Wednesday Morning QB (Week 8)

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The NFL is through half of the season already and it has been a very interesting so far as there is very little that can be predicted this year. All of the teams that were assumed to be the top teams in the league are not and the teams that were expected to be the doormats are actually strong. It has been a season full of the unexpected and the strange with plenty for all fans to talk about. The season started under some dark clouds as the league was in the midst of a bitter labour dispute with the NFL referees. The battle caused a few weeks of terrible game and eventually came to a head when the Green Bay Packers lost on a controversial call on a Monday Night game. With the referees back things began to settle down in terms of the rules although the outcomes were still wild. The referee lockout was not the only dark cloud over the NFL season though as the suspensions in the Bounty Scandal also took focus. Questions of the Commissioner’s role in suspensions and his control over the league began to take control of the league. The focus remained on the games but more and more fans began to turn on the commissioner who had spent most of his career as a fan favorite. With all of this going on behind the scenes there were plenty of stories to follow but for many it was just great to have football back for another season. Fans once again lined up and sat down to see their favorite teams begin the road to the Super Bowl. When the season started everyone was even with an equal chance at the championship. It all quickly changed for a lot of teams when the season started as they figured out where they stood in the bigger picture. Teams like Green Bay, New England, and New Orleans were all expected to be forces throughout the season. Then the season started and almost every one of the teams struggled. The Saints lost their first four games while the Green Bay Packers were wildly inconsistent with an offence that looked far from the one in 2011. The New England Patriots were still a very good team but they had suddenly become a team that could be beaten rather than their usual dominant force. As these teams struggled a host of new teams rose to the occasion and took the torch. The most surprising part of it was that it was teams in the NFC West became the new powers as the San Francisco 49ers led the pack that included the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals. All three teams began putting the entire league on notice with the Cardinals carrying a perfect record through four weeks of the season. The Seahawks rode a very surprising defence to a great record that is still challenging the Niners who are still considered one of the best teams in the NFL. The Atlanta Falcons joined the conversation of the best team in the NFL as they still carry the only undefeated record in the NFL. This would be a usual shift in the NFL as teams get good then begin a downward slide until they can repair the team to be great again. That would be the case but the 2012 season has been one of the most unpredictable season in recent history. There have been a handful of teams that have broken through but the rest seem to be battling it out for middle spots. Just when one team seems to be figuring things out it all changes in one game when they are beat by a team that has no business beating them. There has been surprise after surprise every week this season and there seems to be no stop to the craziness. The season is only half over and many of the teams are looking ahead to a potential playoff run. Some teams will try to continue their run while others look to figure some things out if they hope to get to the ultimate goal. Half a season is finished but there is still plenty of season to go as hopes are still high for almost every team and the playoff race gets closer and closer.


Four Quarters
(Four Quick Thoughts on Week 8)


London Team for the NFL?
With the Rams starting a 4-year deal to play in London the talk began about putting a team overseas with some people really thinking it could happen despite the fact that financially it makes no sense for the NFL to explore a team that far away


Sandy Reaches the NFL
The NFL got their games in before Hurricane Sandy hit but it still had an effect as the NFL began making adjustments to their league schedule including moving the trade deadline back as teams and players prepared for the worst


Trade Deadline Approaches
With half of the season gone the NFL prepares for one of the only events that does not provide much excitement as the trade deadline approaches with the only big name involved Tim Tebow who most likely will not go anywhere


Has Alex Smith Arrived?
Alex Smith has been a QB that has seen his fair share of controversy as he continues to be a starting QB that does not seem to have the ability to lead but after an almost perfect game on Monday the controversy may finally be ending


NFL Players of the Week


AFC Players of the Week

AFC Offensive POW:
Tom Brady, QB (New England Patriots)

304 yds
4 TD


AFC Defensive POW:
Wesley Woodyard, LB (Denver Broncos)

