MLB Year in Review

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The MLB season is officially finished as the San Francisco Giants took home the top prize for the second time in three years. It was a season full of controversy and of great stories that continued an era and began a new one. The Pitcher era was continue this year as the pitchers took control of the league yet again. With the steroid era over the offence settled down in past years with pitchers taking over the league and becoming the main focus. Again this year pitchers were the highlight of the season as there were 7 no-hitters in 2012 including 3 perfect games. It was a season that had more than almost any other season in the MLB as the year of the pitcher in 2010 turns into the pitching era. As the pitchers took control the MLB did something they rarely do as they changed things up for the postseason. They would add a wild card game to the schedule and establish the first single elimination game in the postseason. The MLB was trying to create a better postseason race at the end of the year and put more teams than ever in the hunt at the end of the year. It worked for the MLB as September involved a number of teams still fighting for a playoff spot. With more postseason spots available there were more teams ready to take their shot at the World Series. The games themselves featured both the good and bad of a single elimination game as both were thrilling but one featured a very controversial call. Both games were thrilling with all players going all out to get their spot in the rest of the postseason. Unfortunately for the Atlanta Braves the worst thing that could happen did as a controversial infield fly call changed the outcome of the game. It was a new era in the MLB as they began the single elimination postseason as the wild card game will stay for the time being. The 2012 season was a start and a continuation as they move ahead into a real pitching era as well as a new postseason format.

It was not all about the new eras in the season though as there was plenty more going on throughout 2012. It was the first season since 1967 that a player won the Triple Crown as Miguel Cabrera had a career year. Year after year nobody was able to get the Triple Crown although many came close. It was Cabrera’s year though as he was able to put together the best offensive year in since 1967. It wasn’t the only amazing performance of the year though as Buster Posey had a great year coming back from injury in 2011. Posey was not able to play in 2011 after an incident at home plate left him with a broken leg. He fought back to start the 2012 season and with his bat the Giants were able to win the NL West and eventually the World Series. It was not just these players who impressed as the most impressive player could have been one who was unknown until this year. Mike Trout was brought up at the beginning of the season in Los Angeles as an injury replacement and never looked back. He had an amazing year in the American League that was much more than just offensive statistics. His defence was almost flawless and it went hand in hand with his great bat. It was a great performance and the beginning of what looks like a great career. There were plenty more great performances including Bryce Harper in his rookie year and Stephen Strasburg who came back this year stronger than ever after Tommy John Surgery ended his rookie year. It was another fantastic year in the MLB with surprising performances from players and teams. There was a fair share of drama with drugs continuing to creep in to the game and plenty of questionable calls almost daily. With the season behind us and a new champion crowned the winter meetings will begin as teams prepare for yet another year where everyone will be even once again.

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  1. Good read. I’m proud to be able to re-post it for you.

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    GFBB Note: Good read with a great slide-show! Only three months and we get to do this all over again!

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