MLB Week in Review (October 13-19)

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The MLB is another step closer to the World Series as the Championship Series reach the end and determine who the two teams will be in the World Series. With only four teams left in the postseason there were many looking forward to the stories that would come out. Could the Tigers get past the always powerful and dangerous New York Yankees. Could the Yankees get back to the World Series after being eliminated two years in a row in the Championship Series. In the National League the last two World Series Champions would face off for the first time ever. Fans watched to see if the Cards could have another season like 2011 where they came from the Wild Card spot to win the World Series. The Giants were looking to be the team they were in 2010 but pitching concerns made everyone wonder if they could get back. As the series moved on stories continued to unfold and the biggest one was something that nobody saw coming. In the American League the New York Yankees have always been a strong team that seems to have a chance at the World Series every year. They would take on the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS after two years of losing to the Texas Rangers. The Tigers went in to the series with a strong team that had a lot of pieces that made them one of the most dangerous teams in the postseason. After the ALDS, though the Tigers did not look as strong as they used to when they went 5 games with the Oakland Athletics and almost allowed the A’s to comeback from a 2 game deficit. The ALCS would be a matchup of a team looking to be the new power in the American League and the old guard. The matchup was looking to be a good one with Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera providing the offence for the Tigers while veterans like Derek Jeter and a host of good pitchers provided the Yankees with plenty of chance to win the series. The one big issue was that one of the most expensive players on the team was underperforming and becoming the most expensive bench player in baseball. Alex Rodriguez was one of the few players that seemed to disappear during the postseason including Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson. The Yankees were struggling but they still found a way to win in the ALDS and were hoping to keep everything going into the ALCS. It did not work out too well for the Yankees though as they struggled to get anything going. They kept the game close going into extra innings but a big 12th inning by the Tigers got them the win. The worst part of game one was the loss of their captain and best player Derek Jeter who fractured his ankle during the game. Without Jeter the Yankees seemed to be lost despite having a full roster of great players. The Tigers continued to move on and through the Yankees winning the next game 3-0 and going back to Detroit. The Tigers finished the series off with two wins as they swept the mighty Yankees to earn a berth in the World Series. It was a very surprising series as any team had a chance to win but for either team to sweep the other was not in the cards. As the Tigers prepare for the World Series the Yankees will take a look at a team that was eliminated in a fashion not known by the Yankees. They always seemed to find a player to light it up and carry the team through the postseason. This year though it was quite the opposite as the Yankees saw some of the most expensive players in baseball take a backseat in the postseason. The Yankees also saw a team full of stars crumble when one player, although a very good player and one of the best leaders, went down to injury. The Yankees have some questions to answer after three years without a World Series appearance which for the Pinstripes is a sign of doom.

As one team mover on relatively easily to the World Series the two former champions faced off for the second spot. The San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals faced off in the NLCS as both teams tried to get back to the World Series. The Cards are a team looking for an almost exact repeat of the 2011 season when they earned the wild card spot and rode the momentum all the way through the postseason to the World Series. The Giants were looking to get their team back to the World Series winning team of 2010 after a bad 2011 season. Both teams were looking to get back and so far they have had a great series as they split the first two games in San Francisco. The series moved to St. Louis where the Cards were able to take advantage of a home crowd winning the first two games at Busch Stadium. The Giants were put into a familiar situation as they need to win three in a row. The Giants did this exact thing in the NLDS as they went down 2 games to 0 in a five game series. They won three games in a row on the road to win the series. The Giants were in need of another three games but this time only needed one on the road and two at home. Game 5 was an essential one as the Giants took the win and extended their life in the postseason. The series comes down to the last two games as the Giants need both games while the Cards are one win away from repeating as NL Champions. Both Championship Series have been good wither for the surprise of the Tigers or the series that could go seven games if the Giants can pull it off. As teams march towards the World Series there will only be more drama and more stories to talk about as the MLB gets closer to crowning their Champion.


New York Yankees 0 – 4 Detroit Tigers
Game 1: DET 6 – 4 NYY
Game 2: DET 3 – 0 NYY
Game 3: DET 2 – 1 NYY
Game 4: DET 8 – 1 NYY


San Francisco Giants 2 – 3 St. Louis Cardinals
Game 1: STL 6 – 4 SF
Game 2: SF 7 – 1 STL
Game 3: STL 3 – 1 SF
Game 4: STL 8 – 3 SF
Game 5: SF 5 – 0 STL
Game 6: STL @ SF (October 21st; 4:30 pm EDT)
Game 7: STL @ SF (October 22nd; 8:00 pm EDT)

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