13 tkl
1.0 sck
1 FF


AFC Special Teams POW:
Oliver Vernon, DE (Miami Dolphins)

1 BlkPrec
1 TD
1 BlkFG


NFC Players of the Week

NFC Offensive POW:
Alex Smith, QB (San Francisco 49ers)

232 yds
3 TD


NFC Defensive POW:
Stevie Brown, S (New York Giants)

6 tkl
0 sck
0 FF


NFC Special Teams POW:
Davon House, CB (Green Bay Packers)

Blocked a punt that was recovered in the Endzone


NFL Standings 

American Football Conference
AFC East:
1. New England Patriots (.625)
2. Miami Dolphins (.571)
3. Buffalo Bills (.429)
4. New York Jets (.375)
AFC North:
1. Baltimore Ravens (.714)
2. Pittsburgh Steelers (.571)
3. Cincinnati Bengals (.429)
4. Cleveland Browns (.250)
AFC South:
1. Houston Texans (.857)
2. Indianapolis Colts (.571)
3. Tennessee Titans (.375)
4. Jacksonville Jaguars (.143)
AFC West:
1. Denver Broncos (.571)
2. San Diego Chargers (.429)
3. Oakland Raiders (.429)
4. Kansas City Chiefs (.143)


National Football Conference:
NFC East:
1. New York Giants (.750)
2. Philadelphia Eagles (.429)
3. Dallas Cowboys (.429)
4. Washington Redskins (.375)
NFC North:
1. Chicago Bears (.857)
2. Minnesota Vikings (.625)
3. Green Bay Packers (.625)
4. Detroit Lions (.429)
NFC South:
1. Atlanta Falcons (1.00)
2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (.429)
3. New Orleans Saints (.286)
4. Carolina Panthers (.143)
NFC West:
1. San Francisco 49ers (.750)
2. Arizona Cardinals (.500)
3. Seattle Seahawks (.500)
4. St. Louis Rams (.375)


Key Scores:
Cleveland Browns 7 – 6 San Diego Chargers
– The Chargers took another hit this week after losing a big game against the New Orleans Saints they went into the terrible weather in Cleveland and took a loss with an offence that managed no TDs to give the Browns their second win of the season


New England Patriots 45 – 7 St. Louis Rams
– The Rams made their first appearance of their four-year deal in London, England and it was not a good introduction for the defacto home team as they got the game handed to them by the Pats


New York Giants 29 – 24 Dallas Cowboys
– The Cowboys put on a terrible performance on Sunday as Tony Romo and the Cowboy offence committed 6 turnovers including 4 interceptions but they somehow stayed in the game until a TD was called back, Dez Bryant had his fingers out of the endzone, that ended the game


Denver Broncos 34 – 14 New Orleans Saints
– The Sunday Night matchup was a battle between two great QBs but it was Peyton Manning who took the focus as he continued his comeback season in style outperforming Drew Brees and showing that he is back


Next Week:
Carolina Panthers vs. Washington Redskins (November 4th; 1:00 pm EDT)
– The matchup of two of the best young QBs is not what is was before the season as Robert Griffin is much better than everyone thought and Cam Newton is in the midst of a sophomore slump as they face off in week 9


Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns (November 4th; 1:00 pm EDT)
– Art Modell took the Browns away and transplanted them in Baltimore and the Browns fans have yet to forget about the move as they take on their rival with a much improved team while the Ravens are hurting from some key losses


Minnesota Vikings vs. Seattle Seahawks (November 4th; 4:05 pm EDT)
– Both teams have been very surprising as the Vikings ride Christian Ponder and the Seahawks ride the best pass defence in the league in a match-up that has turned into a premier game this year


Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New York Giants (November 4th; 4:25 pm EDT)
– The Giants are on their way to a title defence after a great start to the year but they will be in tough against the Steelers who are not the defensive force they used to be but are always dangerous with Ben Roethlisberger leading the offence

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