Tuesday Morning QB (Week 13)

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This week the Saskatchewan Roughriders announced their plans for a new stadium in the heart of Regina. The new stadium will mean the end to the old Mosaic Stadium one of the classic stadiums in the CFL. It also represents a brand new life for not only the Riders but the entire CFL as the trend of building new stadiums continues. Last year it was B.C. Place as the old air dome that made a regular appearance in the Vancouver Skyline was replaced by a retractable roof. This year construction has already begun to build the Frank Clair Stadium in Ottawa for the new Ottawa team to start in 2014. After this season the construction will start on a new Ivor Wynne Stadium that should provide more seats and a better more modern atmosphere. For the CFL this is a sign that the game is continuing to grow and that the league is finally coming out of the dark ages. The CFL has been a league that values their history and rightfully so but more often than not they sit in the past and talk about the good old times. While they do this other leagues continue to move forward with bigger and better competition. The CFL has kept up as the game has gotten faster over the years but you would never know it unless you really concentrated. This is because the CFL keeps themselves in the past choosing to focus on the old days rather than the future. The CFL stadiums are a great example of this as Mosaic Stadium was opened in 1936, Commonwealth in 1978, Percival Molson in 1919, Ivor Wynne in 1928, BC Place (before refurbishment) in 1983, McMahon in 1960, and the youngest stadium The Rogers Centre in 1989. These stadiums are of a time far past as they have old amenities and are behind the times compared to other new sports stadiums. The new stadiums coming for many of these teams means that the CFL is looking to the future as new homes for teams mean bringing the game into the modern era. Of course these stadiums will be missed as they represent the rich history of the league but they are still history in a league that needs to look to the future. These stadiums will remain the stuff of legends as they will always be remembered but the new stadiums will provide a fresh breath of air to teams and the league. The new stadiums are also a big boost for the league and their pocket books. The CFL is a league that is based on tickets sales to make their money. It seems like most leagues would be that way but in fact most leagues in North America make their money on massive TV Deals that give league billions of dollars a year and keep them going. For the CFL it is different as there are only a handful of networks willing to take the rights which leaves the main source of income ticket sales. Teams need to sell tickets to stay afloat and new stadiums mean more tickets. The Saskatchewan Roughriders are one of the most popular teams and there is no doubt that they will sell out and this new stadium meaning the Riders will earn that much more for their efforts. The new stadiums in the CFL are a sign of progress for the league that is moving the league forward. There will always be a connection to the past in the CFL but they need to move forward if they hope to continue their growth. It is yet another sign that the CFL is continuing to grow with the league continuing to get better and continuing to move into the new era. As the eight teams fight it out for the playoff spots the bigger picture is seeing the CFL get bigger and bigger and that means only good things for the league and for football in Canada.


Four Quarters:
(Four Quick Thoughts on Week 13)


Pierce is the Key
The Bombers looked terrible for the majority of the season but one missing part of the team during that time was Buck Pierce and when Pierce returned the team was different as they finally got a win with their old starter under centre


Superman finally gets his milestone
The Lions are the best team in the CFL but one of the best wide receivers in the game has done almost nothing as Geroy Simon failed to score a TD all season until this week as he finally broke through for his first TD of the season and his 100th in his career


Call them the RB Factory
The Alouettes seemed to be a bit less of an offence this week as they went into the game without running back Brandon Whitaker but in true Als form back up Victor Anderson was a great fill in continuing the running tradition of the Alouettes


Riders Walking a Fine Line
The Riders won their game against the Stamps but they continue to be that team that nobody can figure out as they look great one game and terrible the next and with coaches throwing out guarantees the Riders are close to stepping over the line from good to disaster


CFL Players of the Week

Offensive POW:
Chad Simpson, RB (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
19 rsh
134 yds
0 TD
0 F


Defensive POW:
Adam Bighill, LB (B.C. Lions)
3 tkl
2 sck
0 FF


Special Teams POW:
Trent Guy, KR (Montreal Alouettes)

6 ret
36 yds
6.0 avg
1 TD (MFG)


Canadian POW:
Henoc Muamba, LB (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
5 tkl
1 sck
1 FF


CFL Standings

 Eastern Division:

1. Montreal Alouettes (16)
2. Toronto Argonauts (12)
3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (8)
4. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6)


Western Division:
1. B.C. Lions (18)
2. Calgary Stampeders (14)
3. Saskatchewan Roughriders (12)
4. Edmonton Eskimos (10)


Winnipeg Blue Bombers 34 – 12 Hamilton Tiger-Cats
– With Buck Pierce under centre the Bombers looked like a much different teams as they were able to get past the Ti-Cats who took a giant step backwards after their offence seemed to have worked things out in Week 12


B.C. Lions 19 – 18 Edmonton Eskimos
– It seemed to be no question who the best team was in the CFL as the Lions looked to be the strongest team while the Eskies looked fragile but in this game it was the opposite as the Lions barely got past the Eskimos in a close game


Montreal Alouettes 31 – 10 Toronto Argonauts
– The Argonauts offence was in trouble from the start as Ricky Ray went down in the first quarter with an ankle injury and the Alouettes took advantage despite being banged up as they dominated their division rivals to take a big lead in the East


Saskatchewan Roughriders 30 – 25 Calgary Stampeders
– The Riders were looking to continue to claw back into the playoff race and they looked to a win against the second place Stamps to do so as they got ahead early and held the Stamps off to take the win and climb closer to the division lead


Next Week:
Montreal Alouettes vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (September 28th; 7:00 pm EDT)
– Tiger-Cats are trying to find out who they are as they have looked great in one game and terrible in the next and they will get a real test as to where they stand against the East leading Alouettes


Edmonton Eskimos vs. Calgary Stampeders (September 28th; 10:00 pm EDT)
– The Eskimos are coming off a big game where they took the Lions to the brink while the Stamps are reeling from a shocking loss  to the Riders and with both teams full of emotion this game will get heated as the longtime rival face off again


Toronto Argonauts vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (September 29th; 7:00 pm EDT)
– The Toronto Argonauts do not know if they will have Ricky Ray under centre and with a struggling offence even under Ray they will need to be careful of the reinvigorated Bombers now led by Buck Pierce


B.C. Lions vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (September 29th; 10:00 pm EDT)
– The Lions almost let their guard down in week 13 but are out to prove that they have not lost that edge and that they are still the best team in the CFL against the Riders who are looking to climb back into the West division title conversation with a win against the West leaders

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