Wednesday Morning QB (NFL Week 5)

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Week 5 in the NFL started off on a very sad note as a legend in the NFL passed away on Saturday. The longtime owner of the Oakland Raiders, Al Davis, passed away Saturday before the games leaving a massive hole in the NFL. Al Davis changed the face of the NFL and will always be remembered for his contributions to the league. Al Davis was almost always involved in football from a young age in Brooklyn. In 1960 he was hired as a defensive line coach for the L.A. Chargers and progressed from there to the Head Coach of Raiders. In 1962 Davis began his career as a head coach in the up and coming American Football League (AFL) and began his everlasting impact on the game. It all started with his team philosophy when he implemented the “Vertical Game” from his previous years in the Chargers franchise. Davis was the one who took this to another level as he changed the face of the AFL. The AFL was always a second tier league that was being beat by the more traditional NFL. The AFL began changing things after Davis entered and jump started the passing game that made the AFL exciting. As fans began to notice the scoring and excitement of the AFL they began to move from the more traditional running games of the NFL. The AFL still wasn’t as popular however as they kept many of the top players in football because these players considered the AFL a second-rate league. Al Davis changed this too when he became the AFL commissioner in 1966. As the commissioner Davis began an aggressive campaign to recruit the top players out of college and began poaching players from the NFL. Davis began offering players huge contracts, for the times, to entice them to leave the NFL who refused to offer big contracts to any of their players. Due to this aggressive campaign and secret meetings held by owners on both sides, not Davis, the NFL decided to merge with the AFL in 1966. Davis resigned as the Commissioner with the announcement and returned to the Raiders. This time he became a part owner and director of football operations as he oversaw very good teams but could not win the newly created Super Bowl. In 1972 Davis became the sole owner of the team for good and proceeded to build his team as the owner/general manager. Davis brought a special attitude to the Raiders as he was relentless in his pursuit of winning and would do anything to get it. Signing a number of players that nobody knew the Raiders became an island of misfit toys and continued to stretch the rules of the game to win. In 1976 Davis and the Raiders won their first Super Bowl and proceeded to be the bad boys of the NFL. This came to light even more when Davis moved the Raiders to Los Angeles but did this without the approval of the NFL owners. The move was blocked by the NFL and Davis sued the NFL and won. Nobody in the history of the NFL had ever done that before and has never done it since. Davis continued to act as the owner and GM until his death as many people continued to believe that it hampered the Raiders chances as he went through more coaches than any other team in the NFL. Davis was a constant figure in the NFL and continued to make headlines throughout his career. With his role in the AFL and his challenging of the NFL Davis made a big impact but he did many other things that made a massive change. Davis was the first person to draft a Punter in the first round, Ray Guy, and was also the first owner to sign black players in professional football helping to break the colour barrier. He did so much for the NFL and his passing will leave a big hole in the NFL but the legend of “Just Win Baby” and “Commitment To Excellence” will live on with the Raiders forever. Davis will always be remembered for being a pain in the side of the NFL but a pain that forced change and shaped the NFL forever.

As the NFL was mourning the loss of a great figure in the NFL the games were still played and there were plenty of stories to follow. One of the biggest stories this season has been the collapse of the “Dream Team.” In the shortened offseason the Philadelphia Eagles made a number of big moves that made them favorites in many pools. They added Nnamdi Asomugha, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Cullen Jenkins, and Vince Young. These players created a team full of great players with a great passing defence that had Vince Young saying they were a dream Team. The Eagles had this team and became favorites and the Season started with the Eagles crushing the Rams. It seemed like everything was good for the Eagles and that their team was actually a dream team. Then everyone woke up as the Eagles have now lost four games in a row. There are a number of reasons for this terrible season that the Eagles are in now. First Michael Vick is a small running QB who runs out of the pocket a lot and because of this he gets hit a lot. All of these hits have added up as Vick has suffered a concussion and a hand contusion this year forcing him out of games and making him not as effective as last year. Second the Eagles drastically improved their pass defence but did nothing with their run defence as they laid their linebacking corps at the hands of rookie middle linebacker Casey Matthews. The Eagles have struggled this year and are looking to be massive disappointments and are looking on the path to an early exit. They are not on the path to the playoffs and with the Dream Team looking to become a nightmare there will be a few jobs on the line if the losses continue to pile up.



