TMQB: Thanksgiving Edition (Week 15)

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The CFL season is just that much closer to the end as teams continue to fight it out for a playoff spot. The season is coming to a close but the playoff race is far from over as only one team has secured their spot so far. Even with the B.C. Lions becoming the first team to clinch a playoff spot they do not know where they will finish. The top spot in the West is still up for grabs and so is the east as nobody on in that division has clinched the division. As the teams continue to fight for the playoffs something is becoming more important as the weeks wear on. The CFL is a small league with only 8 teams and so the playoff hunt becomes a lot more unique than in other leagues. There are a total of 6 teams that make the playoffs every year meaning two teams are eliminated. In a conventional season this means that the top three teams in each division take a spot with both the division champions taking a first round bye. That would be the conventional way to do things and many times that is exactly what happens. Every once in a while though the CFL sees a different type of playoff hunt as the crossover comes into effect. The Crossover was established to make the playoff hunt that much more interesting every year. The crossover rule is a rule that allows four teams from one division to qualify for the playoffs and move to the other division for the playoffs. The crossover is a rule that creates a much more important battle for the last playoff spot. The top two teams in each division will always make the playoffs but the crossover rule is a battle between the fourth place team in one division and the third place team in the other division. The rule comes into play when the fourth place team of one division has more points than the third place team in the second division. In 2012 this rule could come into effect as the West is looking much better than the east. As the season winds down the Montreal Alouettes and B.C. lions are looking to keep a hold on the division leads. Meanwhile the Toronto Argonauts and Calgary Stampeders fight to take the division away from their longtime rivals. In the west the Saskatchewan Roughriders are make a last push to the end of the season to take a playoff spot and could end the season at the top of the West division. In the East the third spot is a little less certain as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats continue to be inconsistent while the Bombers continue with an outside hope of taking the last playoff spot. As the bottom of the eastern division looks to just start catching up the Edmonton Eskimos are hot on their trail. After week 15 the Eskimos are putting the pressure on the Ti-Cats for the crossover position as they sit two points ahead of the Tabies. There is plenty of time and too little room between the two teams to call it quite yet but this could be a year where the crossover does exactly what it was meant to do. In week 15 the two teams faced off with the Eskies coming out on top and taking a crucial two points in the fight for the crossover. There are only four games left and in none of those four weeks do the Ti-Cats and Eskimos face each other. This means that both teams will be fighting it out against other teams for their chance at the playoffs. The Ti-Cats will need to find a groove if they hope to fend off the Eskimos while the Eskies need to continue to improve to take the crossover. It will be a great race to the finish once again this year and there is nothing guaranteed. There are only four weeks left in a season that has been extremely unpredictable and if the season continues on the path it has been taking the last four weeks will be wild.


Four Quarters:
(Four Quick Thoughts on Week 15)


Tabies Staying Inconsistent
The only thing consistent about the Tiger-Cats this year has been that they are wildly inconsistent as the Hamilton offence has shown signs of being the best in the CFL and then quickly being the worst in the CFL as nobody can predict what they will do next


B.C. Clinches First
The Lion shave been one of the best teams all season but have not looked like their dominant selves as of late that didn’t stop them from becoming the first team in the CFL to clinch a playoff spot though as they now fight for first place in the West


The East is Wide Open
With one playoff spot left and the crossover possibly in effect the east division is a complete mystery as the Alouettes continue to struggle while the Argos and Ti-Cats keep the battle for second a close one as nothing is guaranteed in the east


Ray & Kackert are just that Important
With a perfect chance to take over first place in the East the Argonauts went into their game against the Roughriders without their starting QB Ricky Ray and their starting RB Chad Kackert and their offence showed it only scoring 10 points


CFL Players of the Week


Offensive POW:
Joey Elliott, QB (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)

335 yds
3 TD


Defensive POW:
Chris Thompson, DB (Edmonton Eskimos)
3 tkl
0 sck
0 FF


Special Teams POW:
Sandro DeAngelis, K (Saskatchewan Roughriders)
5/6 FG
45 lng
3/3 XP
18 pts


Canadian POW:
Andrew Harris, RB (B.C. Lions)
15 rsh
73 yds
1 TD
1 F


CFL Standings 

Eastern Division:
1. Montreal Alouettes (16)
2. Toronto Argonauts (14)
3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (10)
4. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (8)


Western Division:
1. x-B.C. Lions (20)
2. Calgary Stampeders (16)
3. Saskatchewan Roughriders (16)
4. Edmonton Eskimos (12)

x- Clinched Playoff Spot


Edmonton Eskimos 35 – 20 Hamilton Tiger-Cats
– A week after the Tabies beat their East division rivals and put up 41 points with a potent offence Hamilton seemed lost against the Eskimos as they could only manage 20 points while the Eskies got the win to stay in the playoff hunt


B.C. Lions 27 – 22 Calgary Stampeders
– It was the battle that the Stamps were hoping for as they looked to take the win and move into first place in the West but it was not to be as the Lions pulled out the win to become the first team in the league to clinch a playoff spot


Winnipeg Blue Bombers 27 – 22 Montreal Alouettes
– The Bombers have been the worst team in the league for a long time and usually have no shot at a win without Buck Pierce but the team stepped up behind Joey Elliott and beat the best team in the East


Saskatchewan Roughriders 36 – 10 Toronto Argonauts
– The Argos had a shot at taking first place but they couldn’t take advantage as the streaking Riders came out on top dominating the Argonauts in their first game back home after a three-week road trip


Next Week:
B.C. Lions vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (October 12th; 7:30 pm EDT)
– The biggest question in this game will be which Ti-Cats team shows up as they can beat everyone if they can get their offence in gear but against the Lions defence it will be that much harder as they will try to stay above water in the crossover battle


Calgary Stampeders vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (October 13th; 1:00 pm EDT)
– The Stamps are still looking for a chance to overtake the Lions for first place in the West and for the first round playoff bye but they cannot look past the Bombers who have already pulled out some big surprises this year


Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Edmonton Eskimos (October 13th; 4:00 pm EDT)
– The Riders are streaking right now and they are looking to fend off all challengers on their way up the standings while the Eskimos are just looking to hold on to a chance at the crossover spot and need to end the streak of the Riders


Montreal Alouettes vs. Toronto Argonauts (October 14th; 1:00 pm EDT)
– The rivalry continues but this time it is for first place in the East as both teams are close and both need the win to get ahead of each other in the race for the east and for the first round bye in the playoffs

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