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A Night of First in Japan (UFC Fight Night 52 Review)

The UFC travelled to Japan once again as they brought the show to where MMA got its start. They would feature a fighter that had spent his fair share of time in Japan while fighting through the early days of the sport. In those days there were really no other places to fight other than Japan. The country brought MMA to a new level, one that made the fighters superstars and paid them well. In the USA at the time MMA was still a basement bawl type of sport that got little recognition in the public.


MLB Week in Review (September 13-19)

It has been a strange few weeks in professional sports as controversy seems to follow almost every major league. The National Football League has been haunted by controversy after controversy at the start of their season. They have yet to have a week without a major off-field incident that has put the league in jeopardy. The MLB has had their own set of controversy as they always do in every season. In a period where they are still dealing with PED issues there are never a season where the MLB does not deal with some type of controversy.


UFC Fight Night 52 Preview

The UFC will continue to showcase one of the most exciting divisions in the sport as two more heavyweights face-off in the octagon. Las weekend Andrei Arlovski announced his return to the division in beating Antonio Silva. For the win Arlovski moved up the rankings to #7 as he is ready to come for the title. He will have plenty to go through to get there though including the two heavyweights that will headline UFC Fight Night 52. Roy Nelson, ranked #8, and Mark Hunt, ranked #6, have been working their way up the rankings for a while now.

Photo Credit: SportsIllustrated.com

Wednesday Morning QB (NFL Week 2)

The NFL is not having a good start to their new season as the issues continue to come up and jobs continue to come into question. The indefinite suspension of Ray Rice for Domestic abuse, the multiple drug suspensions, and the issues of Adrian Peterson. It has been one of the worst two weeks for the NFL ever as they continue to deal with off-field issues while trying to put the concentration on the game on the field. They still have to deal with the issues off of the field though as the NFL has been forced to make changes on the fly for problems they never expected to happen.

Photo Credit: TheSportingNews.com

NCAA Football Report (Week 3)

Football is in a strange space right now across North America with major leagues suffering some major issues. The NFL is one of the worst as the league is continuing to deal with major issues from the offseason. With Ray Rice suspended indefinitely and Adrian Peterson now under investigation for child abuse the NFL has had some major issues. The NCAA has been there and done that through a number of issues that they have had over the past few years.


UFC Fight Night 51 Review

When two fighters face off against each other there is always a bit more motivation than in most sports. That comes with the fact that there is another person on the other side of the octagon trying to beat you up. To stop that you have to beat them up and that can create plenty of motivation for all fighters. There are still plenty of other motivating factors and in the UFC over the last few fights one has been used more than any other.


MLB Week in Review (September 6-12)

The postseason is creeping closer and closer as teams continue to try to move their way into the top six teams in the league. With only a few weeks remaining in the season teams are trying to stay or get hot as they look to go into a groove heading into October. That plan does not always work out though as teams have fallen fast this year as they struggle to keep hold of a postseason spot. The biggest collapse has come from the Milwaukee Brewers who one month ago were sitting at the top of the Central division.


UFC Fight Night 51 Preview

The heavyweights take a focus once again in the UFC as UFC Fight Night 51 will feature two veterans of the sport. Andrei Arlovski and Antonio Silva will face off in what seems to becoming a theme in the UFC, a rematch years in the making. For Arlovski this is another chance to continue his comeback tour by avenging a loss form years ago. Arlovski has been fighting since 1999 and is one of the true builders of the UFC.

Photo Credit: SportsIllustrated.com

Wednesday Morning QB (NFL Week 1)

The NFL season began this past weekend but it was not the start they were hoping for in a new season. In a week that was supposed to put all of the offseason issues behind as people began to focus on football again turned into a nightmare for the league. Football was the focus for the majority of the week with games coming back and teams looking to put up a good showing as they opened their season. With Monday Night Football set to close out the week everything came apart and the issues of the offseason came back in full force.

Photo Credit: TheSportingNews.com

NCAA Football Report (Week 2)

The landscape of college football is changing and much like in Week 1 of the NCAA season the changes were expressed in a big way. In the first week of the season changes to schedules were shown with many teams looking to make an impression in their first game of the season. Instead of the walk through games that are usually in the first week there were big matchups for many teams. In Week 2 another schedule change was shown and for some it is a serious issue in the league.

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