American Football Conference

AFC East:

1. Buffalo Bills (.800)

2. New England Patriots (.800)

3. New York Jets (.400)

4. Miami Dolphins (.000)

AFC North:

1. Baltimore Ravens (.750)

2. Cincinnati Bengals (.600)

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (.600)

4. Cleveland Browns (.500)

AFC South:

1. Houston Texans (.600)

2. Tennessee Titans (.600)

3. Jacksonville Jaguars (.200)

4. Indianapolis Colts (.000)

AFC West:

1. San Diego Chargers (.800)

2. Oakland Raiders (.600)

3. Kansas City Chiefs (.400)

4. Denver Broncos (.200)


National Football Conference

NFC East:

1. Washington Redskins (.750)

2. New York Giants (.600)

3. Dallas Cowboys (.500)

4. Philadelphia Eagles (.200)

NFC North:

1. Detroit Lions (1.00)

2. Green Bay Packers (1.00)

3. Chicago Bears (.400)

4. Minnesota Vikings (.200)

NFC South:

1. New Orleans Saints (.800)

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (.600)

3. Atlanta Falcons (.400)

4. Carolina Panthers (.200)

NFC West:

1. San Francisco 49ers (.800)

2. Seattle Seahawks (.400)

3. Arizona Cardinals (.200)

4. St. Louis Rams (.000)


POW Awards


American Football Conference

Ben Roethlisberger, QB (AFC Offensive POW)

70.6 cmp%

228 yds

5 TD



George Wilson, S (AFC Defensive POW)

11 tkl

0 sck

3 PDef



Sebastian Janikowski, K (AFC Special Teams POW)

4/4 FG

55 lng

1/1 XP

13 pts


National Football Conference

Adrian Peterson, RB (NFC Offensive POW)

29 rsh

122 yds

4.2 avg

3 TD


Patrick Willis, LB (NFC Defensive POW)

12 tkl

0 sck

1 PDef

0 FF


Mason Crosby, K (NFC Special Teams POW)

4/4 FG

56 lng

1/1 XP

13 pts


Key Scores:

Oakland Raiders 25 – 20 Houston Texans

– The Raiders had a heavy heart after learning their owner had passed as they landed in Texas and they took this game as a win for their late owner


New England Patriots 30 – 21 New York Jets

– The big rivalry in modern-day NFL is between these two opposites but the Jets could not live up to the hype as their offence struggled and BenJarvus Green-Ellis went to work


Green Bay Packers 25 – 14 Atlanta Falcons

– Thee Packers looked like they might lose their first game after going down 14-0 early but mounted a comeback and took the win on Sunday Night to go 5-0


Detroit Lions 24 – 13 Chicago Bears

– The Lions kept up with the Packers on Monday Night as they hosted the first Monday Night Football Game in Detroit for a decade and remained undefeated


Key Week 6 Matchups:

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins (Oct. 16th; 1:00 pm)

– In a key division matchup the Eagles will look to stop their losing ways against a surprisingly great Redskins team who look to stay at the top of the NFC East


Dallas Cowboys vs. New England Patriots (Oct. 16th; 4:15 pm)

– The Cowboys will look to get back their swagger after struggling season but will have to deal with the Patriots offence that has disguised their league worst defence


Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears (Oct. 16th; 8:20 pm)

– The Vikings will be looking to build on their first win in Week 5 but will have division rivals the Chicago Bears defence to contend with


Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets (Oct. 17th; 8:30 pm)

– The Jets will be trying to get back to their winning ways facing a struggling Miami team whose coach got a surprising vote of confidence from the organization

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