Wednesday Morning QB (Week 2)

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This week was supposed to be an article about a new trend in the NFL but then a sad story arose just after the end of the second week in the league. The story was that of the death of Steve Sabol a person that many casual fans may not know but someone who has shaped the way we view all sports. The NFL has long been the most innovative league of the big four in North America. They have always been on the cutting edge of sports creating a blueprint for how to become the most successful league in North America. The NFL has done this by becoming extremely TV friendly as they sell their game through the stories of their players. They were the first league to sign monster TV Deals that became the driving force behind their business. They were also the first league to create their own network to showcase original content and continue building the fans connection. They are the most TV friendly league in North America and that has made them the most successful league in America. A lot of this success has to do with the Sabol family including Ed Sabol and his son Steve Sabol. Together this father and son pair created NFL Films that represented the beginning of some of the most innovative ways to watch sports. It was the first widespread use of slow motion and the was one of the biggest proponents of instant replay. NFL Films was the difference that put the NFL ahead of everyone else and it was the vision and innovation of the Sabol’s that did it. Ed Sabol began the journey with his home films that were eventually translated into the films of the NFL seasons, including NFL Football Follies. Along with his son Steven Ed Sabol created NFL Films and began producing highlight reels and special presentations that helped to grow the NFL brand. As the business grew Steve Sabol became the face of the NFL Films along with the president of NFL Films. He would regularly appear at the beginning of special presentations as he used his special talent for telling stories to draw the fans in. He was also an instrumental part in the creation of NFL Network a revolutionary idea for North American professional sports leagues. The network would be a place where fans could get everything football all year round. The NFL Network created a place for the league to showcase every even no matter how small and make it something. It was also a place for fans to stay in touch with their favorite players and teams so that they never really experienced an offseason. The brain child of Steven Sabol has done amazing things for the NFL and will continue to even after his death. He was a true visionary in the sports world as he helped to change the way fans watch sports. If it wasn’t for Steven Sabol and his father the NFL would not be the power they are today as his innovations and visions made a big impact on the league. After a long battle with brain cancer Steven Sabol is no longer with us and he will be missed but one thing is for sure he made an everlasting impact on the league and left the league better than he found it.


Four Quarters
(Four Quick Thoughts on Week 1)


Referees Remain a Focus
The replacement referees remained a major point of focus in week 2 as the games were longer with referees taking their time to make the right calls while other calls went unnoticed returning the game to the grinding style it once knew


Kneel Down No Longer Safe
One of the biggest issues this week was the actions of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who went all out when Eli Manning took a knee at the end of the game breaking the unwritten rule of the NFL when nobody goes hard on the kneel down


Upset Weekend
Week 2 was full of unpredictable results as a number of the top teams fell including the New England Patriots losing to the Arizona Cardinals and the New Orleans Saints going 0-2 after a loss to the Seattle Seahawks making for a very surprising week


The most Even Year?
For the first time in years there are 19 teams with a 1-1 record after the first two weeks and the only undefeated teams were never supposed to be their while a fe of the winless teams are in the same boat in what has become the most even first two weeks ever


NFL Players of the Week


NFC Players of the Week

NFC Offensive POW:
Hakeem Nicks, WR (New York Giants)
10 rec
199 yds
19.9 avg
1 TD


NFC Defensive POW:
Calais Campbell, DE (Arizona Cardinals)
10 tkl
2.0 sck
0 FF


NFC Special Teams POW:
Tim Masthay, P/H (Green Bay Packers)
5 P
42.0 avg
57 lng
1 TD


AFC Players of the Week

AFC Offensive POW:
Reggie Bush, RB (Miami Dolphins)

26 rsh
172 yds
6.6 avg
2 TD


AFC Defensive POW:
J.J. Watt, DE (Houston Texans)

5 tkl
1.5 sck
0 FF


AFC Special Teams POW:
Adam Jones, PR (Cincinnati Bengals)

3 PR
30 avg
81 lng
1 TD


NFL Standings 

American Football Conference
AFC East:
1. New York Jets (.500)
2. New England Patriots (.500)
3. Miami Dolphins (.500)
4. Buffalo Bills (.500)
AFC North:
1. Baltimore Ravens (.500)
2. Cincinnati Bengals (.500)
3. Pittsburgh Steelers (.500)
4. Cleveland Browns (.000)
AFC South:
1. Houston Texans (1.00)
2. Indianapolis Colts (.500)
3. Jacksonville Jaguars (.000)
4. Tennessee Titans (.000)
AFC West:
1. San Diego Chargers (1.00)
2. Denver Broncos (.500)
3. Oakland Raiders (.000)
4. Kansas City Chiefs (.000)


National Football Conference:
NFC East:
1. Philadelphia Eagles (1.00)
2. Dallas Cowboys (.500)
3. New York Giants (.500)
4. Washington Redskins (.500)
NFC North:
1. Green Bay Packers (.500)
2. Chicago Bears (.500)
3. Detroit Lions (.500)
4. Minnesota Vikings (.500)
NFC South:
1. Atlanta Falcons (1.00)
2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (.500)
3. Carolina Panthers (.500)
4. New Orleans Saints (.000)
NFC West:
1. Arizona Cardinals (1.00)
2. San Francisco 49ers (1.00)
3. Seattle Seahawks (.500)
4. St. Louis Rams (.500)


Key Scores:
Green Bay Packers 23 – 10 Chicago Bears
– The Packers were outplayed by the 49ers in their first game but they came back in a big way as they exposed the issues from the Bears sacking Jay Cutler 7 times and earning 4 interceptions in a dominant win to open up Thursday Night Football


Carolina Panthers 35 – 27 New Orleans Saints
– The New Orleans Saints proved that they are truly missing head coach Sean Payton as Cam Newton was the second young QB to outperform Drew Brees to put the Saints down 0-2 becoming the only winless team in the NFC after two weeks


Arizona Cardinals 20 – 18 New England Patriots
– The New England Patriots usually never overlook an opponent but that seems to be what happened in week two as the Pats were not expecting the Cardinals to come out swinging and after a last-minute missed field goal the first loss of the season was finalized for the Pats


Seattle Seahawks 27 – 7 Dallas Cowboys
– The Dallas Cowboys looked great in their opening game under the big spotlight but their second week saw a lot of regression when the Seattle Seahawks continued the upset theme of the week dominating the Cowboys


Next Week:
Kansas City Chiefs vs. New Orleans Saints (September 23rd; 1:00 pm EDT)
– The Saints and the Chiefs are two teams that were not expected to be in their positions as the Chiefs go into week three undefeated and looking to continue the streak while the Saints are looking to break their two-week losing streak


Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Oakland Raiders (September 23rd; 4:05 pm EDT)
– It is an old school rivalry that has not been the same for years with the Steelers dominating in recent years but the hate between these two old school AFC teams as the Raiders look for their first win against the strong Steelers


New England Patriots vs. Baltimore Ravens (September 23rd; 8:30 pm EDT)
– The Patriots are coming off of a very surprising week with their first loss of the season against a much worse team but it won’t get any easier for them as they take on the very tough Baltimore Ravens defence and a revamped offence


Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks (September 24th; 8:30 pm EDT)
– The Packers are looking to continue their recovery from their week 1 loss but they cannot afford to overlook the Seahawks who surprised everyone when they beat the Dallas Cowboys and are looking for another upset in week 3

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