Wednesday Morning QB (NFL Week 13)

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The beginning of this NFL is far behind us and with the playoffs creeping up fast the trends have changed. At the beginning of the year it seemed the NFC North was unstoppable with Green Bay playing great, Chicago being their usual surprise contenders, and Detroit being the biggest surprise of the year with a great undefeated start to the season. Since then the Packer have continued their strong season and are now the NFC North Champions after a win and some key losses in week 13. The Bears were looking like a lock in the Wild Card but after a key injury to Jay Cutler they are in trouble. With Cutler out Caleb Hanie has taken over and has lost both games that he has started. The Bears also lost the biggest part of their offence in week 13 as Matt Forte strained his MCL and will miss 2-4 weeks. With the late rash of injuries the Bears’ playoff hopes are hanging by a thread but they still have a chance at making it thanks to some bad play by the rest of the conference. Possibly the biggest collapse has been the Detroit Lions who started the season with a five game undefeated streak that was broken in week 6 by the San Francisco 49ers. Since that point the Lions have not been the same team that they were at the start of the season. They have still won some games but have gone 2-4 after the 49ers game. They have also taken the bad boy attitude to the level of the Oakland Raiders in the 60s and 70s. I have already talked about the Lions’ new title and originally it was what gave them the edge but recently the Lions have gone overboard on this reputation. The Lions are now one of the dirtiest teams in the league and their last two games have been the tipping point. Against the rival Packers on Thanksgiving the Lions had 11 penalties for a total of 82 yards including an Ndamukong Suh penalty that saw him stomp on a Packers’ lineman. This 15 yard penalty saw Suh ejected from the game and later suspend for two games. After this Penalty to Suh the Packers took off and dominated the rest of the game. Week 13 was worse than the previous week as the Lions got 11 penalties for 107 yards giving New Orleans every chance to continue drives and dominate the game again. Something has happened in Detroit as this team is quickly becoming one of the dirtiest in NFL history and unlike Oakland in the 60s and 70s it is beginning to cost them games. Being aggressive and a little dirty is generally how you win games, whether people want to admit it or not. The best example is Charles Woodson from the Packers who could be called for pass interference on every play but knows ways to get around it as to not hurt his team. The Lions were on this edge for the beginning of the season but have recently fallen over the edge to the dirty and being caught side. This usually means that a team is doing things that cannot be ignored and they are losing their discipline at key moments. This included some terrible penalties on Sunday Night like pushing an official or the Suh penalty on Thanksgiving. The only way that the Lions can get back on track and towards a playoff spot is if Jim Schwartz can get his team refocused and disciplined. It will all lie on the coach because discipline needs to be punished off the field so that the players know they cannot get away with anything. If Schwartz cannot get a hold of his team there are some serious questions about whether or not he is truly a good head coach. There is still time as the Lions are in the thick of the Wild Card race  and can beat the Chicago Bears with their injury woes. If they do not make the playoffs they can only blame themselves for losing their composure at the end of the season, which could be one of the worst ways to lose out on a playoff spot.

The debate rages on about the most talked about QB in the NFL today and it is not the best QB in the NFL that everyone is talking about. Tim Tebow is the most polarizing figure in the NFL this year as I have talked about before in WMQB. It is time to revisit the debate after an amazing game in week 13 that has put him another notch up. Tebow is not the best QB in the league as he has one of the worst throwing motions in the league and cannot read a defence for much of anything. He has one main thing that I think is being overlooked more than anything else in his arsenal and that is he is a winner. There are those people in sports that may not be the perfect picture of how you want to play but all they do is find ways to win. Tebow is this guy as he has gone 6-1 since becoming the starter in Denver and even though the games are close he continues to find ways to lead his team to wins. The scariest part for Denver opponents is that Tebow is actually becoming a better QB with every start. Against the Minnesota Vikings last week Tebow threw for over 200 yards and had 2 TDs. Granted he only threw 15 times in the game but the fact that he continues to find open men and continues to improve could mean good things. Tebow of course is not alone in these games as his running game and defence have helped him along the way in tremendous fashion. The one thing about his game against Minnesota that can give fans hope is that his defence did not hold up like they had in previous games and Tebow had to lead his offence in a shootout. Tebow may not be ready yet to guide his team to the Super Bowl but he has brought his team to a tie for the division and could put them in the playoffs. Give Tebow a full offseason as a starting QB and he might become a scary threat in the NFL. The future is yet to be seen but Tebow is currently in a heated battle for the AFC West and his true test for all of the haters may be whether or not Tebow can lead the Broncos into the playoffs with only four weeks left in the game.




