The World Descends on London (London 2012 Olympics)

The ultimate sports tournament is about to start as the Olympics make their way to London, England. The Olympics are one of the most unique displays of sports in the world as they are the host of things that people only get to see every four years. They have been the centre of controversy, political movements, equality movements, and much more throughout the years and every year they come something else takes focus. The Olympics are always the focus of the sports world as they dominate the headlines throughout the weeks that it is on. There are a few parts to why this is as the Olympics are bigger than just sports but are also just that, sports. The Olympics has been at the centre of the news world in every year that they appear. They have been the centre of political protests and world events that have made them the top story in the nightly news. They have seen moments that have galvanized nations and brought the world together. Although the Olympics are a world event that seems to capture everyone’s attention for a number of reasons one thing remains true of every Olympic Games. This is that the Olympics are a display of sports and specifically sports without all of the extras that come along with the big four. There are no cheerleaders, there are no overpaid athletes (for the most part), no TV timeouts, and no sideline ads. Instead the Olympics are about the competition between [generally] amateur athletes who train for their competition for four years. These athletes train day in and day out for a chance to be the best at what they do and the fact that they are not in it for the money but instead are in it for the pure sense of accomplishment that they get. Not only do sports fans get to see these athletes, a shift from the usual athletes, in sports that are almost never seen. Instead of the big four dominating the airwaves the world gets to see sports like weightlifting, Water Polo, Field Hockey, and many more sports that are rarely broadcast. Of course there is also the all-stars of the Summer Olympics, the Athletics, that are seen more often than most but draw the most viewers. Athletics is the biggest set of sports and can create a superstar in less than 10 seconds. These sports are the heart of the Olympics and although many people are not interested in them regularly every four years they become the most important thing in sports. The Olympics are special for a number of reasons and this year London will display them all for the world to see. We will be in for a great show this summer when the Olympics return to Britain. London 2012 will be yet another chapter in the history of the games but a lot is to be answered. What will the story of these Olympics be? Will the British team do well at home? How can the London Committee out due Beijing? All of these questions will be answered but the biggest one of all will be, what defines the 2012 London Olympics? It could be any number of things like great performances or emotional wins but it could also go the opposite way as the story may be about cheating or bad judging. It is all up in the air right now and that is the most exciting thing about the Olympics, you never know what is going to happen. So follow along as I take the journey along with all of you in one of the most exciting sporting events of the year, The London 2012 Olympics.

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