Wednesday Morning QB (NFL Week 2)

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The NFL makes a living off of the stories that they can talk about throughout the season and every season it seems like they continue to get more stories. This year seems to be a year of surprises as in week 2 in the NFL there were more surprises than week 1. The biggest surprises in the young NFL season are two teams that have come out to an undefeated start. The Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins have not been the most powerful of opponents in the last few years as they have regularly been at the bottom of the league. This year they are both out to a great start as they have both gone undefeated but have not done it easily. The Buffalo Bills have struggled in the past and a big part of that, in my opinion, has been that they have never had a true #1 QB in the past decade. The first competition came between Doug Flutie and Rob Johnson where Flutie was clearly the better QB but was put on the bench for Johnson. In recent years the controversy has been between Ryan Fitzpatrick and Trent Edwards. This controversy seemed to have a clear effect on the team as they did not know who would be under centre every week. The controversy ended at the end of last year as the Bills released Trent Edwards essentially handing the team to Fitzpatrick. This seems to have worked as the Bills have been able to start 2-0 as they have kept up with the New York Jets and the New England Patriots. They have managed to meet some teams that are not very challenging as they faced off against a struggling Chiefs team. They began to prove their status as they launched a comeback win against the Oakland Raiders in week 2. The team will really be tested in week three as they will face the New England Patriots who have been on a very dominant winning streak. Another surprise team has been the Washington Redskins who last year seemed to be completely out of sync. With controversy at the QB position with Donovan McNabb being benched because he couldn’t run the 2-minute offence and the displeased Albert Haynesworth pouting on the sideline the Redskins seemed to have some bigger problems. McNabb had trouble dealing with Mike Shanahan and was benched for the majority of the season last year after he was built as a somewhat savior for the QB position. Meanwhile Albert Haynesworth was built as the same but became less than pleased when Shanahan and his staff switched the team to a 3-4 defence from a 4-3. This year another QB controversy involving two QBs who did not seem to be good enough to lead any team. John Beck and Rex Grossman battled all through training camp for the top spot that was eventually won by Rex Grossman. This turned out to be great for the Redskins as they have looked to him to guide them to a 2-0 start. The Redskins have had a tough path though as convincingly beat the New York Giants and then scrapped by against the Arizona Cardinals. They will also face a big test as they will face their long time rivals the Dallas Cowboys who will be their toughest challenge so far. Both the Bills and the Redskins have surprised everyone with their performances but they will meet very tough competition in week 3 and may be brought down to earth.

Not only have teams surprised but a few players have been big surprises as nobody expected them to make an impact. The biggest one is possibly a man who won a shot to get on the Dallas Cowboys Roster. Jesse Holley was a competitor on a reality show hosted by Michael Irvin in which the prize was a tryout contract with the Dallas Cowboys during training camp. Holley was able to perform the other competitors and won the contract. He fought in the 2009 training camp but could not make the roster and instead was signed to the practice squad. He remained there until this year when he finally made the main roster and has been out on the field in their first two games. After years of attempting to make the NFL since 2007 Holley had finally made it and was probably feeling blessed just to be a Cowboy. He felt a little more blessed when the Cowboys faced the 49ers in Week 2 as he had not had an NFL catch until Tony Romo came to him in the 4th quarter and talked to him. After the talk Holley got his first catch in the NFL and helped his team to tie the game. Then in OT the unthinkable happened as Romo looked to Holley again and this time Holley ran 77 yards to bring the Cowboys inside the 5 yard line. With the catch the Cowboys kicked a field goal and won the game thanks to a reality star that seemed to be nothing special before week 2 in the 2011 season. Holley is an unknown player that created a name for himself and may be seen more often now but he was not the only person to impress. One of the biggest name in the early NFL season and the biggest question mark is Cam Newton but he has taken to proving everyone wrong. Newton faced off against the defending Champions in the Green Bay Packers and threw for over 400 yards. Not only did he do this in week 2 but the rookie also put up the same numbers in week 1. Newton has now passed for more yards than any other Rookie in the first two games. He seems to be the answer for the Panthers but he will need to put together some wins soon if he hopes to stave off any more criticism. Both of these players are on the opposite side of the spectrum but have both impressed in the first two weeks but can they continue throughout this season, more specifically for Cam Newton.