American Football Conference

Division Leaders:

1. New England Patriots (.750) [East]

2. Houston Texans (.750) [South]

3. Baltimore Ravens (.750) [North]

4. Denver Broncos (.583) [West]


Wild Card:

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (.750)

6. Cincinnati Bengals (.583)


In the Hunt:

7. Tennessee Titans (.583)

8. Oakland Raiders (.583)

9. New York Jets (.583)

10. Buffalo Bills (.417)

11. Kansas City Chiefs (.417)

12. San Diego Chargers (.417)

13.  Cleveland Browns (.333)

14. Miami Dolphins (.333)

15. Jacksonville Jaguars (.250)


Out of the Running:

16. Indianapolis Colts (.000)


National Football Conference

Division Leaders:

1. z-Green Bay Packers (1.000) [North]

2. z-San Francisco 49ers (.833) [West]

3. New Orleans Saints (.750) [South]

4. Dallas Cowboys (.583) [East]


Wild Card:

5. Chicago Bears (.583)

6. Atlanta Falcons (.583)


In the Hunt:

7. Detroit Lions (.583)

8. New York Giants (.500)

9. Seattle Seahawks (.417)

10. Arizona Cardinals (.417)

11. Philadelphia Eagles (.333)

12. Carolina Panthers (.333)

13. Washington Redskins (.333)

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (.333)


Out of the Running:

15. Minnesota Vikings (.167)

16. St. Louis Rams (.167)


POW Awards


American Football Conference:

Ray Rice, RB (AFC Offensive POW)

29 rsh

204 yds

7.0 avg

1 TD


Colin McCarthy, LB (AFC Defensive POW)

9 tkl

1 Pdef

1 FF

2 FR


Antonio Brown, PR (AFC Special Teams POW)

3 ret

21 avg

60 lng

1 TD


National Football Conference:

Cam Newton, QB (NFC Offensive POW)

57.1% cmp/14 rsh

204 yds/54 rsh yds

1 TD/3 rsh TD

0 INT/0 F


David Hawthorne, LB (NFC Defensive POW)

6 tkl

0 sck

1 Pdef


1 TD


Tim Masthay, P (NFC Special Teams POW)

5 P

221 nyds

55 lng

4 in20


Key Scores:

Denver Broncos 35 – 32 Minnesota Vikings

–  Time Tebow and the Broncos Defence were able to avoid overtime again with a last-minute field goal that put the Broncos into the top of the AFC West Division


Green Bay Packers 38 – 35 New York Giants

– The Packers almost ended their undefeated streak but won with a late field goal to do their part in clinching the NFC North Division and guaranteeing a playoff spot again this year


New Orleans Saints 31 – 17 Detroit Lions

– The Detroit Lions had a total of 107 penalty yards as the Saints offence again performed great in primetime to extend their lead in the NFC South


San Diego Chargers 38 – 14 Jacksonville Jaguars

– San Diego kept their hopes alive for a playoff spot while the Jaguars did not fare much better without Jack Del Rio who was fired early last week


Key Week 14 Matchups:

New Orleans Saints vs. Tennessee Titans (December 11th; 1:00 pm)

– Can the Saints continue to extend their lead in the NFC South as if they win and Atlanta loses the Saints will clinch the division but the Titans will be looking to get their own win and continue to pressure Houston for the AFC South


Chicago Bears vs. Denver Broncos (December 11th; 4:05 pm)

– The Bears were on the road to the playoffs but without Matt Forte and Jay Cutler they are struggling which could be good for The Tim Tebow show and the Broncos who are looking to continue their run into the playoffs


New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys (December 11th; 8:20 pm)

– The most important game for the Giants will be this week as they will look to make up their game on the Dallas Cowboys and make the NFC East race a tight one


St. Louis Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks (December 12th; 8:30 pm)

– The Monday Nighter is not the biggest game but Seattle will try to beat the struggling Rams to continue a late run at the wild card spot

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