UFC 147 Preview

Rematches have become a part of the UFC plan in this stretch of fights with the trilogy of Stout-Fisher and rematch of Silva-Sonnen. In between these two fights will be another rematch as the Light Heavyweight division sees Rich Franklin and Wanderlei Silva rehash their longtime rivalry. The fight business is made through these types of fights as they become major draws for fight fans. Rivalries are the lifeblood of all sports and these trilogy fights or rematchs create these rivalries and create the legendary stories that form a great history. Rivalries like Ortiz-Liddell, Hughes-Trigg, and Ortiz-Shamrock have become the stories of legends. All of these rivalries were forged out of great fights that became great rematches and great trilogies. These fights are an important part in the fight game and for the UFC and we are beginning to see a number of rematches in this short stretch of fights. This week after Stout-Fisher III on Friday fans will get to see Silva-Franklin II on PPV. The fight almost never happened though as Wanderlei Silva was originally slated to face fellow Brazilian Vitor Belfort in what was a rivalry forged in Brazil. After an injury to Belfort the UFC asked Rich Franklin to fill in and take on Silva in a rematch of a fight in 2009. This fight was one that pitted both fighters against each other at key times in their careers. For Wanderlei Silva it was an essential time as he had just lost to Rampage Jackson and had seemed to lose a step. As he took on Rich Franklin the rumours were swirling that he may not be the fighter that people knew from Pride. For Rich Franklin the fight was a step towards another run at a title that he had lost to Anderson Silva in 2007. Wanderlei would be a big name to put on the list of wins for Franklin who was hoping to get another run at the Middleweight title. The fight ended with a KO victory by Franklin that made Silva a washed up fighter and put Franklin back to the elite but did not get him back to the title fight. Now both fighters meet in very different situations at UFC 147 as Wanderlei Silva is in the midst of a comeback and Rich Franklin is essentially on a shelf. Silva struggled after the loss to Franklin but a win against Cung Le in his last fight has shown that he could be back to the fighter he once was. Meanwhile Rich Franklin has been on the shelf for more than a year as he seemed to be out of the fight game for good. He is back though to take on Silva in a grudge match where Silva looks to gain his revenge against Franklin and will try to continue his renaissance in the UFC. Franklin will be looking to prove that he is better than Silva and to show he still has some fight left in him after a year off. Both fighters will stand in this fight as they are both strikers but they are both opposite ends of the striking world. Franklin is a careful fighter who picks his spots and has the power in his hands to KO his opponents when he can catch them. Silva is the exact opposite as he comes forward with a relentless attitude and looks for the knockout through number of punches. This will help him in a fight where he will take on a fighter who has not been in the octagon for over a year. It looks like Silva is back to make maybe one last run and his style of coming forward mixed with a new sense of technique has made his game come to a level where he can finally seem to compete at the top level of the UFC. As a result of this the fight could end in Silva’s favour as The Axe Murderer will win another one by KO in round 2.

Before a Brazilian hero steps into the octagon there will be a host of new Brazilian stars looking to make their impact. It will be the first ever The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil Finale as four fighters look to be the most recent Brazilian stars to earn a UFC contract. The prize is essentially the same as the original TUF series as winners will be named TUF: Brazil Champions and will earn a 6-figure Contract with the UFC. First up will be the Featherweights as Godofredo Pepey takes on Rony Mariano Bezerra. Both fighters have been two of the best fighters in Brazil but both were not getting the recognition they deserved. Because of this they took it into their own hands and joined TUF: Brazil. Under Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Belfort both fighters were able to move all the way to the finals where they will complete for a contract. Pepey is undefeated in his MMA career with a 9-0 record and has never gone the distance with 7 submissions and 2 KOs. Bezerra is no push over either as he has an 11-3 record and has yet to go the distance in any win. After the Featherweights face off the Middleweights will take focus but there will be a new face in the final fight. Daniel Sarafian was originally slated to take on Cezar Ferreira for the second UFC contract but an injury has ended his shot of fighting for the contract. In his place will be Sergio Moraes who lost to Sarafian in the Semi-Finals and will now take his place for a UFC contract. Both fighters were impressive in the TUF: Brazil show with Ferreira earning the Knockout of the Show and Moraes earning an impressive submission victory in the quarter-finals. These four fighters will look for their chance to enter the UFC and one thing is for sure whoever wins will be the first of plenty of new Brazilian fighters as the TUF: Brazil series has been very impressive and will likely return next year.


Fight Card:

Main Event:

Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva vs. Rich “Ace” Franklin (PPV)


Main Card:

Cezar “Mutante” Ferreira vs. Sergio “Serginho” Moraes (PPV)


Godofredo Pepey vs. Rony “Jason” Mariano Bezerra (PPV)


Fabricio “Vai Cavalo” Werdum vs. Mike Russow (PPV)


Yuri “Marajo” Alcantara vs. Hacran Dias (PPV)



Anistavio “Gasparzinho” Medeiros vs. Rodrigo Damm (Sportsnet)


Delson “Pe De Chumbo” Heleno vs. Francisco “Massaranduba” Trinaldo (Sportsnet)


John “Macapa” Teixeira vs. Hugo “Wolverine” Viana (Sportsnet)


Thiago “Bodao” Perpetuo vs. Leonardo “Macarrao” Mafra (Sportsnet)


Marcos Vinicius “Vina” Borges Pancini vs. Wagner “Galeto” Campos (Facebook)


Felipe “Sertanejo” Arantes vs. Milton “Miltinho” Vieira (Facebook)

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