Is Toronto Fed Up?

Sitting at the Blue Jays Home Opener in the 9th inning something terrible happened as the Blue Jays let a lead slip away. It was frustrating and annoying to see the Jays let another game slip away after year of watching them do the exact same thing. As Sergio Santos allowed 3 runs in the top of the 9th inning the familiar sight of a Toronto team sparked something in the fans. The “boos” began pouring down on Santos as the fans wanted him out of the game. This boo had a little something extra behind it though as it was not just about the game or the Blue Jays. This “boo” had some extra meaning behind it and if you were there you could feel it. The “boos” were about Toronto sports teams as a whole. It was almost like a message to the Blue Jays that they better not continue the trend in Toronto because they are the last hope of a city that is frustrated. It was also a message to Toronto sports teams that Toronto sports fans are getting much more than just annoyed at the losing tradition of these teams.

Last year Toronto was named the worst sports city in North America by ESPN Magazine in a study that included the price of tickets and the amount of wins. Toronto has consistently paid top price to see sporting events and yet they have not had a champion in the “Big Three” leagues in Toronto, NHL, MLB, and NBA, in years. The last champion in the bigger leagues that the city has seen was in 1993 when the Toronto Blue Jays won their last World Series. The last time that any team won a championship, aside from the Toronto Rock of the National Lacrosse League, was 2004 when the Toronto Argonauts won the Grey Cup in the Canadian Football League. Worse than that Toronto has not even seen a playoff game in the big three leagues in 8 years. On top of all of this the lifeblood of the Toronto sports world, The Toronto Maple Leafs, finished out of the playoffs for the 8th year in a row and haven’t won the Stanley Cup in 44 years. Although the Maple Leafs have not won in that many years they still charge the highest prices in the entire NHL with the cheapest tickets at $55.00. This has created a lot of tension in between these teams and their fans as they have been feeling unappreciated for years. Yet they continue to come back and continue to pay these prices to see losing teams. This year the tide seems to be changing and the “boos” at the Rogers Centre were a sign of this. The fans in Toronto are getting fed up with continuing to be given promises of a better team and seeing no results. Fans are sick of paying big money to see a terrible product and sick of being the worst sports city in North America. The fans want a champion or a winning team that they can feel proud of and now the fans seem to be ready to tell these teams what they think.

The tide may be changing in Toronto as fans seem to be fed up with the losing and may even be ready to send a message. Part of this was sent recently after an apology letter by the Toronto Maple Leafs seemingly fell on deaf ears. The apology for the performance of the season was not good enough for Leafs fans showing that the usual tactics will no longer work. The true test of this theory though will be in October as the Toronto Maple Leafs, the worst offender, get back to the regular season. If the Leafs sell out every home game again nothing will change as there will be no motivation to change prices if they are making as much money as they are. If fans are truly fed up and decide to stay home then the Leafs will see large sections of their seats empty and may begin to change. This means that the change in Toronto is up to the fans and so it is up to us to tell these teams that we are done. No more accepting losing and coming back instead force them to commit to winning and get back to a once proud tradition.

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  1. Phill macKrakin says:

    Leafs suck

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