500 lbs of Excitement

The UFC finished off their year with two of the biggest fighters in the UFC facing off at UFC 141. Brock Lesnar who stands at 6’3” and weighs in at 265 lbs would take on Alistair Overeem who stands at 6’5” and weighs in at 256 lbs. Both fighters are two of the biggest fighters the UFC had ever seen and they would face off in the octagon for a chance at the UFC Heavyweight Title. The winner of this fight would move on to face Junior dos Santos for the Heavyweight Title as both fighters were looking to take that step. Brock Lesnar had his time as the Heavyweight Champion after only three fights in the UFC. Lesnar took the UFC by storm as he moved into the fighting league after spending time in the WWE with many people thinking he would not make anything of his time in real fights. Instead Lesnar was able to beat Randy Couture for the Heavyweight belt and then go on to beat Frank Mir and Shane Carwin in his title defences. After the fight Lesnar found out that he had an intestinal disease called Diverticulitis and would need to take some time off. Lesnar took his time and came back to defend his belt against Cain Velasquez and after found out that the disease had returned. After over a year out of the UFC Lesnar returned at UFC 141 where he would take on, possibly his toughest test in Alistair Overeem. “The Reem” would be making his UFC debut against Lesnar at UFC 141 but he brought with him a wealth of experience. As the champion of Dream, Strikeforce, and a K-1 Grand Prix champion Overeem had much more experience in the MMA world. The only thing left for Overeem to do was to win in the UFC and he would get his chance against the former UFC Heavyweight Champion. The matchup seemed to be pretty even as Lesnar was a great wrestler who can also KO people while Overeem was a top-tier kickboxer who had more submissions from his Jiu Jitsu than KOs. The general feeling was that if Brock could get Overeem down it could mean trouble for Overeem as he had never faced a wrestler as skilled as Lesnar. If the fight stayed standing Overeem would have the advantage as a great kickboxer and former K-1 Champion. The Fans did not have to wait long for the fireworks to start in this fight as both men came out ready for a battle. The first round saw Overeem coming forward while Lesnar seemed to be tentative while trying to find his range. Overeem mixed together some good punches and some devastating kicks. Midway through the round Overeem closed the distance in a clinch and landed a big knee to the midsection of Lesnar. They got out of the clinch but Overeem continued to put pressure on Lesnar as he continued to come after the former champion. Overeem then threw a big kick to Lesnar’s midsection sending Lesnar back and eventually forcing Lesnar to the ground. Overeem jumped on the chance as he began punching Lensar who was covering up on the ground and blocking the punches until he was hit in the midsection. The referee stopped the fight giving Overeem the win as Lesnar had lost his first fight back. After the fight Lesnar made a surprising announcement as he stated that he would no longer be fighting in the UFC. Lesnar retired with the loss after only his 7th fight in the UFC and may never return as his short but eventful career seems to be over. Meanwhile Overeem’s UFC career is just starting as the win will give him a title shot against Junior dos Santos next year where he will try to earn his third promotion title. The fight was short-lived but thrilling and saw the end of one career and the beginning of another as the UFC ended their great year with a bang.

Before the end of this year’s fight schedule and before the heavyweights battled it out two lightweight fighters faced off in what had become a grudge match. Nate Diaz and Donald Cerrone have never fought before but that didn’t stop them from getting into a battle before fighting. Before either faced off both fighters were at an open workout when Cerrone went to shake Diaz’s hand and had it smacked away and then was called a “Punk-@$$ B%$#&.” That incident changed the fight for Cerrone as he wanted to go out and finish Diaz after he was disrespected. At the press conference before the fight the hate continued as Cerrone said something to Diaz and then Diaz hit Cerrone’s cowboy hat, his nickname is Cowboy, off of his head almost causing a fight on stage. All of this came to a head at UFC 141 when both fighters faced off in the co-main event. Many believed that Diaz would want to fight on the ground and avoid the great hands of Cerrone. This was not the case as Diaz came out boxing with Cerrone and did very well as the Jiu Jitsu practitioner seemed to have turned into a boxer. The first round saw Diaz dominate on the feet as he landed a number of big punches with Cerrone struggling to find his range and not moving his head. The second round saw much of the same but Cerrone seemed to figure out a way to score points as he launched a number of big leg kicks. A few of these kicks sent Diaz to the ground where he tried to goat Cerrone into a wrestling match. Cerrone did not fall for it as he stayed standing and continued to sweep Diaz’s leg but it was not enough as Diaz continued to land big shots. The third round was much of the same as Diaz continued to land big shots on his feet and Cerrone continued to land big leg kicks. The fight ended with both fighters breathing heavy after a true war in the octagon but Diaz got the better of Cowboy and took home the unanimous decision victory. Cerrone would take the loss and miss out on his potential lightweight title shot but will remain as one of the best lightweight fighters. With the win Diaz is on the path to a title fight but will need to add a few more wins if he hopes to get to the #1 contender spot.

The bonuses for UFC 141 totaled the usual $75,000 but without a submission on the night only two bonuses were handed out. The “Knockout of the Night” went to Johny Hendricks who had a fast KO against Jon Fitch 12 seconds into the first round. The “Fight of the Night” went to the co-main event as Nate Diaz and Donald Cerrone went through a three round war that ended with Diaz having his hand raised.


Full Results:

Alistair ”The Reem” Overeem def. Brock Lesnar

(TKO; Rd. 1)


Nate Diaz def. Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone

(Unanimous Decision)


Johny “Bigg Rigg” Hendricks def. Jon Fitch

(KO; Rd. 1)


Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson def. Vladimir “The Janitor” Matyushenko

(TKO; Rd. 1)


Jimy “The Kid” Hettes def. Nam Phan

(Unanimous Decision)


Ross “The Real Deal” Pearson def. Junior Assuncao

(Unanimous Decision)


Danny “Last Call” Castillo def. Anthony “The Assassin” Njokuani

(Split Decision)


Dong “Stun Gun” Hyun Kim def. Sean “The Punisher” Pierson

(Unanimous Decision)


Jacob “Christmas” Volkmann def. Efrain “Hecho en Mexico” Ecudero

(Unanimous Decision)


Diego “The Gun” Nunes def. Manny “The Anvil” Gamburyan

(Unanimous Decision)


Upcoming Events:

UFC Rio: Aldo vs. Mendes (January 14th; 10:00 pm)

– Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (HSBC Arena)

– Main Event: Jose “Junior” Aldo vs. Chad “Money” Mendes [Featherweight Title]

– Notable: “The Phenom” Vitor Belfort vs. Anthony “Rumble” Johnson

– Notable: Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares vs. Mike “The Master of Disaster” Massenzio


UFC on FX: Guillard vs. Miller (January 20th; 9:00 pm)

– Free Live on FX and Sportsnet

– Nashville, Tennessee (Bridgestone Arena)

– Main Event: Melvin “The Young Assassin” Guillard vs. Jim Miller

– Notable: Duane “Bang” Ludwig vs. Josh “The Dentist” Neer


UFC on Fox 2: Evans vs. Davis (January 28th; 8:00 pm)

– Free Live on Fox and Sportsnet

– Chicago, Illinois (United Center)

– Main Event: “Suga” Rashad Evans vs. Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis

– Notable: Chael Sonnen vs. Mark “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” Munoz

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