Tuesday Morning QB (Week 14)

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There are only a few weeks left in the CFL season and so the last but most important part of the season begins. Every team has been fighting all year to put themselves in a position to easily take a playoff spot. Through streaks and great play some teams have put themselves in a great spot to make the playoffs but there is still a long path to go. As seasons move on patterns emerge as certain teams separate themselves from the pack but in the 2012 CFL season no teams really did this. The B.C. Lions and Montreal Alouettes had their moments where they were considered the best teams in the league but they have both seen some stumbles. Just as the Lions and Als began to separate themselves they would lose to a team they should not have lost to. As everyone began singing their praises for beating all challengers and then the holes were exposed. Week 14 was a perfect example as with only 5 weeks left both the Als and the Leos should have been bearing down and beginning a run to the playoffs. Both teams looked great up until this point as they seemed to be finding a rhythm leading into the playoffs. Everyone expected them to move into the end of the season easily with little resistance from many teams. Then came the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Saskatchewan Roughriders. The Montreal Alouettes would take on the Tabies in an East Division match-up. It was expected that the Alouettes would be fine against the Ti-Cats as they would simply walk over the Ti-Cats on their way to a stronger grip on the division. Then the wildly inconsistent Tiger-Cats decided to put together a great offensive game as they got past the Alouettes led by Henry Burris. The B.C. Lions saw much of the same story when they took on the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The Lions were considered the best team in the CFL going into the end of the season and were expected to have no problems with the Roughriders who had been struggling all year. Then the Riders woke up and challenged the Lions pushing them to the breaking point. The Riders took the win in one of the biggest upsets of the week. These two games were a microcosm of the entire CFL season as there has been no way to predict anything. Just as you think you have a team figured out they show a completely different side of their franchise. Take the Ti-Cats who overhauled their offence in the offseason to try to provide an explosive and dynamic attack. Through the first few weeks the experiment seemed failed as Henry Burris and the new passing weapons failed to make an impact. Then they started to click as they regularly began scoring over 30 points a game as they seemed to finally figure it out. Then just as they looked to be a dangerous offence they struggled to score again forcing many to label them as inconsistent. It has been that way all season for every team as there are no teams that have shown to be a dominant force. Sure the Montreal Alouettes and B.C. lions have proven to be tough teams to beat but they have not been the teams that will win no matter who they face. Both teams have seen their holes exposed by lesser teams and are not guaranteed. Meanwhile the rest of the league remains a toss-up from week to week as nobody knows if the good or bad side will show up for each team. As the season comes to a close with only 4 weeks left this unpredictability means one thing a great playoff race. The Alouettes and Lions are leading their divisions but they do not have a strong grip. The Toronto Argonauts and Calgary Stampeders are in the fight for the top spot as they sit only one win out of the first place spot in each division. Meanwhile the battle for the last two playoff spots could come down to the crossover between the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and the Edmonton Eskimos. There are endless possibilities this year with only the Winnipeg Blue Bombers looking to be out of the hunt while the rest of the teams are in the thick of the battle. It will be an interesting end to the season but what else did anyone expect in the 100th season of the CFL.


Four Quarters:
(Four Quick Thoughts on Week 12)


Tabies stacking up Ammunition
As the Hamilton Tiger-Cats look to the end of the season they will need some good fortune to make the playoffs but their wins against their own division and the Montreal Alouettes are helping them to gain more hope


Stamps are Gaining Ground
As the BC Lions look to hold on to their West division lead the Calgary Stampeders are the ones putting the pressure on them as they are getting that much closer to taking the division in the last weeks with some great play and a little luck


A Legend Emerges
It was a game that Argos were supposed to win and they did but the biggest part of the game was Chad Owens cracking 3,000 all-purpose yards for the third straight season becoming the only player in all of professional football, NFL and CFL, to do that


An Opposite Season?
Last year the Lions came on in the second half of the season and this year they have been strong all year but a loss to the Roughriders makes some question whether or not they will finally falter near the end of the season this year


CFL Players of the Week

Offensive POW:
Henry Burris, QB (Hamilton Tiger-Cats)

326 yds
5 TD


Defensive POW:
Adam Bighill, LB (B.C. Lions)

13 tkl
0 sck
0 FF


Special Teams POW:
Trent Guy, PR/KR (Montreal Alouettes)

10 ret
190 yds
19 avg
0 TD


Canadian POW:
Jon Cornish, RB (Calgary Stampeders)

20 rsh
180 yds
2 TD
0 F


CFL Standings 

Eastern Division:
1. Montreal Alouettes (16)
2. Toronto Argonauts (14)
3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (10)
4. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6)


Western Division:
1. B.C. Lions (18)
2. Calgary Stampeders (16)
3. Saskatchewan Roughriders (14)
4. Edmonton Eskimos (10)


Hamilton Tiger-Cats 41 – 28 Montreal Alouettes
– The Montreal Alouettes were hoping to ride into the playoffs on top of the East division but they look to have some challenges especially this week when they let the powerful but inconsistent offence of the Ti-Cats get the best of them


Calgary Stampeders 39 – 15 Edmonton Eskimos
– The Stampeders are trying to climb into the top spot in the west as they look to be a dangerous team heading into the end of the season and all that they can control now is themselves as they took another win to get that much closer to their goal


Toronto Argonauts 29 – 10 Winnipeg Blue Bombers
– The Toronto Argonauts were looking to see how their offence would react to life without Ricky Ray and thanks to Chad Kackert and timely penalties by the Bombers the offence did just enough to take the win


Saskatchewan Roughriders 27 – 21 B.C. Lions
– The Lions have been the best team in the CFL this year but the Riders were out to prove that they can challenge the best teams in the league as they took the win and showed everyone that the teams have yet to solidify their spots before the playoffs


Next Week:
Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Edmonton Eskimos (October 5th;9:00 pm EDT)
– The Ti-Cats are coming off of a great win against the best team in the East division after their offence woke up for a big day while the Eskimos are trying not to be left behind in the race for the playoffs after making some coaching changes


Calgary Stampeders vs. B.C. Lions (October 6th; 10:00 pm EDT)
– The Lions are looking to get some distance in the battle for the west but the Stampeders are right on their tails and a win for the Stamps in this game could go a long way in their attempt to overtake the Lions for the West Division title


Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Montreal Alouettes (October 8th; 1:00 pm; EDT)
– The Bombers are struggling but with Buck Pierce they are a better team but Pierce is hurt and could be out of the game meaning that they will be in for an even tougher game against the East leading Alouettes


Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Toronto Argonauts (October 8th; 4:00 pm EDT)
– The Argos are finally back home after a three-week road trip and with Ricky Ray likely sidelined again they will look to Jarious Jackson to lead them against the Roughriders who are trying to make a late push to the playoffs

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