Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 14)

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The CFL is beginning to shape their postseason with only 5 weeks left but still nobody has clinched a playoff spot. The CFL is looking to be a fight to the end this year with every team able to make the playoffs. As the battle rages there are a couple of battles within the battle to earn a spot in the postseason. Both of the conferences in the CFL are still without a true leader as teams continue to battle for the top spots. Montreal and Winnipeg continue their fight for the top spot in the Eastern Conference and have done it against each other. In the West Calgary is now on top but Edmonton is still in the fight while B.C. has become the new team to throw their hat into the ring for first place. As for the rest of the teams the Ti-Cats seemed poised to take the last spot in the East but the Argos are still not out of it. The Eskimos and Lions are on opposite trends as the Lions continue to climb and the Eskies continue to fall. Saskatchewan is looking to keep up but seems to be running out of steam down the stretch. The playoffs are still up for grabs as no team has clinched yet and it looks to be a fight to the end for all teams. Throughout the next few weeks the CFL will begin to take shape as all teams look toward the 99th Grey Cup in November.

Montreal Continues the Fight

MTL 34 – 26 WPG

The Montreal Alouettes have stumbled more than usual this year and no longer look to be the unbeatable team they once were. As the Alouettes have shown their dominance at some points but have also had some difficulty in beating some teams. One of these teams has been the Winnipeg Blue Bombers who have almost ensured a playoff spot after finishing in last place last year. With Winnipeg and Montreal sitting atop the Eastern Conference both teams faced off in a battle for the top spot in the Eastern Conference and a first round bye in the playoffs. The Bombers started a few men down as they lost running back Fred Reid to a season ending injury last week and Buck Pierce sat out the game to rest a rib injury. With Pierce resting Alex Brink (25/40, 326 yds, 1 TD, 2 INT) took over the Bombers offence as they went against a healthy Montreal team. The Game started with a field goal by the Bombers that was quickly erased after the Alouettes struck back with some big plays near the end of the 1st quarter. With Montreal ahead 8-3 near the end of the second half the Bombers made a crucial mistake. The Bombers were backed up inside their five when Brink had a pass deflected and was intercepted by the Alouettes. The Als took advantage of this turnover scoring a TD to end the half and remain on top 15-3. The Alouettes continued their dominance in the second half scoring on another TD pass by Anthony Calvillo (26/44, 335 yds, 3 TD, 0 INT) to go up 22-6. After some controversial calls the Als went up 29-6 when the Bomber special teams got involved as they blocked a punt and returned it for the first Bombers TD of the game. With the spark the Bombers looked to get back into the game and with Montreal ahead 32-13 Brink threw his first TD pass. As the Bombers continued their comeback they rode Chris Garrett (11 rsh, 76 yds, 1 TD) to yet another TD closing the gap to 32-26. With time ticking down the Bombers marched down the field and got a pass interference call that put them a yard out of the endzone. Brink attempted two QB sneaks as the Bombers looked for the win with an extra point. The Alouettes offence made the last second stops and ended the game. Montreal got the win and took over the top spot in the East. The Alouettes will face off against the Argonauts next as they look to get closer to clinching a playoff spot and remain at the top of the Eastern Conference. Winnipeg will look to get back on track as they face off against the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

B.C. Place opens With a Bang

BC 33 – 24 Edmonton

The Edmonton Eskimos were one of the hottest teams at the beginning of the year as they jumped out to an early lead in the West. Since their good start the Eskimos have begun to falter and have now become one of the coldest teams in the CFL. Meanwhile the B.C. Lions were one of the worst teams out of the gate but as of late have become the hottest team in the CFL. After a number of wins the Lions have begun to sneak up the standings and make a run at the playoffs. This week the Lions were determined to get a win not only to make a run at first place but also to open their new stadium in fashion. The Lions had been playing at Empire Stadium for the past year after B.C. Place was closed for renovations. The Lions finally moved back this week as the newly renovated B.C. Place, which will host the 99th Grey Cup, was opened for the first time. Both these teams were looking to remain in the playoff conversation as Edmonton looked to stop their slid while the Lions looked to continue their climb. The Lions defence held up at the start of the game only allowing 2 field goals in the first quarter. With the score 6-2 the Lions offence went to work but could not get anything only managing a field goal. The offences finally broke through at the end of the first half behind the legs of backup Edmonton QB Kerry Joseph (3 rsh, 28 yds, 1 TD) who earned the first TD of the game by either side. The Lions responded quickly behind Travis Lulay (18/27, 288 yds, 3 TD, 1 INT) who threw a TD pass just before the end of the half. Both teams went into the locker rooms with the score 13-12 for Edmonton. When they came back the emergence of a star continued with Andrew Harris (5 rec, 115 yds, 2 TD, 11 rsh, 60 yds) scoring the first TD of the second half at the end of the third quarter.  Lulay continued to carve up the Edmonton defence in the second half threw the air and on his feet scoring another TD with a pass to Geroy Simon (5 rec, 83 yds, 1 TD) as Simon approaches a receiving TD record. The Eskimos began to mount a comeback with the score 33-16 in the fourth quarter. Ricky Ray’s (16/28, 255 yds, 1 TD) pass to Jason Barnes (5 rec, 114 yds, 1 TD) reduced the Lions lead to nine points. With the Eskimos inside the 10 yard line the B.C. Lions’ defence had a true test. The Lions stopped the Eskies twice within the 10 yard line and prevented the Eskimos from scoring. The Lions took home the win an went to 1-0 in the new BC Place. The Lions also moved into a tie for second place in the west with the Eskimos. Next week the Lions will face off with the first place Calgary Stampeders as they look to take the first place spot for themselves. The Eskimos will try to stop their decent against another struggling team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Thanksgiving Monday.

Other Scores:

CGY 40 – 3 SSK

HAM 27 – 12 TOR


POW Awards

Jon Cornish, RB (Offensive/Canadian POW)

13 rsh

149 yds

2 TD

0 F


Charleston Hughes, LB (Defensive POW)

5 tkl

2 sck


1 FF


Adam Bighill, LB (Special Teams POW)

5 STtkls

1 Pblck

– Blocked a Punt that was returned for a TD



Western Conference:

1. Calgary Stampeders (8-5)

2. B.C. Lions (7-6)

3. Edmonton Eskimos (7-6)

4. Saskatchewan Roughriders (4-9)


Eastern Conference:

1. Montreal Alouettes (8-5)

2. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (8-5)

3. Hamilton Tiger Cats (7-6)

4. Toronto Argonauts (3-10)


Next Week:

Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Hamilton Tiger Cats (Fri. Oct. 7th; 7:30 pm)


Calgary Stampeders vs. B.C. Lions (Sat. Oct. 8th; 10:00 pm)


Toronto Argonauts vs. Montreal Alouettes (Mon. Oct. 10th; 1:00 pm)


Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Edmonton Eskimos (Mon. Oct. 10th; 4:30 pm)

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