Tuesday Morning QB (Week 4)

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The CFL season is now officially in full swing but it is still a young season and has shown its age in week 4. This year the CFL had a few tweaks that changed the face of the league as those who changed would take on those who stayed the same. Many believed that the teams who had changed would be the better ones like the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, the Toronto Argonauts, and the Calgary Stampeders. Meanwhile those who stayed the same were thought to be falling off of the CFL map, except for the defending champion BC Lions. It has not turned at that way as the usual unpredictability of the CFL has struck again. The CFL has always been a league that is hard to predict as the unusual is the only thing that is a constant in the league. The young season has reflected this unpredictability as every week has had a different storyline in the CFL. None have been the same either as the season has seen a new trend in every week. In week one the preseason predictions of the Eastern division being the centre of power in the CFL were put to an end. The week featured four matchups of East vs. West to kick off the season and the West took control winning all four of their games against the East. In week 2 it seemed like everything was evening out as a preseason favorite Montreal won their first game and the team many expected to be the worst was when Edmonton lost to Saskatchewan 17-1. Everything seemed back to normal as the teams that were supposed to be on top were and the teams that were supposed to struggle saw themselves at the bottom of the standings. Then Week 3 came along and threw another wrench into the plans as Calgary, without their top QB, exposed the Montreal Alouettes for being a pedestrian team. Edmonton’s terrible offence woke up to go along with a great defence and force the defending Eastern Division champions into a 0-3 record. Saskatchewan surprised everyone by remaining the only undefeated team in the CFL beating the defending champions. Hamilton finally clicked but still couldn’t put distance between them and Toronto in a tight battle that the Tabies fought to win. Week 3 changed everything as the trends were all brought down making sure that unpredictability remained the rule and not the exception. In week 4 this continued as the Bombers almost got past the Argos despite losing their starting QB while the Stamps beat the best team in the CFL despite playing without Drew Tate. Meanwhile Edmonton continued to win as they beat the defending champion BC Lions while the Montreal Alouettes continued to struggle to win losing to the now hot Tiger-Cats. It is what makes the CFL so great as no team is guaranteed to win at any time with teams getting hot and then losing it immediately. The only question now is what will happen next week as every team will be looking to either continue rolling or stop the bleeding. Will Saskatchewan continue a strong season and recover from their first loss to remain at the top of the Western Division? Will Edmonton continue to roll after they struggled in the beginning of their season but have seemed to figure it out? Can Calgary continue to move on from a devastating injury of Drew Tate to move up the standings? Will BC figure it out and recover from their two game slide? In the East can the Hamilton offence continue to grow and become the powerhouse many thought they would be? Can Toronto finally figure it out and cash in on the great potential they have shown so far? Can Montreal get back to the old Alouettes team and stop their early season slide? Can Winnipeg finally win a game when they return home for the first time this season or will their struggles continue? All of these questions will be answered in week 5 as the CFL continues with yet another year of amazing football and plenty to look for as the teams continue to fight to the halfway point of the season.


Four Quarters:

(Four Quick Thoughts on Week 4)


Swayze is more than just a Great Name:

Swayze Waters was one of the bright spots for the Argos as he made good on his first start in the CFL as his punting was great in Toronto’s win.


There is no Best Team:

Even the only undefeated team in the CFL was not safe from the upset as the Roughriders lost to the injury riddled Stampeders in week 4


Eskies are not done yet:

The Eskimos looked like they would struggle this year but the offence looked completely different as they were able to get past the BC Lions


Out with the Old:

The veteran Alouettes team has not been the same this year as the questions start to rise about whether or not many on the team are past their prime


CFL Players of the Week:


Offensive POW:

Henry Burris, QB (Hamilton Tiger-Cats)


360 yds

4 TD



Defensive POW:

Joe Burnett, CB (Edmonton Eskimos)

2 tkl

0 sck


0 FF

1 TD


Special Teams POW:

Justin Palardy, K (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)

5/5 FG

45 lng

1/1 XP

16 pts


Canadian POW:

Andy Fantuz, WR (Hamilton Tiger-Cats)

8 rec

135 yds

16.9 avg

1 TD


CFL Standings

Eastern Division:

1. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (4)

2. Toronto Argonauts (4)

3. Montreal Alouettes (4)

4. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (0)


Western Division:

1. Saskatchewan Roughriders (6)

2. Edmonton Eskimos (6)

3. Calgary Stampeders (4)

4. B.C. Lions (4)



Toronto Argonauts 25 – 22 Winnipeg Blue Bombers

– The Argonauts went into the game as a strong favorite with the 0-3 Bombers coming into the game without their starting QB but the Bombers would not give up making the game a difficult one as the Argos won on a last-minute TD pass


Calgary Stampeders 41 – 38 Saskatchewan Roughriders (OT)

– The Stampeders were not expected to win against the undefeated Riders and the game started exactly like that until the second half when the Stampeders came back and ended the game in overtime


Edmonton Eskimos 27 – 14 B.C. Lions

– The BC Lions were looking to recover from their first loss since Week 17 of the 2011 season they were hoping for an easy win against an up and down Eskimos but the Eskies had other things in mind winning convincingly over the defending champions


Hamilton Tiger-Cats 39 – 24 Montreal Alouettes

– The Tiger-Cats showed the type of team that many believed they would be before the season as they were able to dominate their longtime rivals and nemesis the Alouettes who continued to struggle in the 2012 season


Next Week:

Edmonton Eskimos vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Thursday July 26th; 8:30 pm ET)

– Winnipeg returns home after four weeks on the road as they look to pick up their first win of the season against the Eskimos with nobody knowing which Eskies team will show up when they travel to Canad Inns Stadium


Toronto Argonauts vs. Montreal Alouettes (Friday July 27th; 7:30 pm ET)

– Another big rivalry game for the Argonauts and Alouettes as they look to face off in a battle of French vs. English with the Als struggling to get back to their old selves and the Argonauts struggling to meet their potential on offence


Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (Saturday July 28th; 6:00 pm ET)

– The Tiger-Cats finally look to be gelling as an offensive unit and could be at the beginning of a big hot streak while the Riders have surprised everyone with their strong play and will look to recover from their first loss of the season


BC Lions vs. Calgary Stampeders (Saturday July 28th; 9:00 pm ET)

– The Lions looked strong at the beginning of this season but have now lost two in a row and will look to stop the slide against the Stmapeders who seem to be recovering well from the injury to Drew Tate and look to win their second in a row

2 Responses to “Tuesday Morning QB (Week 4)”
  1. steve desio says:

    The CFL has struck early season parity and unpredictability. teams like the esks have been able to adapt their game with the personal that they have. the Riders came into the season as one of the most prepared teams with a plan for the season to play fast and establish the run. Saskatchewan and Hamilton may be playing the best in their respective divisions right now and home field advantage may be the diference.
    I like Winnipeg alot with Simpson back at RB is awesome. I love the new back field with brink at QB Elliot his back up Gary crwoton will hae a ful week to game plan with the backfield and QBs that understand his Offense I expect the Bombers to win their first game and turn it around on the homestand with brink and Simpson starting and elliot and Dorzen as their back ups.
    BC will be fine as both the Riders and esks just played good football and beat them fair and square as BC also played well. Glenn has been inconsitant over his career that is why he is a back up now so BC could win this one.
    Toronto has become a well rounded team with all three parts offense, defense, and all parts of the special teams the return game has been great as usual, swayze waters looks to be the answer a kicker and the coverage teams played great last week and Boulay will only make them better

  2. steve desio says:

    If I were to pick the winners I would go with the riders home field being the difference. BC over Calgary. BC d back field will do a better job of containing lewis. Winnipeg I like with the new backfield and the Gary Crowton Offense finnaly getting a whole week to prepare with two QBs that are very confident with it and Crowton likes both of them a lot.
    Toronto over Montreal. Montreal needs to make a big change on the return cmae. It is somehting they can control and follow the lead of the Ti Cats and place Richardson, whitaker, Green, London, back to return. Give each one one of the return spots. I like whitaker and Richardson back on kick offs and either green or london on punts. This will get the ball into the hands of their playmakers more to make some big plays and better field positions.

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