissioner’s Award:
Every CFL Player
– Given by CFL commissioner Mark Cohon to every player that has built the league and the Grey Cup into what it has become and allowing it to reach 100 games

One Response to “Historic Season Comes to a Close (CFL Season in Review)”
  1. cflsteve says:

    It was really a season to remember. Records being broken and the real emergence of the CFL back to the spotlight again with to many positve things to talk about in a comment section. There needs to be a book written about all of the things that have happend over this year and really the past 5 years that have made the CFL so much better again

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