American Football Conference:

AFC East:

1. New England Patriots (1.00)

2. New York Jets (1.00)

3. Buffalo Bills (1.00)

4. Miami Dolphins (.000)

AFC North:

1. Baltimore Ravens (.500)

2. Cincinnati Bengals (.500)

3. Cleveland Browns (.500)

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (.500)

AFC South:

1. Houston Texans (1.00)

2. Jacksonville Jaguars (.500)

3. Tennessee Titans (.500)

4. Indianapolis Colts (.000)

AFC West:

1. Oakland Raiders (.500)

2. Denver Broncos (.500)

3. San Diego Chargers (.500)

4. Kansas City Chiefs (.000)


National Football Conference

NFC East:

1. Washington Redskins (1.00)

2. Dallas Cowboys (.500)

3. Philadelphia Eagles (.500)

4. New York Giants (.500)

NFC North:

1. Detroit Lions (1.00)

2. Green Bay Packers (1.00)

3. Chicago Bears (.500)

4. Minnesota Vikings (.000)

NFC South:

1. New Orleans Saints (.500)

2. Atlanta Falcons (.500)

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (.500)

4. Carolina Panthers (.000)

NFC West:

1. San Francisco 49ers (.500)

2. Arizona Cardinals (.500)

3. St. Louis Rams (.000)

4. Seattle Seahawks (.000)


POW Awards


American Football Conference

Tom Brady, QB (AFC Offensive POW)

77.5 cmp%

423 yds

3 TD


135.7 rtg


Antonio Cromartie, CB (AFC Defensive POW)

3 tkl

2 Pdef


0 FF


Joshua Cribbs, KR (AFC Special Teams POW)

2 KR

80 yds

2 PR

50 yds


National Football Conference

Tony Romo, QB (NFC Offensive POW)

60.6 cmp%

345 yds

2 TD




Roman Harper, SS (NFC Defensive POW)

7 tkl

2.0 sck


1 FF


Jason Hanson, K (NFC Special Teams POW)

2/2 FG

51 lng

6/6 XP

12 pts


Key Scores:

Cleveland Browns 27 – 19 Indianapolis Colts

– The Browns earned their first win against Indianapolis who are in big trouble without their superstar Peyton Manning


New England Patriots 35 – 21 San Diego Chargers

– Tom Brady is making an early charge at the MVP award throwing for over 400 yards in the second game in a row as he handled his biggest competition so far


Atlanta Falcons 35 – 31 Philadelphia Eagles

– Michael Vick returned as a starter to Atlanta and led his team to a late lead but was then knocked out of the game and had to watch the Falcons come back and win


New York Giants 28 – 16 St. Louis Rams

– The Giants were looking to make an impression on Monday Night Football and they did this as they got past the Rams and young QB Sam Bradford


Key Week 3 Matchups:

New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles (Sept. 25th; 1:00 pm)

– The Giants will face a big conference test against the Eagles but may catch a break if Michael Vick cannot return after suffering a concussion.


Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears (Sept. 25th; 4:15 pm)

– The oldest rivalry in the NFL is back as the Bears look to avenge their NFC Conference Championship loss to the defending champion Green Bay Packers


Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Indianapolis Colts (Sept. 25th; 8:20 pm)

– This would have been a great game but it seems almost academic as the Colts will still be without Manning against a re-energized Steelers team.


Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys (Sept. 26th; 8:30 pm)

– Another big rivalry in week 3 as the Cowboys take on the Redskins and the Boys look to end the Redskins great start.

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