MLB Week in Review (June 9-15)

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With two and a half months gone in the 2012 season the MLB is beginning to even out now as the league begins to really take shape. The MLB is a long season and that means that there will be a lot of up and downs for teams. With 162 games a year losing or winning in the first few months means little unless you can extend that into the middle of the season. The long season also allows for teams to get off to a slow start before they can get into a groove. If they start slow there is plenty of time to get back into the race. This seems to be the story of the first quarter of the season as the MLB can see many teams look great to start the season as the hope to make the postseason is high. Then most of these teams fall back to earth as the other teams catch up to them and begin asserting themselves in the divisions. This is what happened this year as many divisions are now beginning to see this shift in their standings. The American League East is still fairly open for the taking but the powers are beginning to show their muscle. After a great start to the season the Baltimore Orioles were sitting at the top of the AL East standings. Lately the Orioles have began to stumble while the New York Yankees have gone on a tear to take the top spot. In the Central the shift has yet to start with the White Sox and Indians sitting at the top of the standings and fighting it out. In the AL West the Rangers remain at the top of the division but the Angels have finally started to catch up with the Rangers. Meanwhile the Athletics have cooled off and fallen to the 3rd place spot after taking the second spot early in the year. In the National League the East is seeing the emergence of the Washington Nationals as legitimate threats while the Phillies look to truly be ending their dominance. In the Central the Cardinals and Reds remain at the top of the division while the Pirates look to be a possible surprise this year. In the West the Dodgers remain a powerhouse but the Giants have finally seemed to get into a groove and are now ready to challenge for that top spot. There are still plenty of games to be played and nothing can be determined yet as teams will continue to move up and down. One thing that can be determined so far though is that many of the top teams right now may have a good shot at the postseason. The teams that are now at the top of their divisions are off to a good start and could be ready to make a run at the postseason. Of course any of these teams could fall into a funk and hurt their bid to make the postseason but starting off well is a good way to get into a groove. There is plenty of baseball left this year in the MLB and with a quarter of the season done there will be plenty more to watch and plenty more to talk about as teams begin to enter the dog days of summer.

With the first part of the season done one of the main stories has been the return of the Year of the Pitcher. So far this season there has been one perfect game and 4 total no-hitters as the pitchers continued to dominate hitters. Of course the start of the season always sees pitchers do well with batters waiting to catch up. This year was slightly different though as the 2011 season saw the pitchers dominate after years of batters taking control. The trend looks to continue as pitchers continue to be the story of the young 2012 season. This past week the domination continued as yet another pitcher completed the Perfect Game. This time it was from one of the best pitching rotations in the MLB in San Francisco. It was still somewhat unexpected as the pitcher was not one of the better or more known pitchers in the rotation. Instead it was Matt Cain who was able to overwhelm Houston Astros for his first ever perfect game. As these perfect games add up the debate continues to just how valuable these performances have become. With more and more pitchers earning these no-hitters and perfect games the uniqueness of these accomplishments has diminished. Still it is a great accomplishment as pitchers continue to rack up these games they are added to the limited list of other players who have no-hitters and perfect games.


MLB Standings

American League


1. New York Yankees (.603)

2. Baltimore Orioles (.578)

3. Tampa Bay Rays (.563)

4. Toronto Blue Jays (.500)

5. Boston Red Sox (.484)


1. Chicago White Sox (.531)

2. Cleveland Indians (.524)

3. Detroit Tigers (.469)

4. Kansas City Royals (.452)

5. Minnesota Twins (.397)


1. Texas Rangers (.585)

2. Los Angeles Angels (.523)

3. Oakland Athletics (.462)

4. Seattle Mariners (.409)


National League


1. Washington Nationals (.613)

2. Atlanta Braves (.547)

3. New York Mets (.538)

4. Miami Marlins (.500)

5. Philadelphia Phillies (.470)


1. Cincinnati Reds (.571)

2. Pittsburgh Pirates (.508)

3. St. Louis Cardinals (.508)

4. Milwaukee Brewers (.453)

5. Houston Astros (.422)

6. Chicago Cubs (.344)


1. Los Angeles Dodgers (.631)

2. San Francisco Giants (.569)

3. Arizona Diamondbacks (.500)

4. Colorado Rockies (.397)

5. San Diego Padres (.354)


Key Scores:

New York Yankees 5 – 4 New York Mets

– The Subways Series ended in a bang as Russell Martin hit a Walk-Off Homer to win the game and complete the sweep of the New York Mets while the Yankees continued to climb back to the top of the division


Los Angeles Dodgers 5 – 2 Los Angeles Angels

– The Battle of LA or the Freeway Series got underway this past week with the Los Angeles Dodgers taking the game and remaining at the top of their division while the Angels took the loss despite climbing up their division this week


San Francisco Giants 10 – 0 Houston Astros

– Matt Cain was great as he pitched his first Perfect Game and led the Giants to the win but he had plenty of help with the offence exploding for 10 runs while the Astros continue to struggle this year


Kansas City Royals 3 – 2 St. Louis Cardinals

– The Show Me Series finished up as the Royals were able to beat the defending champions as they continued to falter and the Royals attempted to climb up to the top of the AL Central before they host the All-Star Game


Next Week:

Milwaukee Brewers vs. Minnesota Twins (June 16th; 2:10 pm ET)

– The battle of Minnesota continues as the Brewers take on the Twins in a battle for two teams that are struggling so far with the Twins sitting at the bottom of the AL Central and the Brewers struggling to get to the top of the NL Central


Cincinnati Reds vs. Cleveland Indians (June 18th; 7:05 pm ET)

– The Battle of the Buckeye State continues for the second time this year as the Reds look to continue their dominance in 2012 after sweeping the first series but the Indians will be looking to continue their strong season and get closer to the top spot in the AL Central


Chicago Cubs vs. Chicago White Sox (June 20th; 8:10 pm ET)

– The Cubs have struggled all year while their cross-town rivals have shot up the standings to sit in first place in the AL Central but they will be challenged like usual when they take on their rivals in the Windy City Series


San Francisco Giants vs. Oakland Athletics (June 22nd; 10:05 pm ET)

– The Battle of the Bay Bridge gets underway again with Interleague play as the Giants are looking to continue their climb up the standings and the Athletics are looking to end their slide down the standings

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